Should the government pay parents to stay at home and look after their children?

  • It's more than a full time job!

    Yes! The government should pay parents to raise their children. It's not just a 40 hour work week, its 24/7, 365. Every second of every day you have another life to take care of. Now I do think that this should only happen until they begin school. Once in school I think that the parents should then have to return to work. If they have problems finding a job then I think the government should have a type of unemployment that is paid to the parent. I do believe that only one parent needs to be paid to stay home. If you think about it paying someone else to "watch" your child is essentially paying them to be a vital part in raising them. Why should you pay someone else to raise the child you had when the government could aid financially in you raising your child. Unfortunately the US seems to be behind and incompetent in the way we do things so I know this will never happen.

  • It is work.

    I think that they should get paid because well for starters it is clearly a job that parents do and most people get paid for jobs. Also well they should get paid because of their kids they have to stay home even if they went to work so it isn't their fault that because of their child they can't work.

  • Raising great citizens

    They give up the time to earn money to raise well rounded citizens. They still have responsibilities to be payed and children to be fed so they should get some kind of financial help for the sacrifice they are making. They do not exactly want to be payed for something that has to be done but they will need help paying rent, food, insurance, for their children.

  • I agree with this but with one thing a mother needs to do first

    I agree that one parent should stay home and watch their children grow. Until they are old enough to go to school, then the parent can go out & work. But then again, if that happens most parents will not have the qualification to work. Maybe try finish university or college, then have a child. If its like that, when I fully agree with one parent staying home to watch their child(ren).

  • It's the right thing to do for the future

    It's the way a child is raised and nurtured that defines who they are for the rest of their lives. If the parent wants to give their child a good chance of being successful in life, then they need to be there while the kids brain is still developing. The only way to ensure that the future of this country will be in good hands is to raise the future generation the right way. However, parents can't do that if they're too busy with work, so yes, parents should get paid to stay at home and raise their kids.

    Some people may think they are simply being lazy or just want an excuse to hang around the house all day, but taking care of a child is a full time job which lasts a lifetime. Not just 1, 5 or even 40 years. Jobs come and go throughout peoples lives and no one will remember 75 years from now how far along a person got in their career. What they will see, however, is the proof of how well people raised their kids.

  • Finally something to help the average families

    We only have one income because like other middle class families, we are stuck in the middle. We earn enough not to qualify for a lot of government rebates but do not earn enough to be able to afford day care so I can go back to work. But the catch is if I put I put them into day care full time I would get the minimum rebate to help pay for it, but if I put them in to day care it would be because I would go back to work and my income would then put us over the threshold and would get nothing to help pay for it, so essentially I would go back to work to use my salary to pay someone else to look after my kids and not really benefit from working at all. I would rather be at home with my children

  • Its hard work!

    I believe that parents should get payed if they stay hoe with their children because looking after your children is hard work and tiring. Not getting payed for a long 24 hour job is just not fair! Don't you believe that parents should get a salary if they stay home with their children? If so, then VOTE!

  • Yes they shoould get pay

    They should get pay because this job is very hard.. Not only do they work more then full time they work everyday they do more then anyone in the whole world do. Some kids are really hard to take care of. Not only are kids troble but also kids get sick alot

  • Raising MY kids right

    I was blessed with a man who worked more then one job so that I could stay at home with my kids while they weren't in school. We struggled yes but I am very thankful that I was the one that raised them. Now when anyone meets our kids they will tell us that our kids are very respectful and caring because I was able to stay at home and teach them this other wise the day cares won't. Now don't get me wrong I also didn't teach my kids to lay down and take what they are having done to the either.

  • Yes, but with certain requirements.

    Being the daughter of a single mom, who worked three jobs to keep the smiles on her kids faces I want to lean more towards yes. My mother has never taken a dime from the government (due to her pride), but I know it would have helped. I know that there are people out there who will abuse the system (just like welfare). But there could always be "rules" put in place. You would need a previous employment of X amount of years. And maybe the pay will be nothing more than a small allowance? Just a little wiggle room money. I would say I am a solid 50/50 on this topic.

  • not they shouldn't

    No I don't think mothers should have to stay at home to look after their kids We live in a society now where both mom's and dad's both have an active role in the raising of the child. If a dad can stay home and do it while the mom goes out, I don't see any problems with that. It should be dependent on the family situation as to how the child is raised and who stays with it. So no, I don't think mothers should have to stay at home with their kids necessarily, it just depends.

  • The childcare industry exists.

    The child care industry thrives on working parents. Therefore, if parents were to stay home and look after their kids, the child care industry would cease to exist. Many jobs will be lost and with the large number of parents already staying home because of this salary, it only seems like this package will hurt the economy.

  • No, it's work, but you make the kid you support him or her.

    Making babies is optional. It's not something that just "happens," where the parents have no control over it. So if you make a kid, it's your responsibility to support and care for the kid, and that includes financially. Why should parenting become a career paid by the taxpayer? It's completely impractical and impossible to fund.

  • Not in all cases.

    As much as I think it is unfair that parents are charged such a high rate of child care, which keeps a lot of mothers in the home when they could be out earning money for the family, I think it would be abused to pay parents to stay home and look after their children. People might have children just to get the money, and the children wouldn't necessarily be well cared for.

  • Not in the USA

    We don't have that kind of demographic problem here. I understand this policy in France or Russia but the USA has stable population growth. Maybe in the future this will be a good policy to pay people for having children. But right now that's just ridiculous. Population growth in America is fine.

  • Parents need to take care of their own children!

    If you aren't going to take your own money to pay for your own kids, why did you have them? I mean, abortion is never the answer, but if you know you will have to give your kids away or take money from the government to care for them, why didn't you give the child up for adoption?

  • The government shouldn't be using taxes to pay parents to care for their own children.

    Parents are meant to be a good role model for their kids. Being a role model means that kids get to witness their parents working for the community and building a healthy relationship with society. If all the children see is their parents staying at home, possibly not even wholly committed to the task, what if they say "I want to be a parent when I grow up"? This is a perfectly valid opinion; we can't simply deny it, but the children need to understand and be exposed to the working community before they can form an opinion. And what about parents who are in it for the money? Because let's face it, there are going to be parents out there who would take advantage of this and use it for their own benefits, rather than in the child's best interest. The government can't monitor a project this big; and that's already some serious funding issues. It would be unfair for those who work to have their taxes given to families who couldn't go out and work, rather choosing to stay at home, most likely reveling at the time they can spend on the Internet and in front of the TV. Taxes could definitely be put to better use than this, there are other more serious funds that the government can use the taxes for. The taxes are meant for the benefit for everyone, not those who get paid for staying at home.

  • Why they shouldnt

    Most moms should earn a salary from the government that cant work anywhere else but if they can work another job and aren't disabled they shouldn't rely on the government to raise their kids they should make money to raise their kids there-selves and be a good role-model for their kids. They don't want their kids to take the wrong way through life and be lazy like their parents.

  • Who's Gonna Pay?

    My question is who is going to pay these moms. The government? Our country is already in so much debt, and i don't think this money should be used to pay some moms. If not the government who, me? I don"t want my hard earned money that i work for to be used to pay some stay at home mom.

  • It is not a job

    Being a stay at home mom is not a job. Do you get paid for it or should? No. It is your choice to be staying at home and there is a thing called family and day cares that look after your children. You want money then get a job. Every parent needs to take care of their children and if you think you should get paid for that then there is something wrong with you.

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