Should the government spend more money for space exploration?

Asked by: Juris
  • Space exploration is a better use of money than military is.

    The government spends lots and lots of money on the military (in the billions), on getting better guns, better air forces, better weapons. It's a much better use of their money to explore what we don't know. It's part of our education, learning about things we don't know. We don't know what's out, millions of miles away. Why not reduce the military budget, just a little bit, and explore more? It wouldn't even cost as much to explore as it would to spend on military.

  • It is essential for our daily lives...

    Space exploration is very important. It promotes Science education. It is important for NASA's
    Environmental Research.It Eliminates Earth Over Population.It is essential for Natural Resources.And the last of all it Put Ourselves into Perspective. From space earth is really small. From space earth is really fragile. Sometimes I think it would be a good thing to put our place in the universe into perspective.

    Posted by: def
  • It would be

    Amazing if there was a cool space mission going on like the Apollo missions. It would pull people towards science and show them that it is more than just sitting in a classroom. People would follow it. And honestly, which is more interesting to people? Saying "Whatshisface scored a touchdown last night, or "We're about to land on Mars? What if we sent mining companies to asteroids, destroying risk of impacts and giving us all of the iron, gold, silver, and copper in asteroids. What if Earth is going to die a lot sooner than we think it will? It would be just one big catastrophe, then the human race would be done. Is fighting over our little blue speck hurtling through the infinite cosmos really all that important? Is the public, however, willing to pay taxes for these? NASA gets only 0.5% of the national budget. We can't even do much new stuff; only keep the lights on for existing projects. And we are starting to fail at that. Which, in the long run, is more important? Feeding Africa, or securing the future of humanity?

  • Science and space exploration brings humans together

    On earth we are divided into races, sexes, classes, religions etc. Focusing on matters that divide us STIFLES the human potential. Imagine every able minded person working towards the understanding of our surroundings. Maybe we would solve the mysteries surrounding the various paradoxes the universe presents us (think intersection of quantum mechanics and general relativity), maybe we would discover that aliens do exist and learn something about how life is created, maybe we would even invest in a method to colonize other planets. Focusing on space and science forces us to step away from the arguments within our species and observe ourselves as one unique, fragile, insignificant group of life forms, effectively uniting us in the quest to understand the factors that make us unique, fragile, and insignificant.

  • Helps the Future of Humanity

    Exploring space is essential in future human domination and our understanding of science. Its been decades since we sent men up to the moon and we need more funding. It also improves our knowledge about what is up above us. There are many things we don't know about space and exploring it will give us more intelligence.

  • The Future of Mankind

    Earth is our home, but Earth is a finite resource. The future of the human race lies in the outer reaches of space. We should be devoting more time to researching terraforming processes, new energy sources, and different propulsion systems to not only better the lives of those here on Earth, but to better the lives of our generations to come.

  • Highly yes since its good

    In the future it will be great so people in NASA don't have to do more hard works like me going to NASA in the future. Or else all the things NASA did will be no use! That is why I think it has to be spent on space exploration!

  • Rockets are for Space

    We are as a species using ridiculous amounts of money to build rockets that kill our fellow humans. While we could be spending that money to ensure the long term survival of our species and exciting the minds of young and old alike about the prospect of the future... Why?

  • We need to put our eyes to the stars.

    Space exploration is a great avhievement and should be looked into more deeply. Yes many funds to medical reaserch and military asvancements are needed but there very well could be both in space and mabey even great answers in sience. For example, are there others out there? These would never be found if it weren't for space exploration. Did yoy know that life has been detected in Mars? Well we have discovered bactierial life on Mars and this could lead to a large advancement in technology and space travel just by discovering this tiny colony of bactierial life.

  • Space Exploration is good.

    Think about our curiosity, something has to feed it! We could be on the brink of a new scientific discovery. It would bring new industries and build connections between countries. It is also part of education, wouldn't we all like to know more about why we exist? These are just a few reasons.

  • We already have thousands of urgent matters to figure out on the earth.

    Even at this moment, lots of children are suffering disease. Some people are losing their shelters by too much rain or other natural disasters. These problems can't be solved by just a group of people. We have to solve the problems on our planet first, before we explore other planets where no living organisms are living.

  • Is the human race bent on dominating the world?

    I don't see why humans are so bent on colonising everything possible, from other continents to unoccupied lands and now the universe? Must we own all the resources that can be owned? Why can't we recede to a simple life? This just shows how greedy we are. Also, what would be the purpose of doing so? To prove our knowledge and enhance the superiority of our race? Even if space exploration is done, we would just be finding more resources to supply our endless wants of a luxurious lifestyles. I think we have taken enough from the world and we should be satiated with Earth. Let us keep the world as it is.

  • This is not good

    Many trees are being cut down and not replanted. This increases the chances of more Pollution which is very bad because children can get diseases by inhaling that polluting smoke. Also, it costs a lot. The government is spending over 1 billion(more than 1,000,000,000)every year! Finally the money should be spent on other things like on saving animals from disasters like forest fires. Also, they should spend it on poor countries like Haiti, Africa and more!

    -Grade 6 Student

  • We already have thousands of urgent matters to solve on the earth.

    Even now, children are dying from disease. Some people are losing shelters by earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. However, these problems cannot be solved by one person, or not even by a group of people. They need the government's help. These matters can be cured and solved quite easily, if people are actually caring about them. The government first need to solve the urgent matter happening now on the earth, than first taking risks to explore outer space.

  • We already have thousands of urgent earthly matters we need to solve.

    Even at this moment, some people like us are dying from disease. Some don't have shelters, or not even family. These matters cannot be solved by a person, or not even a group of people. We need the government's help. Some of these problems can be solved simply and easily if people are caring. The government first has to solve urgent problems on the planet we are living, rather than spending money for exploring outer space where we don't even know if we can discover something or not.

  • Space exploration should be treated as a hobby

    No, I don't believe that the government should spend more money for space exploration. Space exploration is really not necessary, it is somewhat of a hobby. There is no great need to know what is in the space at this time. I think that more money should be forwarded to education and things of that sort, not in out of space.

  • Wait and see

    We must clean our home before we blast off. If w can't keep our home planet in order what makes you think we can other planets? It is human nature to want to go and explore, but over 95% of our oceans and 90% of the species on the planet haven't even been discovered.

  • Welcome to the Stupid America

    We might as well spend the money on feeding the worms. I do not even people these days. Do we want more people to die. Why is the government being to stupid? We should spend that money on other problems. For example, invest in finding a cure for cancers and diseases.

  • Space VS All other world problems

    First of all, going to space requires millions of dollars with innovating hardware for ships, satellites to orbit other planets, Launching rockets, etc. Knowledge is power, but the government needs to put other things first. For example schools and education, food (for the poor), ensuring our safety, military, nature, and etc. It is still good to fund for space projects, and revolutionizing it, but our world, our planet has some things that need to be fixed. Also there are other parts of our world yet to be discover like the ocean and animals. This information WILL help the human race, and make people more aware of our needy world. So, how will space help us with that? Not much, really.

  • Waste money for nothing

    Space Exploration is a waste of resources. Instead of decreasing resources by space travel and such, we must deal with problems on Earth first. Why bother spending all this money on exploring space when we could be helping our own planet that us humans live on. NASA is very damgerous. So many accidents and problems happened in the space shuttles such as explosions, pieces falling off, and missing the gravity on Earth. That is even more money to fix those problems. Space Exploration is a waste of money and a waste of time. Also, we know we exist, but we don't know if anything out there exists. Spend time and money on our planet also know as our home.

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