Should the government monitor private communications?

  • To prevent the country from terrorist attacks

    In order to provide the citizens with a secured life , it is necessary to monitor private communication links. I don't find it eavesdropping or hindrance of privacy as it is for our betterment. Moreover, we are being monitored at airports and while entering a shopping mall, so what's the problem if our government is monitoring the private communication links? The terrorists are misusing the private communications to disrupt the lives of the majority of the people of a nation who are innocent. So, if the government if monitoring these links and defend the terrorist threats then security of the mass people could be ensured. After all, the government exists to ensure the security of the citizens.

  • This country started on privacy.

    I hear the terrorist argument more often than not. I am sure the British would've felt the same way before the American Revolution.

    The reality is that we are tracked more than we like to believe by corporations with teams of lawyers who are exceptional are reading the grey area of the law. With this being said we, as citizens, rely upon the government to protect us and allow us privacy.

    If I asked you if you would be okay with a camera following you everywhere you went including bathroom/bedroom/shower, etc. You would likely come back with, well no, but...

    That but is where we each come up with a reasonable measure for ourselves. As an individual I am skilled enough to sell you on the top of the line security system, because I can control you with fear. If you didn't buy it then I would pay some kid to break your windows and you would call me asking for two the next day.

    You can't operate out of fear in this world. Americans are becoming experts in that. In several other countries you want through war raved areas because you still have to go to school and you are thankful your school wasn't bombed that day.

    In America I can assure you that you are relatively safe. If you are a victim, there is somewhere you can go and someone that will listen to you. You don't go to a police station, get shot in the face and your body thrown outside to become just another... (I can't even say statistic because you wouldn't be tracked).

    I say all of this because the biggest reason people use when saying they would be okay or amenable to cameras being used or okay with their phone/internet records being tracked to so that they feel safer.

    I argue that with any ability to act in privacy we may never again have the ability to remove ourselves from a tyrannical government, such as we did in the American evolution, because they (being the government) would just ensure your voice was never heard.

    And, if I know all the things you are doing/thinking about/researching, then I can control you absolutely. I am sure of that.

  • The government should not monitor private communications.

    I definitely believe that the government should not monitor private communications. The government is already meddling too much in people's affairs and private communications would be the last straw. Government and people's private lives need to be kept totally separate. It would be a very scary world if the government was able to monitor private communications.

  • The government should not monitor private communications.

    The government should not monitor private communications. I feel that snooping on citizens would be a invasion of rights. Their is nothing they could gain except hate from ease dropping on private communications. That is what makes living in America great and to start taking away the founding fathers rights would be a crime in my opinion.

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