• people cant handle the truth

    Some people cant handle such graphic detail in life. Society would go crazy making riots everywhere across the nation. There is a limit on things that people need to know. If everyone knew everything everyone would be paranoid and would be stressful every single day. Its right that some knowledge must be kept to them. NOT EVERYTHING THOUGH. We have a right to know what is needed.

  • Yes, the government should keep secrets

    The government should keep secrets in order to protect the security of the nation. If all the classified secrets of the government is released, it can become a disaster. For example, the terrorist may gain access to important military information and use them to harm the nation. It is very important to keep the secrets safe.

  • Yes,they do anyways..

    My opinion is that the government has to have secrets. However, I believe that the government often gets to be too interested in keeping things secret when they do not need to be kept from the people.

    I do not think that the people should have all the information that the government has. For example, the people should surely not know the names of spies that our country has who are working in other countries. Disclosure of this information would lead to these spies becoming worthless (or getting killed). The people should also not know the specifics of our military plans or the exact capabilities of our weapons. This would allow our enemies to have more of a chance to defeat us.

  • Yes.

    The government should and needs to keep secrets from the general public. These secrets are usually concerned with national security issues. If everyone knows what is going on in terms of operations, with social media, there is no way that the information would not be leaked overseas and to potential terrorist groups. It isn't an option for the government to be open and honest about every single action they take.

  • Yes, the Government Should Keep Secrets

    Of course the government should keep secrets because certain secrets might protect the nation against terrorists as well as ourselves. Terrorists should not be given any aid in their efforts to terrorize, and disallowing them from knowing every detail about governmental actions might help to prevent inadvertent aid. In addition, the citizens of each country are simply better off not knowing certain things to which the government may be privy. For example, if the government had proof of contact with extraterrestrial beings, said proof should be kept a secret. No one could predict how people would react to such information, it might cause widespread panic.

  • Only some things

    Certain secretes should be kept like military spies and things like that but we have a right to know about all the technology and other things like that that the government hides from us. We should also have access to those technologies. For example the space shuttle from the sixties is still high tech to the general public and we dont have access to alot of things in it. We can benefit from certain secrets but to many secrets can severally hurt us

  • Terrorism, and lack of understanding the truth.

    Sometimes it's best to be kept in the dark, because especially in this post 9/11 world we don't know who to trust anymore. There are plenty reasons for secrecy because, if vital info and intelligence gets into the wrong hands, it will be hell in a hand basket. That's why.

  • Keep Secrets from us.

    The government should keep secrets from us to protect our nation and save lives. The less you know the better. Just stay quiet and live your life. No reason for you to be all up in the governments business. This is the United States of America love the country fight for the country and shutup.

  • Do we need to know?

    Think about it: How much do we really need to know about the secret innerworkings of the government? Do we need to know about atrocities, weapons, secret missions, secret experiments performed by the agencies of our country? The answer is no. If the government wanted us to know about these things, they would tell us. Do we want to release ways to make nuclear weapons that could be used to devastate the nation? Or would you rather keep that secret? It's essentially the same thing as doctor/patient confidentiality: they tell you nothing because it's none of our business.

  • Think about yourself

    I believe that people need only to look to themselves to realize why they should. Everyone has secrets, but not every secret is bad or kept secret for bad reason. Think about your own secrets and why you don't blurt them out to everyone you meet. The government is not full of idiots either, many of them are educated professionals. I mean how many parents lie to their kids because they aren't ready to learn there isn't a Santa Claus or the reality of sex. A peoples government takes into consideration ALL people, so even if some could handle the truth, perhaps ALL people cannot.

  • It's not right

    As the government we have here in America it's supposed to be a government for the people and by the people so if it's by the people the people deserve to know. The people have the right to know what the government is doing, whether it is hard to understand or hard to take it all in, the people need to know what it is doing! They need to know what the government is doing so if they disagree with it they can change the people in charge. But military circumstances are different.

  • Hidden truth causes obvious ignorance

    The government keeping secrets only shows how low it's expectations are of its citizens. Not only does it undermine the overall maturity of how citizens will react to new information, it also forces the citizens into a belittled mind state. We the people are what make this nation and its government; so we the people also have the right to be aware of all government activity. There is no justification for these secrets. Not only do government secrets make the people of this nation feel below the government it also makes the other nations of the world feel more defensive against us. We, as well as the rest of the world, already know that the US is accepted as the strongest nation in the world but the greed and insecurity of our government makes us seem weak. We need to realize that we all live in this world together as neighbors. There should be no reason we are fighting one another anymore; we are moving into the age of a global economy..It time we come to a global consensus

  • No. As our employees they should not keep secrets from us or violate our right to privacy.

    This should especially be true for our employees who we vote to represent us in office.
    No secrets, no spying, no taking away our privacy or taking away our rights. Why is it that the constitution which is the foundation of our rights is so easily ignored? Why don't they teach the constitution in school anymore? The right to privacy, the right to free speech, the right to bare arms and protect ourselves from those that take away our rights.

    We are Americans and should hold our government accountable for upholding the constitutional rights that our forefathers died to protect and put in place for us.

  • Certainly never in a multiverse

    It's a free country, not an authoritarian regime like North Korea. Knowledge should be available to the public at all time no matter what. It will actual benefit the country and knowledge and freedom makes a country prosper no matter what. The government is corrupt when it wants to hide secrets.

  • No.

    A nation that keeps secrets and prosecutes whistleblowers is a nation that is devastatingly corrupt and has an agenda different from the one being conveyed to their people. We shouldn't be living in a world were secrets are kept for our own good. We shouldn't have governments that support the interests of big corporations.

  • No governments should not keep secrets its will destroy human kind

    Whats the point in keeping secrets we should be allowed to know what are governments are doing in secret what they have discovered.. All this crap is keeping man kind from moving forward at this point in time humanity is at a stand still we could have found a clean energy source or made a new technology. Governments are too paranoid we are all human we have a right to know whats going on in the world and to be able to make a free choice. Still we are divided but different country , race or religion. Secrets will distroy himan kind.

  • A transparent government is a happy government

    Government is for Governing the people the people should be allowed to know the ins and outs of the government I dont know what secrets would be told it could be anything from the corruption of the government to secret technology no one has ever seen but what i do know is the more the government holds against us the more powerful they rule over us. I think the government should be transparent even for though people think terrorist will harvest that information but what can they do with that info?

  • We should be open to the truth

    It is not fair that we do not know what is going on in the world, but yes of course sometimes they should keep secrets if they really need to be, but we should always have the right of knowing what goes on in the world around us because we have the utter right to

  • To a certain extent

    I believe that the government should keep secrets from us that other countries must not know but besides that they should tell all the rest like if a meteor is going to kill us all or china is going to have a war or something like that. But I chose the "no" side because the government is keeping more secrets we should know than secrets they must keep to protect us from other countries. The NSA for example was purposely created to spy on people in the country we sought to be free. I believe every government shouldn't keep secrets that could harm the people of the nation or their own selfish deeds and programs that hurt people.

    I am basing this off everything I have heard about this from many videos, the news, and many more resources. Also the government could easily delete this message even though its the people who decide not them. It doesn't matter honestly because something is going to happen soon that I can't explain.

  • Why should they keep secrets and lie to or faces instead?

    If we don't know about something, there is nothing we can do to help out. Take Nazi Germany for example, because Hitler kept lying to the people and keeping secrets, he was able to take over and there was barely any resistance from the people of Germany. Everyone believed what he said because he was an important man with a lot of power. He lied, kept the truth from the German people, and ended up destroying his own country and many surrounding countries too. If you cant handle the truth, that's not anyone's problem but your own. You just need to grow up and learn that life isn't ever going to be perfect. There will always be problems and when people share the burden together, it isn't as heavy as when they carry it alone.

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