• Regulate gas prices

    Yes, the gas prices at gas stations should regulate the gas prices. Becuase when my family drives and has to put in gas, gas prices should be cheaper. Nowadays gas prices are becoming more expensive. Therefore, the government should cut the prices down on gas everywhere in the United States.

  • Regulate gas prices

    Yes, the gas prices at gas stations should regulate the gas prices. Becuase when my family drives and has to put in gas, gas prices should be cheaper. Nowadays gas prices are becoming more expensive. Therefore, the government should cut the prices down on gas everywhere in the United States.

  • Yes & No

    Yes they Should Regulate prices so Station cannot over charge customers,
    But they should not as they currently do Regulate them so they can't sell it for cheap. (as it is now if a servo buys it for 80c/L & wants to sell it for $1.00/L they are not allowed to There is a minimum Price they are allowed to sell it for.
    (so the less greedy & more Generous sellers can't do anything)

  • Regulation not control

    I dont believe the government should control gas prices, but setting a minimum and maximum on the quantity supplied to price ratio would definitely be a plus if it were to reduce the cost. There are too many families suffering because of these large oil companies deciding to suddenly skyrocket prices when they are already making a large profit off of each gallon. With this system there could still be competition between companies while keeping prices affordable to this countries citizens.

  • I believe that gas prices should be set!

    In the many years gas prices have gone up and down and all around. Many people complain about the flux of it. If the government set the price at a reasonable, fair , and equal value then the economy would be fine. It cant be to high or to low. That way the people win and the industries win. Sure some people will not like the idea but to better the world our children live in. I truly believe that this should be done.

  • We should be happy

    Honestly no one needs to scrap together change just to buy gas. My gas tank needs 40 dollars a week. Imagine if you had kids and need to take one of them to the hospital. Your broke you only have your medical card to cover the child's medical care and 10 dollars. The pumps say gas is 3 dollars a gallon. You will only get 3 gallons. It doesn't help you to save your child so you have to watch them suffer. We need gas prices at a rate were the people selling make a profit yet, we also get what we need. So if we regulate the price to 1.50 dollars that would be great cause them I can buy 40 gallons without wondering how im gonna get to work.

  • Help the people!!

    Yes, why should the CEO's of the gas company's make millions and millions of dollars and the average American struggle to pay for gas? And the price of gas should not go up just because the wind blows hard on oil platforms. The price of gas is not a red or blue state issue, because this would help all Americans that are not rich.

  • Gasoline is a critical energy source

    I like capitalism. I do not like unbridled capitalism. Oil futures and their impact on gasoline prices are an example of unbridled capitalism. We are not doing what we need to in offshore drilling. Doing all we can here would help. But the US is, and will always be, an enormous economic driver in the world economy. Foreign suppliers of oil think they can charge anything they want just because the demand is there. My bet is that if we regulated gasoline prices at a level sustainable by our overall economy, suppliers that wanted to continue to sell in the US would conform their practices to stay competitive. I think it's worth a shot. Corporations contribute a lot to our economy and society and I appreciate what they do in general. But they do so as a privilege. Citizens elect governments to create environments in which corporations can exist. If we allow the reverse to be true, we give up our power. And no human being does that willingly.

  • Higher Gas Price!

    The gas price should rise because we are running out of oil; it's a non renewable resource. Which is one reason why we should raise the price. Also, oil produce greenhouse gases when it is burned or used in vehicles which is harmful to the environment and yourself. The air, the animals that we eat, the water that you drink. It's in a cycle and it goes back to you. Lets reduce driving and using gas and help the environment plus help yourself. It's is for your own good, like seriously! -.- We're all gonna die if this keeps up. Save yourself one by one. Do it.

  • Government should regulate gas prices.

    Government should regulate gas prices. I am not usually pro government doing anything where they stick their nose in to our business but could you imagine what the price of gas could be if it were not regulated? Let us say you are sitting almost on empty and every gas station in your city(unregulated) decided to join forces and charge $20.00 per gallon, you would have no other option then to spend extra for something that should be cheaper.

  • There's no need.

    Out of the three articles I've read all of them talked of supply and demand. If demand for oil is high, mentioned in one of the articles, as in summer when everyone is traveling , then so will prices. If foreign oil suppliers raise prices, prices will go up. If it is hurricane season, prices will to go up and so on. Not everything needs to be regulated, it is my opinion that if there isn't monopolization or,something that goes against out economic system, there's no need for regulation.


  • Fluctuating Prices Helps.

    The government does not need to regulate gas prices because our economy operates on supply and demand, in which if the price is too high demand lowers causing the price to lower therefore making it fair. If the government regulates prices then the inefficiencies of government could end up with even higher prices in the end.

  • We don't need more Bureaucracy

    Simply put our government likes to move slowly as they are a Representative republic but that is another debate entirely. When the government creates a new branch or organization to often it is far too large for it to be useful take for instance the EPA the yearly spikes in gas prices are the fault of the EPA and really to we need another IRS.

  • Fluctuating Gas Prices Promote Growth

    If the government regulates the price of gas, than the economy would suffer because there would be no competition and companies would go out of business. Having a non-monopolistic market helps promote growth in the economy. That is why the government should not regulate the price of gas. Gas is also a precious material, that means if the government set a price that was too low, there would be a gas shortage.

  • Too much Government control

    The government already controls enough. If we let them control the gas, there is no accountability. They could raise it sky high and we could do nothing. It would leave the people at the mercy of the government about gas. It would not be affordable any longer by the common man.

  • Government raises cost

    The amount of profit that oil companies take in every gallon is far lower than what government gas taxes take, I believe it's about 1:40 cents per gallon. Government control is the problem, the same happened in the Soviet Union with prices because the inefficiencies of government raised the cost of products more than corporate profits, thereby, making prices higher in the USSR. This may not be the exact same, but the principle of regulation and price control is always the same.

  • Enough government expansion.

    While the proposed government regulations on gas do have an obvious positive side, it is important to look at the negatives as well. The government would now have the ability to change prices according to their own agenda. Granting government the ability to regulate prices in our laissez-faire economy is just wrong. More regulations brings us closer to socialism. You guys should look at the world gun regulation treaty with the U.N. That Obama is most likely going to sign. The treaty has the ability to only stop the international trade of weapons, but also go behind the American people's back and take away a constitutional right.

  • No, we need more freedom in the market.

    From what gas prices look like now, government is interfering too much. If the government wants to lower gas prices, they should allow more companies to drill oil on Federal property. But when government interferes and create regulations, they need some tax to cover what they spend regulating prices. I also thought this "free market" would let companies choose their own prices. I mean, you don't have to buy their gasoline. Less government means fairer prices.

  • Less Government Needed

    Government agencies should not regulate actual gas prices. That would be like a teacher telling a doctor how to do his job. The government can regulate how gas is produced, safety standards, etc., and how it is distributed. Those things have to do with public safety and quality of product. This country, however, has always operated on supply and demand. Therefore, if the price of gas gets too high, people won't buy it and the price will go down.

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