Should the government impose a mandatory year of community service?

  • Yes,the government should impose a mandatory year of community service.

    The government should impose a mandatory year of community service.This would give individuals a bigger sense of ownership in their community.They would be able to see how other people live.This would also save the government a decent amount of money that could be spent on non labor related expenses like capital projects.

  • Helps your future

    First, serving the military and doing civil service jobs can build character. Also, it benefits your chances of getting into good colleges and universities. Lastly, if you want to jobs in the future like a teacher, you can tutor kids and that helps your literacy skills. If you don't serve your country, who will? Starting from you, you can make a difference.

  • I say No

    I say no because people want something to do with their life right after high school like go to college and become something but when they choose to do the communnity service thats a less likely chance for people to get in to a good college that they wanted.Also during the community service,its taking away time that people ussally have with their family and friends.

  • I say hell noo

    I say no becuase then a again if they can impose my perspective is then they can force the bank,income tax,and welfare to give us our money on time.. I BET THEY WONT DO THAT . But we have to spend time on something we dont want to do !!

  • Do not need to give back

    We, as the people. Already give so much of our tax money to the government. Isn't that enough to help that we are giving back? Also, we do not need people that are not willing to do service for the government. There will be no benefits of this because they are doing it unvoluntarily which will have the opposite effect of what this resolution intends.

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