• It should be higher than the average of age of 16

    About 5,000 teens die each year because of car crashes. Take the dangerous drivers off the road and save the lives of young drivers and older drivers alike. Teen mental development is not complete and the brain of a 16 year old is not developed to be considered an adult.

  • The government should raise the driving age.

    The government should raise the driving age. I think most sixteen year olds are not mature enough to handle driving on their own. I think if we raised it by a couple of years there would be a lot less accidents on the highways. We should think about having it raised.

  • Yes, the government should raise the driving age.

    Yes, the government should raise the driving age. Statistics show that car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers,. New Jersey is the only state that requires teens to be at least 17 to get a driving license and they have a lower rate of crash related deaths among teens than other states.

  • 16-year-olds Need to Learn, Not Drive

    Most fatals auto accidents in America are caused by teen drivers who simply don't know how to drive yet. They are distracted by cell phones, schoolwork, romantic partners and parents. Kids have enough to worry about and enough on their minds to worry about getting a driver's license at age 16. The age should go up a year to 17 at minimum, 18 at most, to prevent more tragic highway deaths.

  • Yes, and it should be standardized.

    There are states that allow young teens to start driving as early as age 15, at least with a permit. Probably a permit should not even be granted till 16 or even 17 and full driving privileges at 18. Younger than that, they think they're immortal. And the age should be standardized around the nation.

  • Yes duh man

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  • Not at all!

    It should stay 16! It doesn't matter weather they increase it to 18 or not! Because regardless of what they do, even 18 year olds can drive like mad man, so saying that it should be raised to 18 is just stupid and retarded!

    If this all happens, I will be a raging demon!

  • Teens need to learn

    Teens need to learn to drive. If they don't learn to drive at a young age, they will make mistakes. These mistakes may be critical and take someones life, or put someone in the hospital. So I think that the government should take another look at increasing the driving age.

  • They should not.

    The government should not raise the driving age. There is no reason to raise the driving age, as the current driving age has worked in the past and will continue to work in the future. Raising the driving age will only make people bad, and it will not be helping anyone.

  • Keep it at 16.

    The driving age should be kept at 16 here in the United States. Kids should have at least two years of semi-supervised driving under their belts before getting an unrestricted licenses at the age of 18. Also, it helps them prepare for the adult world by giving them a little taste of adult responsibility.

  • Driving comes naturally at some age

    I don't think that government should raise the driving age, because at age of 17 or 18 people are considered to be a adult and are fully in control of their actions for driving. Having stricter driving rules would be a different story. Driving allows people to work and do other thing by themselves instead of depending on their parents or someone else

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