• Absolutely

    The government is for the people, not just those who have made the best decisions and made no mistakes. our country has enough resources that none of its citizens should be without a home. they may have made mistakes and may not be completely sane or have job skills, but they are human, and many simply need a helping hand or a second chance. It is the governments duty to help them.

  • The government should do more for the homeless.

    The true measure of a society is how it treats it's most vulnerable members. Therefore, the government should be doing much more than it is for the homeless population. It's absolutely shameful that in a country as wealthy as ours, we have citizens living on the streets. They need help and understanding, and they need it from their government.

  • Not all homeless throw away the help given.

    Many homeless do throw away any help given to them on drugs or alcohol. But the help is needed. I'm not gonna lie. The ones who waste all their money on drugs and alcohol, deserve to be where they are. The ones who refuse to work and are lazy deserve it as well. But I grew up homeless and I don't believe we deserved it.

    My mom is an injured veteran who is very smart. She has an education higher than the four year university. She couldn't work cause of her injury. Not once did she take drugs or drink. We were homeless for ten years and no matter how loud my mom screamed, no matter how long my mom cried, no one helped. The shelters were horrible. They gave old, expired can or boxed food for dinner every night. The showers were so cold, it felt like needles were being poured all over your body. Some shelters just shoved as many cots as they could into one building and that's were we sleep. We weren't treated well and if we asked them for a place to go for help, they wouldn't provide it.

    I was only a young child. We became homeless when I was 4 and was homeless until I was about 13. One night I was sick and wouldn't stop crying. The shelter didn't give us medical help or anything. They kicked us out. I remember it was cold, raining, and I was scared. I look back and my mom could have gotten the help she needed if she gave my brother and I up. Yet she refused. I feel like if there was more support with more people who truly care about the homeless, more of the homeless could be helped. We found a wonderful shelter that really pushed and keep us onto our feet. It's called Operation Hope. Its located in Vista, CA. If I had grown up with more shelters like this one I don't think I would be so mad at the world. They had hot showers, a play area for the kids, warm rooms, and fresh hot food every night for dinner. If there were more shelters like this, I would see the world differently. But no. For a young 14 year old girl, I've been through something I would never want to see anyone else go through. It was misery and hell.

    We recently did get help after my mom sent letters to the White House for many years; after she kicked and screamed until she bled. But we're happy in a home we've lived in for about two years or longer now. I truly do believe that more help should be provided. Stricter too so people don't cheat the system.

  • Our Humanitarian Right!

    As human beings, we have a moral obligation to help other people who perhaps are not in the same position as we are in terms of wealth, and homes. But that is not always the fault of the person in that position, it could also be the fault of our society, of our government, of how we distribute our wealth.

  • Caring for others

    We should care for every one, not only the ones who are our friends and we care for but every one. They might've not made good choices but their humans the same way we are. They deserve to live under a roof that covers them in warm air. Plus the government is rich and he should help its state Instead of buying things we don't even need. We are a country of freedom of respect and liberty, we should help one another even the once who made good choices. :)

  • Caring for others

    The one does for someone can make a difference in our community. Instead of the government wasting the money on things we don't even need like junk or apps, why not use it for the people who really need. So what if they made a big mistake, were people and we all should be united to help the poor have roofs on top of there heads. They deserve a chance to live and not suffer. My point is that the government is able to help all people too rich to poor.

  • Caring for others

    People should make a difference in this world. We should be caring for one another and share whats good. Now there is lots of people out there who don't have homes to live in and think the government should help out. Its there job to help all people, pore or rich. What if a homeless has children, it wouldn't be the child fault he doesn't have a roof. I think the government should do a part in a homeless life and in the rest of the people, to make a difference in this state.

  • Caring for others

    People should make a difference in this world. We should be caring for one another and share whats good. Now there is lots of people out there who don't have homes to live in and think the government should help out. Its there job to help all people, pore or rich. What if a homeless has children, it wouldn't be the child fault he doesn't have a roof. I think the government should do a part in a homeless life and in the rest of the people, to make a difference in this state.

  • It is wasted human potential.

    From reading these opinions by others I have come to understand that there exists a paradox that no one wishes to solve. It is true that these individuals require our help to be able to stand on their own two feet, where in contrast, it is also true that many are likely to abuse the system. I have read elsewhere that individuals believe that helping them will only cause more harm, that many of these 'homeless' folk that get help are the poor working class unable to go above the standard of surviving in our thriving 1st world countries. I have come to believe that many of these opinions are about human potential. I believe everyone here can understand that we are just a number to our governments, that we are the human resource that fuels our economy. I was told that if we continue to allow people to go homeless, to go hungry, and not help them stand up for themselves, it is a waste of human resource. Sure, many will disagree and say that these folk will serve no good, that they are there because they desire to be there. However, human greed pushes us to be more: to have more. They like us have wants, desires which can only be fulfilled by stepping out of the cradle. It is true that they can stay within the cradle and live off the government, but is that living comfortably or just surviving? Does the government intend to provide them with luxuries along with the needs that are a human right? My point is, it is a waste of human potential, talent fueled by motivation can bring about new innovations.

  • They need homes

    The gov. are useing the money for laptops instead of homes for the homeless we need to use the money carefully. I think that we should give them food,money,job and homes. I use to be homeless and it sucked now I'm getting good money and i help out with the homeless and its fun u should try it.

  • No the governement should not thelp the homeless.

    When one person thinks of homeless, the first image that usually comes to mind is that of the beggars walking around looking for charity. One must remember that these people generally refuse to hold down a job. Any actual disabled person, would qualify for disability, thereby gaining a steady income which could pay for rent. The truth is the homeless people like being homeless, they don't like working, and most all take that change you give to buy malt liquor. Even at my local homeless shelter where I have volunteered, they all sat outside the gates drinking, with no cares in the world. The government should not support these people's drinking habits with our tax money. Not to mention all homeless people already qualify for food stamps, emergency medicaid, and can get any life saving treatment at a hospital without ever paying the bill, they just need a 9.00 a month PO Box to get benefits. If they can't stop spending that money on beer even for just a few days, they don't deserve our support.

  • No, the government should not provide help to the homeless.

    The government should "promote the general welfare," not provide it. Government should be limited at every possible opportunity. A government which provides aid destroys the society it is built on by encouraging its citizens to simply think, "The government will take care of them, I don't need to worry about it."

  • Less $ for the homeless = less homeless people

    There are so many so-called 'homeless' people to whom if support systems were taken; would suddenly become 'capable'. I have known of at least one such person. This individual laughed at the all of us who drag out of bed and head to work everyday. This person is in their early 30's and takes advantage of everything from welfare to his parents' basement. I lump social systems in with the homeless problem. If we chose not to spend our wealth to support those with their hands out - the vast majority of these leech-humans would suddenly and miraculously find themselves working out solutions for survival on their own. My 2 cents.

  • They suck up money

    Homeless people can work but they choose not to because if they could not work because of a disability they could get a disability check from the government. Most of them are drunks and drug addicts anyway so if you do give them money they will most likely go waste it on drugs or liquor.

  • People become dependent

    Too many programs make it easy for homeless and jobless to depend on the government. That way they don't have to go out on their own and find a job, so they will be relying on the government more. Help them find a job, Don't just feed them a fish.

  • We are spending too much money on them

    They spend money on the things they don't need, and when they do need something the government gives a lot of money, plus our national debt is already at 17 trillion dollars which is a lot of money,, for that to decrease is actually impossible. And for the government to spend that much money would not be a smart idea

  • Do not agree

    It is not the government responsibly to take care of people, they are not babies. The homeless have arms and legs that god gave them to work. They just don't want to overcome because they are just lazy. They once had a good life but the decided to take a different direction.

  • Not worth it

    The homeless have had many of opportunities to change their lives but they are to lazy to work .The homeless should stop being so stubborn and asking for money and go work for them self , start earning some money then save a little money for a shelter 7 food to eat , only if they start working and being lazy. -.-

  • It is not the government's responsibility, it is ours.

    By diffusing the so called "cost" of caring for the homeless by allowing the govt. To assume this task, we separate ourselves from our moral obligation to care for our own. There shouldn't be traveling homeless populations, or mentally challenged homeless, or drug/zombie communities living in untended corners of our towns. These people come from our communities, and we push them into this invisible existence, and we need to care for our own in the communities where they come from.
    By ignoring our responsibility, we have made this situation worse. We need to look at these people, really see them, and know that there but for the grace of God, go I. Lose your job, then get very ill, then forget to pay a couple of bills... And you are on your way.

  • Who really cares about the homeless?

    Ask yourself, does the government really see homeless as top priority? I am willing to bet they do not, and this is why I believe that job should go to someone else. The government was built to oversee operations and be the face of our nation. I truly believe that is the job of the church. A local place that everyone can trust and they know will help them at least get through the night. However, as we know trust is a two way street. This mean, the person claiming to be homeless and trying to get out of their situation. Within government, I see no focus. They generalize things and try to please everyone but if we had a more localized athority to give a more specific perspective on a certain persons situation, providing help in the places they need it rather than a government group that gives help to everyone. In almost all the video resources I noted that a church or godly influence pushed them to be better than themselves and get back on their way back to their feet, where as the other videos who joined a general shelter are still in their below average situation. I want to see people succeed rather than everyone live in a confortably in a below average situation, and I believe that government is not the answer for this result.

    This is the problem with the government, isn't it? I look at the government and all I see are general solutions that try to please everyone while many fall through the cracks. What we need is a down to home group of people, those people who care about their brothers and sisters around them and know their situation on a deeper level, and are willing to invest the time to reach out to them and give them that support. Truly what the government needs to do about this is step out of the way and support the people doing these good deeds rewarding those people for doing so. In other words, the legal foundation where a home for that homeless person can be built.

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