Should the government limit the amount of children a family can have (based on income tax)?

  • It should be a semi simple fix.

    Change the structure of government assistance so that it will only cover one or two children. If parents decide to have more than that, it would be their full responsibility. If a child is in danger for its life it will be placed into foster care, and the parents will be charged with attempted murder. That will diminish some of the burden of over population (less people having children they can't afford, and living off the system).

  • Freedom shouldn't include the ability to destroy the planet

    Governments absolutely have the right to limit family size since the government is of the people and for the people. There is no distinction between the people and the government. Overpopulation destroys us all and it gives an advantage to the spread of under educated religious nuts of every stripe. There ought to be a tax after the first two children and a really huge steep increase after the first three.

  • Tax exemptions should be limited to 2 children

    We should, at some level, be discouraging further overpopulation. There are too many people that have a bunch of kids to collect of tax credits and exemptions. If we limit this to 2, it will stop some of the needless overpopulation. If all couple have 2 or less children, we keep the population the same, or lower it.

  • Yes, if it was encouraged not mandatory

    Overpopulation is a huge issue that needs addressing. If the world cannot get the population under control, then we will run out of resources or ruin the earth trying to find new ones. I do not believe that it is right for the government to kill off children that are not necessary, but that they should supply incentives for families that have one or two kids. If a family chooses to have more, then no punishment is issued, just no perks

  • Yes, if they only having kids to have the government pay for their welfare

    Long has this nation rewarded low income people to have many kids, it time that stops. I'm not for drastic measure like China. But if your making below $20,000 a year and have 7 kids that are skipping classes and your getting paid to take care of them, well I'm sorry, your leeching off society and providing a example to your kids that will lead them to become similar to you.

  • No we are in a FREE country!

    The government has no right to tell someone how many kid they can have. If the argument is that a couple can only take care of so many kids, well there are plenty of parents that cant even handle one. So do we start screening parents before they can conceive? Do we turn into a country that kills off their young if we have too many? NO the government has no business in it. If someone has too many kids to handle there are many options, but that should be done on a per person basis and make decisions based on what is best for the children. I have a friend that was from a family of 9 and he and his siblings are great people and were raised well. Now I also now parents that only have one or two kids and ignore them and just really bad parents. The number doesn't matter as much as the people who raise them!

  • Not if we're a free democracy.

    It wasn't that long ago we as a nation stood aghast at countries that were limiting how many children their citizens could have. Anyone remember China? It led to people killing their baby daughters so they could have another child and hopefully that child would be male this time. We don't need our government telling us how to live our lives, yet that's exactly what many of our citizens seem to feel is acceptable so long as it's not something they value. It's shocking we're coming so close to the kind of governing body many of us fought so hard to keep away just 20-30 years ago. Socialism and communism are still in the shadows certainly. Someone wise once said our country would not be destroyed by outside forces but it would collapse from within. It's time for deep thought, reflection and common sense.

  • Family size is not the business of the government.

    It really is not the business of the government, nor is it constitutional, for them to limit or otherwise try to restrict anyone from having as many children as they want. It is up to the individual to decide how many kids they want, regardless of government opinion on the matter.

  • What if circumstances change?

    This would be a very hard law to regulate especially with the fluctuating financial statuses of Americans. What would happen if a parent were to lose a high paying job? What would become of the excess children then? Would they be taken away from the family, or even eliminated? That doesn't seem practical.

  • It is inmoral

    For the same reason a woman cannot be forced to procreate in the event of a population shrinkage. It would violate the 1st Ammendment of the constitution.

    Although, this is already happening in other ways. I am a father of 4 children, and our family could not make it without social assitance.

    Salaries are too low, so both men and women have to work. When you exceed 2 children it becomes almost imposible for the woman to sustain her job because the amount of days she would have to miss do to issues related to the children. So, the income is reduced and you are forced ti depend on social services.

  • That is for the couples to decide

    The government have no constitutional right in deciding what number of children a family will have.It is an infringement on the individual right. Secondly income is never permanent nor predictable in the long run so basing such fundamental law on income factors is flawed and does not provide a solution to whatever the problem was.

  • Not based off income BUT....

    I think the amount of children birthed per woman should be limited because of the impact current population growth has on the earths environment. All countries need to enforce a population control policy (such as China) if we have any hope to maintain and keep this earth for our future generations.

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