• Yes, the government should enforce child vaccination by law.

    The government should enforce child vaccination by law. Vaccines have helped eradicate many deadly diseases that children would be vulnerable too. Refusing to vaccinate a child is putting that kid at risk of some serious diseases. The government has a moral right to enforce child vaccination; on behalf of the child which cannot make the decision for herself.

  • Yes, the government should enforce child vaccination by law.

    Yes, the government should enforce child vaccination by law because it is the only way to keep children safe. Parents who argue against vaccinations have not read the science proving their importance. By not being vaccinated, children may carry diseases that will affect the lives of everyone around them, not just themselves.

  • Vacinations are best talked about between patient and doctor (or parent and doctor in this case)

    Not Doctor and Government, as many individual circumstances can lead to better alternatives or reasonings behind getting vacinated or not. Forcing people, and yes children are people too, to do anything that they believe (but mostly in this case the parents and doctors) would not benifit the child as much or goes against principle perhapes is wrong, regardless of the actual outcome. In other words, lawmakers in DC don't know what's best for every individual they claim to represent, only they can decide that for themselves.

  • Vaccinations should be parent's choice

    The government should establish where a child can go to school if they are not vaccinated, but they should not be allowed to force parents who do not wish to vaccinate their child. There are some serious complications in a small percentage of children who are vaccinated. If parents want to home school, they should be allowed to not vaccinate.

  • No, the government should not enforce child vaccination by law.

    The federal government should not enact laws to enforce child vaccinations because individual states already have their own vaccination laws. Schools and daycare entities typically require compulsory vaccinations for attendance. State governments appear work with their health departments to provide the vaccination requirements needed for their citizens, and the Center for Disease Control collects state statistics. That is enough involvement on the federal level.

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