Should the government have stricter pollution policies?

  • Should the government have stricter pollution policies?

    Yes the government should crack down on people to help keep our country clean as long as we can. If we pollute the earth anymore it is only going to hurt us causing diseases and eventually death. If we start now we might have a chance to turn it around

  • Government Should Crackdown on Polution

    Yes, the United States government should have stricter anti-pollution laws as though these laws can somewhat negatively affect commerce, if the United States comes so polluted that no one wishes to be here, there will be no commerce anyway. A clean country is in the best interest for all US citizens.

  • The future is worth more than temporary economic gain for softer policies

    Environmental damage from pollution is permanent, whereas temporary economic gains from lax pollution controls are not. We owe it to ourselves and our children to have stricter pollution controls, including air, sea and ground pollution. There can also be economic incentives to companies to invest in clean, green technology for a better environment.

  • We are Hitler

    What would Hitler do?? Did Hitler care about his gas bills?? No! So neither should we. If you care about the environment, you would rebuild Auschwitz to its former glory, including the dead Jews. Lets just stop being d***heads and saving the damn whales. So, for all the Jews, Heil Hitler!!!!

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