• It's in the Constitution's Preamble

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
    To me that means health care among other things.

  • Yes, health care should be free; think of others too!!!

    The government is supposed to help the people, it is mainly their duty, and surely in every country there are poor people who can not afford paying when they fall sick, and others have said that the government would be using the money from other tax payers, but hello think of it as a charity, or a help to others, think of it this way, you have the money to buy stuff which the poor cant, and while you are busy feeling happy about your new car or latest phone, others out there cant even get food to eat and are feeling sick and dying. Don't think greedy, think of how many lives would be saved instead

  • Yes but only basic

    The government should provide it because otherwise we will have a huge drop in population as people will die and others will move away. But they shouldn't be paying for someone's plastic surgery or for someone to have a face lift. But yes basic needs like maternal health care, vaccinations, and basic needs like going to your doctor for some medicine if you are ill, but not things like plastic surgery

  • Free health care helps the poor. It should be limited to save only those that need it

    Free health care helps the lower class people also the ones that don't work. It will help them financially maybe to put more food on the table. It will give them assurance that they have something to fall back on and don't have to worry about getting extra money for something the government should be providing.

  • Yes with boundaries.

    We should be offer some sort of free health care. But it should be only for the people who work, go to college, or both. Basically if you sit on your a**, then you shouldn't get anything at all. Illegal immigrants shouldn't be allowed to get free health care, because, that would be to easy for them when we really don't control the situation anyways. I mean if the Canadians and the English can opt for free health care, why can't we? I see the point from both sides, so I realize that there needs to be some sort of compromise. Now for the poor and homeless, they should be offer just enough free health care to get them back on their feet and get to work. Lazy people equals lazy economy.

  • Free health care

    I am work more than 20 hours a week and go to school full time, yet I am unable to afford health care or get covered through my job because I am classified a "flexible" employee. I also am denied state Medicaid because my state decided not to expand in 2014, and since I do not have children, am not pregnant, and am not elderly, I do not qualify. I need to get surgery on my elbow, but I am being told that since I have no insurance, I will have to pay $10,000 up front before I can get my surgery, and I was also told that monthly payments would not be an option for me. So here I am suffering in pain and unable to use one of my arms because I am denied help due to my finances and lack of coverage. Free health care would help people like me who actually do work hard, even with an injury, but still cannot afford to purchase health insurance.

  • Free Health Care

    Many people will get the help they need and get checked regularly at their medical doctor. Many people will not have to worry about paying their health care insurance. If people worry too much about money there is a possibility they will suffer from depression or even anxiety. So I think they should provide free health care.

  • Yes, it is the humane and responsible thing to do

    Free healthcare is in every civilized, industrial nation but the USA and is less expensive and higher quality. I thought the premise of Americans was brotherhood, love, togetherness, helping hand and all that. It seems to me the US is all talk, hatred, self absorbed, greed, greed, greed and of course me, me, me and ME!

  • If not for the health and welfare of the people what should government be providing?

    Many people work as hard or harder than the wealthiest of Americans but still can't afford health insurance. It is not just freeloaders and lazy people who are without health coverage. Maybe if we all had coverage there would be less crime, sickness, and the healthcare costs would decrease greatly. Providing protection of the wealth of the ultra rich is certainly not the direction in which we want our government to continue heading.

  • Yes the poor or homeless can`t always pay for health care.

    Without free health care the poor would have more troubles and would be even poorer than before and lower our economy. Without free health care people will get sick and die for no reason at all but for no health care. Meaning if everybody can have health care and be healthy then our economy can be healthy.

  • No

    The government should not provide free health care if it is at the cost of other tax payers. I work hard for my money and they give me insurance for doing that. I should not have to pay for some one elses insurance also that is not doing the same as I am.

  • No free healthcare

    No, I don't think that they government should provide everyone with free healthcare. People who are working but make low wages should be offered reduced fee health care, but it should not be free. Too many illegals would use the emergency rooms for things other than emergencies and cause them to become backed up if health care were free.

  • Free For Some? Free For All!

    It should be the same for everyone...Either everyone gets it free or nobody does. I don't qualify for "free" healthcare because my husband & I have actually worked hard all of our lives to save & at this point to leave money for our special needs teen to be taken care of but I certainly can't afford insurance AND/OR healthcare for a special needs child plus a critically ill spouse much less MYSELF! And all that we have put up in savings don't come close to paying for 3 weeks in the ICU. So I will be broke, in debt & my family will not have the healthcare they need because we TRIED to take care of our responsibilities. In the meantime, the family next door with 4 kids & counting, no jobs & a drug habit will be living comfortably with their food stamps, free healthcare, dental. Mental (for their drug use problems, poor them) & any other healthcare they might decide they need. If that sounds fair then you're just the person to pay my hundreds of thousands worth of medical bills so I can continue to feed my family.

  • No there should be no free healthcare

    Free healthcare means government has to pay. It will decrease the economy of the country. Development will not take place. Also the death rate will decrease increasing the population of the country. According to me people are poor because they are not working. So they should work and have enough money for their health checkup

  • No health care for free

    I think this because if you have free health care that means someone has to pay. The people who pay are the government. This will decrease the economy making the resources decrease. In the end the country will be poor, but people have to find someone to blame. So they blame the government and that's how all the fights start. If there is free health care there is a chance that death rates will decrease, making the population increase. To much population is not a good thing as it can decrease the resources even more.

    So that is why I think people(well countries) shouldn't allow free health care.

  • No free healthcare

    First, direct provision of healthcare is financed through taxes. Government hence has to raise the tax rates to be able to provide healhcare. However, this is fundamentally unjust because the government is taking away people's money to help the poor. This already perpetuates unfair system. Everyone is entitled to property rights and nobody is supposed to violate them, including the government. Government is trying to provide free healthcare with the aim of helping the poor but this should not be done at the expense of taxpayers.

  • No free healthcare

    First, when government provides free healthcare, it has to increase the tax rates to finance the healthcare. Fundamentally, this is unjust because taking away taxpayers' money is a mere deprivation of property rights. Government has no rights to expropriate people's properties. This is just a violation of property rights.
    Second, free healthcare would breed dependency on the government. At the same time, people will also demand higher quality of healthcare.
    This would cause heavy financial burden of the government and inefficiency of hospitals and clinics.

  • A very unfair system.

    We have the right to prosper. Spending our money for other peoples healthcare is ridiculous. People need to pay for their own healthcare. If we had general healthcare we would all be paying for it in taxes regardless of our health. If youre sick a lot its up to YOU (not tax payers money) to deal with it. Its not fair that HEALTHY people pay for the sick.

    Posted by: D.14
  • It is not free, as it is...

    Because the goverment would have to pay for it, would probably need to pay higher taxes. Probably then people would want lower taxes. In this case lower taxes would be very difficult to do with free health care... Nowadays it is perfictly and it dosent matter how much will do, there would bee always poor people at earth...

  • Subsidizing sickness will cause a higher demand for it.

    When the government subsides people's bills when they get sick, then they will more likely take lesser care of them selves, the high cost of hospitals will stop people from unhealthy eating, smoking, and other harmful activities people do just because the government will eventually help them in case anything goes wrong, of course people don't want to be hurt, but the moral hazard problem will lead to the more likely event that they would.

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