Should the government give the United States back to the American Indians

Asked by: Shebagar
  • We are the invaders of their territory

    We are greedy idiots and want to conquer and destroy things.
    You don't like people invading your space so why would you invade theirs?
    Yeh it was like 300 years ago but its unfair to just TAKE AWAY someones property and use it for your own.
    And plus natives have a right too remember that!!!!!!

  • "Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall!"- Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus-

    Because the foundations of the U.S.A. are slavery, genocide, exploitation and racism. And racism is the keyword, it has lasted from the first days of the colonies to present day. Your claim will never stand. Until new and strong foundations are build, only then the U.S.A will live up to it’s dream.

  • It has nothing to do with who conquered who!!

    We "conquered" the slaves but we couldn't continue that. DO YOU KNOW WHY?!? Because everyone person is created the same! Americans get mad when people deface our flag and our relatives graves and the same thing applies here! Everyone deserves respect. We all get mad when people talk about getting rid of our second amendment because it is our right, and they have rights as much as we do!

  • Yes they should

    I am a Native american and its not fair. My great uncle Chief Richard Velky tried to get a little bit of land and they didn't give it to him. Just a little bit of land in kent but no:( they wouldn't give it to him. This is why i think the government sould give us land!!!!

  • They had the land first

    You think you are fair. When the pilgrims came the Native Americans helped them survive. A few centuries later they killed thousands of innocent Native Americans and stole their land. Now tell me would you like it if someone took your land and killed your family. You are just greedy, selfish, no good people who break treaties.

  • We took their land and lied to them so we should give back their land

    You made treaties with native americans and we broke every single one and you killed thousands of innocent native americans with no reason. You had no right to steal from others and you're breaking the 5th commandment. If someone killed your family would you like that so why would you kill someone's else's family. You are greedy, no good, liers. And you said america is home of the free. Well locking people up in reservations doesn't sound free to me.

  • They already have the reservations

    American Indians have the reservations what more do they need. We conquered them hundreds of years ago just let it go you will never regain America and remember we gave you reservations we could have just had a genocide and killed all of the American Indians so just be grateful.

  • Absolutely not. They don't deserve anything.

    We conquered them. Just because some liberal feels sorry for what happened more than 200 years ago doesn't mean we should give anything back. White europeans had much better technology and strategy and we beat them. We get their land. The better equipped and more advanced civilization wins. Also, they didn't do anything to build and expand America. Why should we give up what we worked so hard to build to a race that has proved that it can't accomplish anything or do anything other than build casinos and get drunk?

  • And the logic in this is where?

    The native Americans were "CONQUERED". That means any legal tendings are void.We are America. Native Americans are US citizens. You want to give America back to Americans. Well that's a great political motto but is quite frankly inapplicable as credible reason or logic. And say that by some grace of god people agree to let their government give their home to a very small minority. How is this minority going to keep america? Other countries would exploit the sudden weakness and take over. Plus where are you going to put the hundreds of millions of political refugees and the massive illegal population? Good luck with that. But the fact is the colonists conquered America. We are as much American as a "native American". But this contention gave me a good laugh :)

  • Concepts of Ownership

    Who was in America before the Native Americans? And before them? Why don't they have a right to America? Screw that, humans should just leave earth, because crocodiles were here before we were. The thing is, concepts of who actually owns what are subjective, and therefore 'should' has nothing to do with it.

  • Screw that crap.

    We won it fair and square. It's ours, it's been ours. If you wanted to keep it so bad maybe you should have fought harder. The US was only doing what every other nation on the planet was doing. Expansionism and colonization was the norm in those times and holding the Americans alive today responsible for what Americans did decades ago is ridicules.

  • Why should they?

    There simply aren't enough Native Americans left to form a nation. Also, that would mean that 310 Million people had to leave their homes and move somewhere else. That would spark an instant revolution. So either way the Native Americans are not getting the land. Plus, you act as if the Native American groups were all one country. They hated each other, this would result awfully.

  • No They don't need anything back

    They had a chance to win the fight 250 years ago, they had there chance its gone, if they ever tried to retake America we would put them in there place again, stupid elephant jockeys have reservations there lucky we gave them that in the first place now all you whiny cunts out there grow a pair.

  • The defeated don't have the rights to the land anymore.

    This is a basic rule of war if a nation get defeated they don't own the land anymore. Poland was ounce part of Germany does that mean the poles need to give all of their land back to Germany. That and it was three hundred years ago its over we need to move on with the future this was what our ancestors did not us we aren't responsible for it,

  • No, definitely not.

    I do feel bad that white settlers introduced Native Americans to deadly diseases, kicked them off their land, and put them in crappy reservations, but just because my ancestors did that doesn't mean it's my responsibility to reimburse the Native Americans for what the settlers took away just because I'm white, too.

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