• Yes they should,

    The government should rate music because there are a lot of songs that have appropriate names but in the song the lyrics start cursing and swearing, so if the government rates music then parents would know which song would be suitable for young children. Plus, people only use curse words only to harm people or exaggerate the situation at hand.

  • Yes, it should!

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  • It is cool

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  • BOTDF, drugs, alcohol

    Blood On The Dance Floor has the most explicit and sexual content. Lots of rap music had speak of drugs, or violence. That can persuade a six year old that those things "can't be bad if cool people do it". I sure don't want my child being able to openly buy this music or being negatively influenced by it

  • World war lyric

    I think that something that is a prior problem in most public schools is something to worry about! Kids are starting to bring in drugs to school along with their words. People have to stop the insane influence!! Soon it will become a natural thing in our society to see kids smoking and cursing! Start a- rating AT WILL, GOV.

  • Of course not!!

    If we did that, then it would cost money right? And where is this money coming from? OUR TAXES. That would only would that cause protesters and even more ppl to hate the government! Honestly, don't they have anything better to do than this? Like curing a disease or something?! Stopping wars? Bullying?! Jeez, and you ppl are here talking about how they should be rating music... Tsk tsk

  • Music is a form of press and the 1st amendment says you have the freedom of press

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  • Satanism in hip-hop

    It shouldn't have ratings because its music and if they have curse words or explicit sexual content its up to the adult to stop their son/daughter or kid over all to stop listening to the music . The parents should step in and be what they're supposed to be PARENTS !!!!!

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