Should the government spend more money for space exploration?

Asked by: Juris
  • Space exploration is a better use of money than military is.

    The government spends lots and lots of money on the military (in the billions), on getting better guns, better air forces, better weapons. It's a much better use of their money to explore what we don't know. It's part of our education, learning about things we don't know. We don't know what's out, millions of miles away. Why not reduce the military budget, just a little bit, and explore more? It wouldn't even cost as much to explore as it would to spend on military.

  • It is essential for our daily lives...

    Space exploration is very important. It promotes Science education. It is important for NASA's
    Environmental Research.It Eliminates Earth Over Population.It is essential for Natural Resources.And the last of all it Put Ourselves into Perspective. From space earth is really small. From space earth is really fragile. Sometimes I think it would be a good thing to put our place in the universe into perspective.

    Posted by: def
  • Space Exploration increase

    AT the rate the earth is headed, the Ozone layer will be completely eliminated. The more space exploration, the greater chance we will discover a planet that can contain human life. Also the more space exploration that takes place, the more technology active us citizens will develop. Some technology advances from space include CRT lenses and memory foam. This is why the government should spend more money for space exploration.

  • E.L.E. Extinction Level Event

    The next extinction level event will come, if we want it or not. The only way to escape is to settle other planets and space. If we don't spend the money and it happens before we're ready, there is no way back.
    My recipe: cut the military budget in half and dedicate half of that to (free) education and the other half to space exploration and settlement.

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  • Space is our new home

    Space is something not many people think about but in my perspective space is a great place and who knows what hides beyond the stars we see at night. We should be wasting money on space even if it means, nothing to people, because to me its a discovery of new planets and a new realty that awaits for us.

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  • We already have thousands of urgent matters to figure out on the earth.

    Even at this moment, lots of children are suffering disease. Some people are losing their shelters by too much rain or other natural disasters. These problems can't be solved by just a group of people. We have to solve the problems on our planet first, before we explore other planets where no living organisms are living.

  • Is the human race bent on dominating the world?

    I don't see why humans are so bent on colonising everything possible, from other continents to unoccupied lands and now the universe? Must we own all the resources that can be owned? Why can't we recede to a simple life? This just shows how greedy we are. Also, what would be the purpose of doing so? To prove our knowledge and enhance the superiority of our race? Even if space exploration is done, we would just be finding more resources to supply our endless wants of a luxurious lifestyles. I think we have taken enough from the world and we should be satiated with Earth. Let us keep the world as it is.

  • This is not good

    Many trees are being cut down and not replanted. This increases the chances of more Pollution which is very bad because children can get diseases by inhaling that polluting smoke. Also, it costs a lot. The government is spending over 1 billion(more than 1,000,000,000)every year! Finally the money should be spent on other things like on saving animals from disasters like forest fires. Also, they should spend it on poor countries like Haiti, Africa and more!

    -Grade 6 Student

  • We already have thousands of urgent matters to solve on the earth.

    Even now, children are dying from disease. Some people are losing shelters by earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. However, these problems cannot be solved by one person, or not even by a group of people. They need the government's help. These matters can be cured and solved quite easily, if people are actually caring about them. The government first need to solve the urgent matter happening now on the earth, than first taking risks to explore outer space.

  • We already have thousands of urgent earthly matters we need to solve.

    Even at this moment, some people like us are dying from disease. Some don't have shelters, or not even family. These matters cannot be solved by a person, or not even a group of people. We need the government's help. Some of these problems can be solved simply and easily if people are caring. The government first has to solve urgent problems on the planet we are living, rather than spending money for exploring outer space where we don't even know if we can discover something or not.

  • Space exploration should be treated as a hobby

    No, I don't believe that the government should spend more money for space exploration. Space exploration is really not necessary, it is somewhat of a hobby. There is no great need to know what is in the space at this time. I think that more money should be forwarded to education and things of that sort, not in out of space.

  • Wait and see

    We must clean our home before we blast off. If w can't keep our home planet in order what makes you think we can other planets? It is human nature to want to go and explore, but over 95% of our oceans and 90% of the species on the planet haven't even been discovered.

  • No because we need the money for things going on here on earth

    Like the starving children. They need food and your just wanting a field trip to the space and back no thank you and plus if they think that we need to explore the space they are wrong there are many more problems on earth then trying to find out what's in space

  • Nothing wrong with earth

    What is wrong wit the earth, maybe in the future the earth might get to crowded but until then space exploration is nto urgently needed. And if space travel is only available for the rich im not sure that many rich people will even want to go to space. Do you agree

  • Earth is still perfectly liveable

    Earth is still perfectly live able so why do it. It is a waste of money and time!!! Also it is unfair just leaving out beautiful Earth behind. The government shouldn't waste time doing silly things!!! Earth is still gorgeous and fresh so there is absolutely no reason to leave it!!!

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