• Maybe yes, It's better then no

    Unlike most people that might say yes to this debate topic, I grew up on welfare and lived in areas where welfare and other government aids where everywhere. So I've seen it where it was missed use (a lot) and where it was much needed (in most cases those that need it the most can't get it). But the reason I chose yes is because we've got generation of families that don't want to even progress there situations and it's sad. But on the other side you better believe that cutting government aid is going to cause hell for those that do have. When it comes down to it the whole system it's self is messed up.

    Posted by: knu
  • If you are able, then act.

    Do you have two arms and two legs? Do you have a brain? Use them. Mammals are made to work. Those not born with disabilities must have reason, they must have purpose. What is the goal? Living day to day waiting for a paycheck, every day for however many years. Always complaining, always whining, it's never enough. You don't need it in the first place. You wouls make the world a better place by just...

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