• Irrelevant to most Americans, and biased against many

    NPR has always reminded me of an advanced version of a low watt college or high school radio station, and that seems to be the basis of its appeal. The programming is directed at a small segment of the population -- urban professionals who are politically liberal -- and NPR cultivates the feeling among its listeners that they can achieve distinction by being members of their clique. Which of course is not a formula for a commercially viable business in a large scale industry like radio. And there's no reason public funding should be dedicated to this sort of enterprise. Some of the entertainment programming -- particularly the insufferably sophomoric "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me", which regularly takes pot shots at Donald Trump -- is so politically biased that it's offensive to a large portion of the taxpayers whose wages are extorted to pay for its production. (By the way, even Car Talk made a snide remark about George W. Bush on at least one occasion that I can recall.) Eliminating government funding for this boondoggle is long overdue. I'm sure it's small following will find other ways to satisfy their needs for self-affirmation, at no cost to the American taxpayer.

  • NPR is biased news reporting

    It's tyranny for the government to use my tax dollars to support a news media entity that promotes certain political candidates and ideologies over others, with no balance or tolerance for other viewpoints. America is supposed to be a free country. Being forced to pay for advertising for one political party over another is not freedom.

  • Liberal Biased Reporting

    Reports from NPR during the 2016 presidential election were extremely biased to the left. This continues even after the election. From the topics chosen to the slanted content included, federal funding of this biased reporting needs to stop. Even when a balance attempt is made, the reporters are so skewed to the left they are mentally incapable of simply reporting the news.

  • Stop the funding

    PBS and NPR are dishonest left wing progressive anti-USA mind control activist and government funding should be stopped immediately. It seems that PBS and NPR are soldiers for Soros and the globalist. It is disgusting to hear the PBS and NPR liberal progressive spin on everything including news events, etc.

  • NPR has crossed the line.

    They have always had programming that appealed more to certain ideologies/lifestyles, but now they are blatantly politically bias. It shows in both what they report and what they don't. They indulge in the same spin and distortion as entities like CNN, MSNBC, etc.

    There is no justification for forcing the targets of their prejudice to pay for it. Political division in this country is creating real, tangible harm to people, and it is inexcusable to use those people's pay checks against their own interests.

  • NPR should not be federally funded

    Reason there is an obvious bias on their part which does not reflect the views of many Americans. They have plenty of private support as well as now being a firmly established media. I feel personally affronted that my tax dollars are used by them and in my view are bent on changing society toward a world view that is anti america

  • Stop using taxpayers' money to support NPR's Bias!

    It's not right to take my hard-earned taxpayer dollars to pay for other’s enjoyment and biased "reporting". If NPR can't survive on donations/subscriptions or the addition of advertising revenue, then NPR should close, and sell their assets to someone that can use them and generate a profit. If NPR is so wonderful let those who love it, pay for it.

  • My hard-earned taxpayer dollars

    It's not right to take my hard-earned taxpayer dollars to pay for other’s enjoyment. If NPR can't survive on donations/subscriptions or the addition of advertising revenue, then NPR should close, and sell their assets to someone that can use them and generate a profit. If NPR is so wonderful let those who love it, pay for it.

  • Unfortunately, I don't think NPR deserves government money.

    NPR has some really good components. Some of their programs are engaging and really get you thinking. However, as someone who doesn't affiliate with a political party, NPR's bias (especially when they report the"news") toward the democratic candidates and their policies is highly disappointing. I've heard many of my democrat friends claim "NPR is just speaking the truth since democrats are right and republicans are wrong", which I think is preposterous. When I hear things like that, it reminds of me of when christians claim they know the truth and unbelievers don't.. NPR's reporting of hillary clinton is pathetic. She is a narcissistic liar and egotist just like trump and she is no better than trump. But somehow someway they make her look like an angel in spite of all the dirt on her. Due to this, it makes me angry that NPR get government money to lift democrats and push down republicans. Pass a bill to remove their funding once and for all.

  • There are too many blatantly liberal commentators and story slants to even imply NPR is balanced. This is just one of many I could state..

    What, What don't tell me... NPR is a liberal mouth piece.. Saturday Nov. 7 th 2015 .. Republicans "whining" about moderators questions.. Where they not liberally tilted? Yes, they were and you know it but NPR wouldn't acknowledge it. Attacking Ronald Reagan on tearing down of the "wall".. How as an American can you say such things? The guise of humor never seems to creep on the liberal democratic side .. Why? Because NPR is a liberal organization that needs to stand on it's own or FAIL!

  • Stop wasteful spending and let it begin with me- then NPR

    Moochers and lonely blood suckers are all they are...
    Fosters enviroments of self hating people.
    Propagandists at the highest level.
    Use others to futher thier stoopid childish thoughts.
    Weak in spirit and in mind, no fortitude.
    Uses religion to comepare and rate themselves as holy than tou art.

    And someone was stupid enouh to give them money. OURS.

  • It is not that expensive for what it offers

    NPR is a valuable public resource and it should not be cut. The amount of funding that it takes is a tiny percentage of so-called sacred cows like defense spending, or, for that matter, Obamacare, so why not look at some of these massive programs rather than trying to slash something comparatively tiny like NPR?

  • Valuable National Treasure Should Be Preserved

    NPR is a national treasure, just like PBS. Radio shows are a dying art with so much stuff on the Internet. NPR is one organization that continually delivers compelling stories and newsworthy topics. In a sea of "Justin Bieber Picks His Butt" journalism, NPR needs to stick around as long as possible.

  • No the Government Should Not Stop Funding NPR

    NPR is a valuable resource to citizens and needs to be funded. It keeps the idea and concept of free information for everyone alive. You should not have to pay for these services and NPR ensures people don't have to. Additionally, there many other things the government should consider cutting funding for first, before NPR.

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