• They should have a say

    I think to many people are fat and dying and it is sad and nasty and I read an article about women dying like at age 50 to 60 because they are so fat. It is a major problem and kids are getting fat and dying also. They are dying at age 8.


    Food should just be checked, not that they should tell us what we can and cannot eat, they need to kick out the fattening ingredients and people need to realize it's gonna effect them in the long run. Obesity is killing us, and if you yourself won't stop eating, who will?

  • Government should have say in our diets when so many people are eating unhealthy, and putting their lives and their children' lives in danger.

    The government is fighting a new war, and it's called obesity. It drains money to care for the increased diabetic population, increased cardiovascular problems, to build new structures to bear the weight of the obese population: bigger hospital beds/scanners, bigger seats, access ramps everywhere for whose are unable to walk because they can't carry their own weight. It is the duty of the government to protect its people and to fight this war.

    Posted by: NWinters
  • Yes, tax unhealthy foods, subsidize healthy fruits and veggies.

    People claim that government should have no say in diets out of ignorance, lack of logic and reason. It costs the state more and it hurts the wellbeing of a nation collectively if a large portion of the populace is vastly unhealthy. It is not to strictly ban foods but rather encourage healthy eating and tax those that statistically will cost the nation more through unhealthy eating (statistically they will cost far more then a healthy individual, this includes smokers)

  • Absolutely

    i think the government should control our diets to some extent because sometimes our own dietary choices can be of a negative nature.I know i may be a middle school student, but our opinion matters too!!!! There are some obeses students here and if the government controlled their diet to some extent they would eat healthier and maybe even lose a good bit of weight.

  • Yes they should

    The govermerment should have the right to dictate in what young people eat because over the years people have become overweight due to fast food companies etc. Mcdonalds, KFC, Dixy and many more. NHS are having to cater for more and more people. When this happens, the customers blame the fast food companies. On the plus side, Imagine a world with everybody healthy and hospitals wouldn't have to cater for any sick people. It would just be great!

    Posted by: LOG

    The government is supporting the people by trying to give us a healthier lifestyle. 35.7% of American adults are obese now. Thats more than one in every three people. Thats an epidemic. A simple way to combat that? Monitor our eating habits. APPARENTLY we cannot be trusted not to chug a gallon of Pepsi in one sitting, but by the gov. not allowing the sale of 17+oz of soda one would cut 60, 70, 80 grams of sugar a sitting. Because seriously, why do you need to drink more than 16 oz of soda at one time in the first place?

  • yes

    I belive that the government should have a say in our diets because some people cant stop themselves if there are maybe over weight even in the slightest because people love food and if the government takes away a right to really unhealth foods then the amount of bigger people will fall.

  • Saving the Nation

    Many people will argue that it is freedom of choice to eat whatever you want but the government has a right to interfere with that freedom if it is infringing upon the rights of others. I am not saying that if someone is eating unhealthy it is going to eliminate another person's freedom but it does affect everyone in the nation. With a rising number of people with poor diets, the number of people suffering from obesity rises also. Obesity can cause a person many medical complications in their lifetime. These medical complications mean that there will be more trips to hospitals which can cause insurance rates to go up, affecting a large number of people. Obesity also causes other expenses for the nation such as needing to pay for larger seats, hospital beds, etc. to fit the rising number of obese individuals. And to all of you who say that Michelle Obama should mind her own business-you should be grateful that she is more concerned for your well being than you are for yourselves. And just so you know, go back to middle school history class-the First Lady doesn't make or pass the laws, Congress does.

  • Consistency

    The government tells us what we can and cannot consume regarding drugs, and most people support initiatives to cut our smoking behaviors. Why not extend this to nutrition if state funded hospitals are going to have to foot the bill of diet related diseases?

    Unless you suggest cutting tax on cigarettes etc.

  • It is my choice.

    I do not need the government telling me what to eat. I eat healthy by my choice. Most of us, at least in America, are educated well enough to distinguish between what foods are good for us and foods that aren't so good for us. So I choose to eat healthy because it fits my active life-style and I enjoy my figure. If someone wants to ruin their life by eating constant junk, then let them, it's their choice. While today the government may only have a say in our diets, tomorrow the government will control them. Personally I view my self as an adult, and with adulthood comes the heavy-weighing decision of how I will diet.

  • NO

    If we let the government control what we eat we'll just be back in the 1700's when they put taxes on our stuff. So they'll only be worsening America because that's only going to encourage that we eat junk food so that's why I say no.

  • It's childish of the government

    It is very childish for the government to decide what we can and cannot put in our bodies. If I want to eat and get fat then it is my choice and if I die then it is my own fault. While I do not believe the government should not decide what we can and cannot eat. Once we get the proper education on how foods effect our body (health class) it is up to us to decide if what we want to eat.

  • Health Food Hurts

    Some people, like my mother, can't eat healthy food because it gives them pain and other problems. Take away the junk food and she would starve.
    Also, if people want to eat unhealthy food, go ahead and let them. It's a free country! I support eating healthy, but the government shouldn't have so much say over what we do. I good way to get people to eat healthy would be to lower the price of fruits and vegetables so that lower income families can afford it.

  • No But

    They should display signs that say the facts, Like McDonald will clog your little gentle baby heart, so be safe. Or maybe like You kill and murder all these little chickens for your chicken nuggets and there actually sad when you do it, so have a brain don't act insane. or how about look to the person next to you (pause) do they have a weight problem, and then spew off some facts about dying a sad painful death from eating to much Americanised cheap, plastic, toy food. Or maybe we can leave it like it is and let the ad companies make you feel like its your choice to eat absolutely the nastiest food you can think of, simply to make a profit of your stupidity.

  • People have shown they haven't Got the skills to make the right health choices

    50% of the population are overweight. There is simply too much tO know these days that people can't know it all. Those who do have nutritional knowledge should be employed to ensure food is always nutritional and not damaging to people's health.

  • NEVER have government control the USA.

    The USA is supposed to be a free country and not a dictatorship like president Obama has created it. If people want to ruin their lives and get to be overly obese well then they should have the freedom to be able to do what they wish.This should apply to if someone wants to go to McDonalds or go home and eat a healthy meal at home it should be their choice.

  • No, it should be up to me as a person, not you as the government.

    Nobody can tell you what to do. You can live the life you want. But many people don't believe that! You should be able to control what you eat. True enough, children's obesity rates have gone up since the 1960's, but that is the parents fault. They control what we eat, when we eat and how much we eat! We also can't forget about our bodies. They are all different. Some can digest faster and use the calories faster than others. The government shouldn't tell what we can or can not eat.

  • No


  • No they should not have a say,

    because its not really what you eat but how you eat that can determain that. For some people, you can eat really healthy foods but a large amount, and that alone could be unhealthy.

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