• Way overdue, slash it

    NPR is nothing more than liberal talk radio. I hear completely one-sided arguments. I know exactly what I'm going to hear before they even speak. Bias 24/7/365. Constant criticism of anything conservative, and constant glorification of leftist ideas, transgender people, any other "victimized group", you know the rest. Enough of my tax money. Let them raise from their listeners.

  • Liberal bias and anti-Trump sarcasm and snide remarks

    Always interviewing minority views with seldom if ever MAJORITY views. Pretend to present the global news, but topics always promote radical or progressive views, with no counterpoint. NPR online news is manifest bias, always with NEGATIVE HEADLINES to get readers' attention. I will no longer make private donations to this either.

  • No Longer Trusted

    Government funded news is no longer trusted in much of the world. (BBC, France 24, Al Jazeera, Russia Today (RT))

    The United States should not be in the direct propaganda business like these other countries are. The federal government does not subsidize television networks, why should it subsidize certain radio shows?

    NPR currently has 3 of the top 10 radio programs. It does advertising and produces a net profit, so it will be easy for the government to sell off.

  • Paying to hear my political opinions dismissed?

    If a non-profit isnt allowed to be partisan, why should a government program be allowed too? This last election I had to endure nothing but (veiled) partisan attacks against the Republican candidates and obvious support for a certain Democratic candidate. They want to have a "progressive" opinion, fine, let them pay for it out of their own pockets.

  • Should the government stop funding NPR?

    There is no reason why any TV or radio channel in this day and age should receive government funding. It creates a conflict of interest for the receiver of those funds and crowds out other information channels that could better serve the public. It is neither desirable or needed today.

  • Defund the Ministry of Truth

    At what point do democrats admit that publically financed anti-Constitutional propaganda is a losing expenditure? NPR could limp along without the 15% of funding it extorts fro the public treasury.
    The tyrannical Left makes the argument that only NPR can support a classical music format. I'm puzzled. Howcumzit that Portland, Oregon can somehow support a classical format FM system, state wide, without a mandatory DNC love fest?

  • Free to Choose

    People should not be forced to support any promulgation of ideas. There are numerous media organizations who are free to say whatever they want at their own expense, not mine. The NPR gang ought to grow up and make their own way in the world like independent adults. Shame on them.

  • Does a fat baby fart?

    The existence of NPR is a slap in the face of those who constantly fear the reprisal of the 'Fairness Doctrine'. NPR and PBS are no more than a weaponized tool of the Uniparty. I hope Donald Trump sends 'Big Bird' and 'All Things Considered' people a bigly worded reality notice: "Your funding has ended".

  • Does a fat baby fart?

    The existence of NPR is a slap in the face of those who constantly fear the reprisal of the 'Fairness Doctrine'. NPR and PBS are no more than a weaponized tool of the Uniparty. I hope Donald Trump sends 'Big Bird' and 'All Things Considered' people a bigly worded reality notice: "Your funding has ended".

  • Do not like destroying an institution that i listen to, however

    Some shows are very good such as Science Friday, Ted Radio Hour...Would like to see such shows preserved.
    However, the racist and misandrist reporters, commentators, and interviewers MUST GO. I was utterly and absolutely appalled at the bias during the latest campaign. Certainly the management is catering to what they perceive to be 'changing demographics'. Whites were stigmatized as racist and misogynist rather when.They are simply tired of their politicians selling them out while calling them dirty names. This is continuous even after the election. Get rid of them.

  • Eliminating government funding for NPR is long overdue

    Representatiion by Conservatives on NPR is far below those of Liberals. This has been going on far too long. They do not need to receive money from the government as they have a plethora of funds coming from Liberal sources which should be adequate for much of their partisan reporting.

  • Akin to taxation without representation - Drop the 'News' and Opion Journalism and I will support.

    There is no practical way to 'unbias' these organizations in their 'news' functions. However, it is hard to see where there is a need for them to produce news given the abundance of other sources. It would be one thing if the product were different but as it is demonstrably the same as most of the other broadcast media, cut it out.

  • Stop wasteful spending and let it begin with me- then NPR

    Moochers and lonely blood suckers are all they are...
    Fosters enviroments of self hating people.
    Propagandists at the highest level.
    Use others to futher thier stoopid childish thoughts.
    Weak in spirit and in mind, no fortitude.
    Uses religion to comepare and rate themselves as holy than tou art.

    And someone was stupid enouh to give them money. OURS.

  • It is not that expensive for what it offers

    NPR is a valuable public resource and it should not be cut. The amount of funding that it takes is a tiny percentage of so-called sacred cows like defense spending, or, for that matter, Obamacare, so why not look at some of these massive programs rather than trying to slash something comparatively tiny like NPR?

  • Valuable National Treasure Should Be Preserved

    NPR is a national treasure, just like PBS. Radio shows are a dying art with so much stuff on the Internet. NPR is one organization that continually delivers compelling stories and newsworthy topics. In a sea of "Justin Bieber Picks His Butt" journalism, NPR needs to stick around as long as possible.

  • No the Government Should Not Stop Funding NPR

    NPR is a valuable resource to citizens and needs to be funded. It keeps the idea and concept of free information for everyone alive. You should not have to pay for these services and NPR ensures people don't have to. Additionally, there many other things the government should consider cutting funding for first, before NPR.

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