Should the government focus upon spending money on the youth and youth-related programs?

  • Yes, they are our future.

    The government should focus a lot of its spending on young people, especially those we would call at risk because of their environments or their poor financial state. These young people, if provided with opportunities, will then know what is possible and go on to succeed and contribute to the world.

  • The youth are our country's future.

    By focusing on youth and youth-related programs our government ensures a more prosperous future for this country and it's economy. This country's youth need to be provided with the resources and opportunities to succeed in order for this nation to continue to be successful. The children of today are the leaders and work force of tomorrow.

  • Yes, they should.

    Yes, I believe that the government spending money on youth and youth-related programs would be an excellent thing to do. It would help poor and under privileged kids find new activities that they enjoy and will help them work as a team and form bonds with their peers. I think investing in our countries children is a great way to build wonderful leaders in the future.

  • More funds for youth programs.

    Youth and youth-related programs are an imperative for kids in today's communities--particularly the impoverished ones without much access to anything. It gives kids more of an opportunity, expands their horizons, gets them looking outside of the bubble in which they live, and gives them life tools from a very young age.

  • Shouldn't Be Sole Focus

    While I believe it is important for some government spending to be allotted to spending on youth and youth-related programs, I do not believe this should be the sole focus of the government. I believe it is important for the government to allott spending to all of the different age groups within the population.

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