• There has to be some control

    While it may seem anti-capitalist to some, the government regulates in other areas, such as not allowing the development of monopolies when companies propose to merge. The drug companies have shown an inability to regulate themselves, and thus the government in this case needs to step in to protect people.

  • Governement should nationalize Big Pharma

    Pharmaceutical companies are ripping Americans off, lining their pockets while sick people suffer. Profiting from the misery of others is wrong. Capitalists in the pharmaceutical industry are causing enormous damage to the American people. The government should nationalize pharma companies and begin producing and selling drugs at fair prices to American consumers.

  • The government should set standards on the pricing of drugs, in order to help stop the monopolization of the pharmaceutical companies.

    The government needs to set standards on drug pricing, for pharmaceutical companies have become an ever present monopoly in our modern day culture. By setting price standards, it helps create a more even and open market that both limits the power pharmaceuticals have over our prescription drugs and gives the consumer more cost effect and viable options.

  • Government should set standards for drug prices

    In the general case, government probably has no business interfering in corporate pricing policies. Drug companies should be an exception to that general principle. Pharmaceutical companies should not be allowed to make exorbitant profits (such as the 55 percent profit for Mylan, maker of EpiPen) If drugs are not affordable, thousands of Americans will needlessly die, therefore, the government should set price standards, as do most other countries.

  • Companies Need Inspiration

    The process of getting a drug on the market is rough. It costs lots of money, it needs to surpass the FDA, and it has to actually work. If a company does not get back the money they put in. If the government regulates prices they will not get back their money.

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