Should the government open third gendercategory sports games?

Asked by: annisaavrilia
  • Yes, of course

    Why should government enforce discrimination against its citizens? T negatively affects their psychological health and legitimises the actions of transphobes and virulent homophobes. Introducing third gender sports games will lead to them being more accepted and tolerated in society, more than they already are, and that's what this is about

  • Third gender need to proof that they also have abilities

    Third gender are have choices to be anything that they want. The sports games can be a place to proof that third gender also have abilities. They can change the peoples that claimed the third gender is always bad. So, the sports games can give a chance to third gender to proof their abilities because not all of the third gender are bad.

  • What is a 3rd gender?

    First off, the government has no say in the gender needed to play in a sports league. That is the leagues job and call. Secondly, there is no "3rd gender". There's transgender, but that is when you change to a man or a women. You aren't a new gender. So why should the government mandate the creation of something that doesn't exist?

  • This breaks the whole point of sports.

    A third gender in sports would not solve anything. Some people pro to this argue that they need to be more accepted in society. I don't believe we should bend the rules of everything just to be more diverse. Hispanics? Yes. African Americans? Yes. Any person of color / ethnicity? Yes. Open the doors more for these people. By supporting trans people even more, you further their mental illness. It's not normal for a person to want to remove their genitals. Period. We need to help these people in different ways rather than legitimizing them. I love all people, but I do not want to 'help' them by making their lives worse.

  • The government (USA) doesn't have the authority (sports).

    Ignoring the government BS, there shouldn't be a third gender category, because there is no third gender for humans. Humans have male or female, man or woman. Sometimes there are abnormalities that might cause a human to be born with both or neither, but those aren't considered to be separate genders, just abnormalities and/or deformities.

  • This seems absurd

    First of all, if you can make the team....That's all that matters. Gender Categories are unnessesary unless you are looking for some kind of handicap for people of one gender or the other. I've known girls stepping up to the guys league because it was a better challenge in their setting, and they got their $*%# rocked at first, then improved and earned their play like anyone else. Wasn't a problem. Isn't a problem unless you make it one.

    Secondly, the government running sports? Where do you live??? Maybe I need to start paying more attention. Is that actually a thing?

    Thirdly, and this kind of ties in with my first point. They are all players. You don't need to take people that are different, and categorize them. That's what competition does. You have the opportunity to prove yourself in the field regardless of what others think of you. Making a separate category for different people defeats one of the most beautiful things about sports in my opinion, and while not against it, I typically won't watch a game because of what gender is playing it.

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