Should the government provide child care for working parents?

  • Don't have enough money.

    Some parents don't have enough money to support their children with health care, and its going to be bad if the child gets seriously injured or worse. It's also gonna make it worse for the parents because they need to work alot more to pay off their taxes and etc*, but that only leaves them so much that they wouldn't have enough.

  • Yes help parents from paying two mortgages

    I'm not saying it should be completely free but I have two children and I pay 900$ a month for childcare on a military installation. I can not justify why people with kids pay almost double mortgage because they have kids. Having children shouldn't hinder parents, I mean I can pay for my kids to live in a 900 dollar house, or buy another house if I wanted with that kind of money.

  • Parenting is at an all time low

    It is becoming a norm for young adolescences who are thinking that they have the blueprint or the Work Breakdown structure of life figured all out. I believe in a saying "The bed you make is the one you must lay in." Parents of all ages must comprehend that children are not meant to be paraded around to be told repeatedly how cute they are. Have children requires a high demand of moral and financial obligation.

  • The government should help people that work.

    The idea of government support is, or should be, to assist working citizens. Low income parents should get help with child care. Being able to work should be the goal and it encourages people to support and better themselves rather than depend on the government as much. If assistance is given with child care it may reduce the amount of other services provided.

  • So that they can earn an income to better their family.

    Enrolling in an educational daycare will also prepare young minds for school so that they have a better idea of what is expected of them and how they should be behaving around others. Without government funding many families simply cannot afford to have their children properly watched while they are at work.

  • Yes. There should be child care for working parents.

    Every working parent that has children should have child care free of charge from the government. If there was child care for every American child, this would be a step towards a brighter future.

  • Yes, Help Hard-Working Parents

    With help from the government for these expenses, many parents can work full-time positions and support their families in other ways. Most likely, these parents are already receiving government help and by having a job, they may be able to take on some of these other financial responsibilities; food stamps, medical expenses or other cash services such as TANF.

  • The country will be much more productive.

    Women will be able to continue their careers, families will not be crippled by child care payouts. The government should absolutely redirect funds into this area rather then housing people with children. No, do not give them housing. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, give a man a net and feed him for a lifetime. The equivalent would be give them free child care and enable mums to get jobs.
    It would be equality and human rights at its finest.

  • NO, They Shouldn't

    It isn't the company's problem that your child is home alone during the day. You can simply hire a trustworthy babysitter or send them to a day care. It also causes unneeded disturbances for everyone else that works there. Finally, it would cost the company more money unless they took it straight out of your check, which would cause you to lose money.

  • No boy u stupid

    That is why the parents are working. They earn that money to pay the bills. It is not just for cigarettes or booze. They need to use it for their kids. After all when they became a parent they took on that responsibility. We have too many people that are looking for a hand out.

  • The state is not financially responsible for our kids

    Parents are responsible for their own children. I think disadvantaged parents should get some assistance to help them though( means tested)
    So if the Government give money to working parents for child care then they should also give the same amount of money to parents who choose to stay at home and provide care for their own children. Parents who sacrifice one income for their children's best interest shouldn't be penalised when parents who put their kids in a day care centre all day get rewarded. If people believe they need all that assistance then maybe those people need to review their priority list.
    We are becoming a bit too dependant on the Government for our everyday wants not just needs. I realise it is a complex debate.

  • Federally funded daycare's would cause people to rely on the government even more than they already do

    Childcare should be funded by the parents not the tax payers’ dollar.
    Federally funded daycare's would take money out of hard working tax payers pocket
    The government already provides WIC, EBT, cell phones and government housing to low income families
    Getting too comfortable with the government paying for everything for you could be the cause of someone staying in the “low income” bracket so that the government continues to pay for food, housing, daycare, cell phones etc. Where does it end?
    As an adult you should work for everything you have If you can’t afford to take care of your children yourself why should someone else have to?
    The government should not supply the low income families with federally funded daycare's'. The government has already made so many families lazy and dependent on their help as is.

  • No. This will just mean raising taxes.

    Although it would be helpful to have the government helping pay for childcare, this would just make them have to raise taxes. You can either choose how to spend that money on your children, or have the government choose for you, but this money is ultimately still coming from your pocket.

  • No. They are YOUR child(ren)

    And where do you think the money for child care will come from if provided by the gov't. Your child, your responsibility. You and the other parent need to make sure you earn enough to provide for the child. If you are not ready to take on the responsibility then don't have children.

  • No, They need to take care of their own children.

    If the government paid for daily child care for all working parents, they would most likely decide to spend the money on things they needed, instead of the things the child needs or may need. This makes the conclusion simple, The government should not support the payment of day care for working parents. If they wouldn't do it for homeless parents, what would make you think that it would be okay to pay for it when they have an income?

  • No

    That is why the parents are working. They earn that money to pay the bills. It is not just for cigarettes or booze. They need to use it for their kids. After all when they became a parent they took on that responsibility. We have too many people that are looking for a hand out.

  • No, The Government Should Not Provide Child Care For Working Parents

    We must continuously reduce the dependency we have on our federal government. While paying for child care for those that need it, it increases the cost for all through tax expenses. These types of benefits should come from either the state, or better yet, the employer. The cost of child care has to go back to the basics as when our country was founded - friends, family, church and community to take care of our own.

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