• Yes it will help women

    More and more facilities such as Planned Parenthood, those who help women looking for abortions, are being shut down because of lack of funds. The government should fund abortions because if a woman wants to do it then she should have the right. It doesn't matter if conservatives believe it is wrong. They can't control other people's bodies!

  • Yes, the option of abortion should be available to all women, regardless of financial status.

    The option to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is often limited to those who can afford the cost (usually several hundred dollars at once, out of pocket). Many indigent women cannot afford that cost. In a society where there exists the right to have an abortion if one so chooses, the ability to access abortion services should be more equal among women of varying financial and social classes.

  • Women get into more trouble.

    It's not a woman's fault if she gets raped, or if she is unable to support the child. Adoption is not always available and the mother may have emotional issues not allowing her to give up the baby she has carried inside of her for nine months. Teen mothers have to suffer the humiliation. Even if the reason they're pregnant is not their fault. The contraceptive may not have worked

  • The Government Should Fund Abortions

    The United States Government should fund women's health care program which support reproductive health, safety against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, and if needed, abortions. Providing young women with education about their reproductive health can lead to women making smarter choices about their experiences and living with the consequences of those experiences. Funding preventative programs and abortions can lead to less money going towards feeding mouths which were unwanted to begin with.

  • Yes they should, everyone will benefit.

    The government should help women who need abortions. Many women and families will benefit by not having to give birth to unwanted children. Society will also benefit by not having to support families and women who cannot afford to have children. Less unwanted children often leads to less crime and violence.

  • Personal Right to decide Abortion

    If this is a Christian-driven goal to prevent abortion for every female, then by faith God has healing powers. Thus, every Christian religion that believes in God's healing powers MUST also be allowed to NOT be forced to obtain medical intervention for their children. Why are the Ten Commandments not strictly followed and enforced by the Religious who believe their opinions MUST be forced upon all. How many adopted children do the Pro-Life supporters have? Are Pro-life supporters willing to fund via their personal money to raise, educate and provide safe, clean housing for the children who are born? The loss of one personal right can lead to the loss of other rights as well. I am personally opposed to abortion but I believe I have no entitled right to make that decision for everyone.

  • Yes they should

    Women are going to get abortions whether you like it or not, if the government pays for it, than it will be more safe. If a woman is desperate enough, she will get an abortion by methods with a high fatality rate, she get unsanitary abortions, she use a dark ally and harmful methods to get an abortion. If abortion is legal, it's safe, if abortion is illegal, it's unsafe.

  • What mothers go through

    It takes several hundred dollars to have an abortion
    The right to have the ability to access abortion services should be more equal among women of varying financial and social classes
    Less unwanted children leads to less crime and violence
    Adoption is not always available. The mother may have emotional issues not wanting to give up the baby she has carried for nine months
    women should be able to give up a baby when they are ill, have been raped, or are emotionally unstable.

  • Yes If they are on publicly funded assistance of any source.

    I believe that a one time abortion should be incentivized for those women on public assistance. A cash payment of 20,000 or so should bring them in by the thousands. The option to receive the incentive would be voluntary sterilization. This would stop further necessity for publicly funded abortion and relieve the welfare system of countless years of newly minted welfare recipients. I know the arguments about life and when it begins but were talking about what is really happening now and what it cost the taxpayers of this country to support those who have no desire to contribute but only expect support for whatever reason they claim. I don't care the reason, just stop the hemorrhagic flow of money to those who are not paying into the "system". American taxpayers are tired of paying, paying, paying......

  • Teen moms cost the government 10.9 billion dollars annually and recent estimates have been as high as 28 billion

    Many unintended pregnancies are to teen: they drop out of school more, have lower paying jobs (ie less tax revenue), more likely to go on welfare, their kids are more likely to become teen moms, get incarcerated, have lower educational attainment. Overall it is bad for both the society and economy

  • Confusioning rights with wants

    The rights of all Americans should not be ignored or belittled because of personal views. A woman had a right to an abortion but that right should not be forced on someone who has a differing personal view. If a procedure is elective, the debate should end there. Of course there are good some valid arguments for subsidized abortions - fewer unwanted children, safer facilities, fewer mouths to feed. However, some basic fundamental rights must be preserved even as our society evolves. Today the government requires you to pay for something you may agree with on a personal level but tomorrow, the issue may be one you are against. Do you feel it's your right to push back if paying for something that you are personally against? We will never all agree on what is personally right or wrong so where does this stop? I think the idea of rights has become muddied with personal agenda pushers. If we make decisions based on a whole rather than a few, there would be more common ground.

  • Abortion should be legal

    Yes abortion should be legal and no women should not be persecuted just because they aborted their babies under the law. However, GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT FUND ABORTION. Government should stay out of this and leave it to the private sector to open abortion clinic.
    As a tax payer just like most of you, I would not be happy that my tax dollar is going to pay for some dumb, irresponsible high school slut to get abortion. I can not tolerate that. The irresponsible ones are the ones should pay for their own abortion in the free market.
    I would like to hear constructive criticism regarding this argument

  • Tax dollars should go to non-abortion woman clinics

    There can be a debate about abortion being right or wrong, but much of this can be removed if we stop funding an organization with tax payer dollars that is responsible for millions of abortions. Why can't we fund womans clinics that provide womans healthcare without abortions? Why is it that PP is the only place woman can get healthcare?

  • If you get pregnant it's your problem

    If you get pregnant it your problem, not the taxpayers problem. You could have used protection to save yourself from this , and if you did you knew the risks. The only exception that I can find is if someone is a rape victim and the victim cannot afford an abortion. I am pro life but I also am against my money going for people that have nothing better to do than f**k around. If you want an abortio, go ahead I'm not against it, just do it with your own money.

  • Let's Get Rid of The Deficit

    The United States keeps getting further into debt. One way that the United States can pay off the deficit is by not paying for abortions. The money saved can be diverted. Yes, abortion with limitations has been legalized, but it does not mean that the government should have to pay for an abortion. We live in a country that has liberty. Liberty means free will, which is from God. There are consequences of a man and a woman having sex without using birth control. There is a possibility of pregnancy. If a survey were to be done on women getting abortions, I wonder how many women or teen girls did not plan on becoming pregnant. I got pregnant at 19 and I was not ready for a baby. Even though I had a lot of medical complications, abortion never crossed my mind. I had to be responsible for my actions and I still am. I think that if a woman finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy, then I think she should consider giving up the baby for adoption if she thinks she is not financially, emotionally capable of taking care of a child. There are qualified parents that are unable to have natural born children and would like to adopt. Also, it goes against my conscience to allow a woman to go through such a traumatic experience as an abortion. I would want to spare any woman from having to go through such emotional nonsense due to an abortion that could have been avoided. I understand that I can't spare every woman from the unnecessary heartache, but if I can help just one woman avoid a painful consequence, then I know that I have made a difference. I have a responsibility as a citizen of the United States to look out for the best interests of other American women.

  • No, except in the case of rape, incest and life endangerment

    There are three main points:

    1) Abortion is an elective surgery, in the sense that it is not strictly necessary and does not embetter one's health, excepting of course the case of life endangerment. One is "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" by giving up upon hitting one of life's many obstacles. A foetus is a prospective human being, which if aborted, may leave future benefits and contibutions unrealized.

    2) Every woman in this situation is in part responsible for their situation. They can always elect to use contraceptives. Even when they don't work, with the sex education available today in the developed world, one can no longer legitimately claim ignorance of the inherent risk in intercourse; in doing so, one is implicitly accepting liability for the repercussions, whether they be sexually-stimulated diseases, abortions or otherwise.

    3) The role of government is to ultimately protect its citizens and perhaps play a limited role in creating equality of opportunity. Either way, this extends beyond its mandate, since abortions neither protect citizens nor help level the playing field; in fact, public funding of abortion is at the expense of funding, for example, university scholarships. The government could otherwise work to pay down the debt and improve our borrowing rate or even provide tax credits to small businesses to create jobs are then lost. The taxpayer is effectively subsidising a practice that fails to either help themselves or other hard-working individuals who are arguably more-deserving than those who elect to abort their babies.

    I conclude with some questions: Why shouldn't the government encourage individuals to overcome, rather than concede to, adversity? What disincentivises people from engaging in potentially harmful behaviour if it is effectively endorsed by the state? When will should individuals be held accountable for their poor decisions? And why should the taxpayer, who has made good decisions in the past, have to bail them out?

  • They should not.

    The government should not fund abortions. If someone want to get an abortion, that is their choice but the government needs to stay out of it. The person getting the abortion needs to pay for it themselves, or more people will just get pregnant and have the government pay for the abortion.

  • They are better on their own.

    Abortion is another topic that will more then likely remain debated until the end of time unless it is completely abolished. Even though I am not COMPLETELY against the idea of abortion, I like the idea of the Government NOT funding it. They should have to pay for it completely out of pockets.

  • Not abortions, necessarily

    The government should allow abortions and do everything in their power to keep practices that give them safe and discreet, and abortions should be allowed to be part of an insurer's plan, but that doesn't necessarily mean they should be free or funded without any regulation or restrictions. Birth control is another matter entirely.

  • No no no

    It never goes away.
    No matter how hard we try, we can never erase what abortion does. Abortion takes – it kills – an innocent human being. Time does not erase murder or ease the reality of what it is. Abortion is a cruel tragedy, but it is also a choice that should never be made. Such a choice stays with us forever.

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RevSpitz says2017-01-23T20:39:12.997
The government should not force Christians to fund killing unborn babies.
RevSpitz says2017-01-23T20:40:32.323
The government should not force Christians to fund killing unborn babies.