• Becuze its fire af

    Niggas get high af off that shi . People nee to get that good good off tha streets and d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d dget high as a mother fuzer

  • Fuck yea bro blaze every damn day

    Fuck the cancer patients and aids patients as a 16 year old man i would like to be able to smoke when ever where ever i fucking want ill walk right out side the police station and scream nigga we made it with a blunt in my hand high as fuck like fuck the police its a fucking plant u moron get over it i dont fucking complain when u smoke ur fucking crack or pop 29 oxycodons so stfu u loser

  • Federally legalize marijuana

    To simplify a democratic society, we elect officials to represent or echo our voices. The American people have been very outspoken on the issue of legalizing marijuana, with over half of America in favor of outright legalization. Where are the politicians that are supposed to represent our interests? This country is supposed to be about freedom of choice and liberty, but yet we've been persuaded to believe that someone else has the freedom to make our choices for us. It's time we remind our government that they work for us, we don't work for them. Just like the founding fathers told us, the greatest threats to our freedom will come from within. It may just be time to hit the restart button on this country like we did in 1776. You can either give us our freedoms, or we'll proudly die fighting for them!

  • Freedom solve everything

    This needs to happen fast. If anything alcohol should be illegal and cannabis should be legal if the government have any sence they will do it and do it soon as. They have had time to sit around to see the allround benifits of legaliseing cannibis from other countries. Its a win win situation for the country.... There will be no street dealers gettin rich for doing nuffin. Help the thousands of people who need cannabis for medication to even be able to get there hands on cannabis. The ecomany will boom it will make this country so wealthy and everybady knows it. No more harrasing police who are only in a job because nuffingness weed is no drug it is a plant . A plant that can achive so so much wake up uk goverment

  • Marijuana does more good than harm to people and society as a whole.

    Marijuana has a very big impact on medication for seizures, post-dramatic stress disorder, ADHD, nausea, headaches, relaxation for cancer patients and the list continues. I have used marijuana myself for over twenty years and I can say that alcohol is more of a gateway drug than marijuana and I am living proof of that.

  • Without a doubt

    The tax revenue that will be used from this drug will be great for the programs that they benefit. For example, marijuana tax in Washington will have a portion going to education, that is great news! People need to get over the health issues, if people want to do a drug, they are going to do it, legal or not. Why not take advantage of a money making machine and reduce crime and government spending all at once, this is too easy.

  • It is not only medicinal, but a way of life!

    I have had my experience in this world, and none of that experience is telling me that marijuana, a plant, is anything like what the government makes it out to be. They make the marijuana community look like thugs when really I've never know such nice people. I think, even though I happen to not be a Christian if this nation is under "god" then he put it here. Our fore fathers said "make use of the Indian hemp, sow it everywhere." Well damn it do as they said. We want to be free! Free from a government telling us what and what not to put in our bodies!

  • Medicinal use in cancer and Aids patients

    Weed can help cancer and Aids patients who need to establish ad appetite and who need help with severe pain. It can help generate millions of dollars in tax revenue and help get this economy back on track rather than to keep driving us seeping into the pit we're so desperate to escape.

  • Yes, because it is not harmful.

    Marijuana should be legalized. The only reason it was ever known as a drug is because that's what this country thought it should be. During prohibition there were marijuana speakeasies all over the country. The only reason that we frowned upon it is based in racism. We used it as an aid to propaganda against the Mexicans when Poncho Villa led his raid and more Mexicans emigrated to the US. Besides an initially unfair prohibition, a 1988 effort to re-schedule marijuana includes a report saying that marijuana has never caused a single death in the recorded history of its use.

    Although it is true that smoking anything can be harmful, people seem to forget that marijuana, if mixed into food, can have the same effect when eaten as it would when smoked, if not being more effective. If everyone would leave the politics out of marijuana and just leave it up to education, people could truly decide for themselves. I myself smoke marijuana every day and I have a 4.0 GPA in college and I'm taking 25 hours this semester alone. Maybe we should stay away from all the burnout stereotypes.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legal

    The legalization of marijuana would be beneficial to society. As people have already mentioned, it could be legally produced, sold and taxed, and the problem of possessing it would no longer be a criminal act. We already have far too many problems with far more dangerous drugs, and over population of prisons. Marijuana is an equivalent to tobacco and alcohol in terms of the harms it presents, and perhaps it is far less so. Hemp itself, as a crop, has very many beneficial uses, but cannot be grown because we define one of its uses as harmful. It no longer makes any sense to me as it seems we have an epidemic of people dying by the abuse of prescription drugs, but do not criminalize those.

  • Slowly destroying mankind....

    Personally I feel it may have it's uses in making the terminally ill more comfortable therefore using it for their medical purposes is understandable. However, it has been proven to kill brain cells which do not regenerate,you get what you get and then they're gone. Also, it stunts the mental and physical growth of our youth and making it legal also makes it easier for them to get their hands on (look at cigarettes). It is also known for making people less ambitious and even more likely to try other drugs. You think we have a lot of people on welfare and jobless now, just give them some marijuana and they'll never get to work. Ultimately, revenue will eventually decline as those of us that aren't smoking it and are working will end up paying for others to do it.

  • Unhealthy.

    Pot should not be legalized. It's a drug and it is unhealthy. Why make it legal? So we can tax it and make money? That's stupid. Health and safety for the people of this country should always come first, not a cheap way to make some quick cash. Make this stop.

  • No!!

    It is a proven fact that marijuana is a dangerous drug. The last thing that we need to do is let our government legalize it. Just like alchol the accidents and people getting under the influnece would go up. More innocent people would be killed. We must at all costs not let this become legal.

  • Not worth it.

    Marijuana is for stupid lazy people. Medical marijuana is one thing, but wait for the SAT scores twosync along with the intellect of the nation. This country has already fallen behind and is only held up by the Visa plan. Marijuana will destroy the education and workforce in this great nation.

  • Easy to control "grey mass"

    So people stop think for them self, easy to control for the government when majority of population is on drugs: stone. Yes, it help generate millions of dollars in tax and richest get more money and people who work 8 hours a day instead of get together and try to change live for better ( per example to change for 6 hour a day?) go home ,..Tied after a long day of work instead of communicate with they kids ( kids are in the mean time playing computer games - "also another type of virtual reality") Going stone..They say is a way of life ..(just checking comment on the left)

  • It's the Kids!!

    The main problem of legalizing marijuana is that the ingredients in it severely harm the brains of growing children, teenagers up to age 22, that results in mainly schizophrenia but also other mental illnesses...For many, not all. Medical studies have verified this for many years now. Then these adult kids, mainly young men , end up on the street or in mental institutions, or in their parents' care. How to prevent the under age 22 from accessing marijuana is difficult when it is illegal, but will be much more difficult when it is legalized.

  • Wheres my super suit!

    HONEY, WHERES MY SUPER SUIT? I'm doing a project against this stuff so if everyone could do me a solid and hide the people for its responses that would be great. Really please do it i want a good grade so there more people saying no the better. And remember,,,, HONEY, WHERES MY SUPER SUIT???

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