Should the Harry Potter series be banned from schools?

  • Borders on Witchcraft

    I believe the "spells" and things in this book borders on witchcraft and that should not be in the public schools... This should be a book read at home given by a parent if they want the child to read it.. It's not appropriate for school aged children. Our tax dollars pay for education and that is what exactly it should be, not fantasy time.

  • I am actually doing this topic in my debate team, and I have yes.

    The Harry Potter books should be banned because the books are a great fantasy novel that will put ideas into children's heads. Such as the MURDER or Harry's parents, what happened to Jenny in the chamber of secrets, and not to mention the bad language. This is not a book that young children should be reading. I they want to read this book they should do it outside school where they won't get distracted.

  • The Harry Potter series should be banned from schools.

    Harry Potter is a good book, but it's not appropriate for schools. It's a fantasy novel that panders to children's immature sensibilities. It is not an academic book. If children want to indulge in fantastical escapist fantasies, they should do it outside of school. They should not get distracted while at school.

  • Harry Potter should be banned

    Should schools ban Harry Potter
    Yes i think that they should
    By: Nick woolf

    I think that harry potter should be ban because they have bad language and if I were a parent I would not want my child to hear or see that kind of language because it might come out of the book and then children will be using that kind of language will get them in trouble.

    In Harry potter there is lots of witchcraft and spirtitual activities including killings and sacrifices. If they have mental problems they may take that to real life and start there killings animals then it will get more serious and then the crimes will get more turn into kidnappings and maybe even murder so that they can take part in spirtitual killings and that could get them a minimum sentence of 25 years and a maximum sentence of life without parole or if there state takes place in the punishment of death which is more formerly known as death row.

    In the book Harry Potter Harry and his friends vandalizing property that is not theirs and they also don't get in trouble. The punishment for this is a fine of 2,000 U.S dollars for first time offenders if they keep vandalizing properties they can go to prison for more than 10 years

    Some parents don't want Harry Potter because if the family is very religious they do not want their child reading something that is an insult, against there religion or if there religon has a dark history that they don't want their children to know.

    So in conclusion if kids at a young age are exposed to this kind of books we could be raising killers, abusers, swearers, and vandalizer. If we raise these kind of children who knows what it will turn into and we will all have J.K Rowling for it.

  • No, Harry Potter sparks kid's interest in reading!

    All of you saying that Harry Potter promotes witchcraft need to calm down. It's fantasy! Harry Potter sparked my interest in reading at 7, and by twelve, I could read 1000 words per minute, double the average college student! Don't clip off children's wings. It's age appropriate and draws the reader in. Some may say it is distracting, but as a free reading book, or even a class book, it would be fine. It has a rich plot and many writer's techniques.

  • Harry Potter should not be banned

    I read the Harry Potter books when I was a kid and last time I checked, I don't practice witchcraft and don't know anyone who has been encouraged to practice witchcraft by the Harry Potter books. There has been magic and other things in children's movies yet I'm sure there haven't been as many complaints about that.

    As for the people who complain about the Harry Potter books teaching children that defying the law and breaking rules is a good idea, Harry Potter also teaches children important lessons like bravery and loyalty. There are good life lessons in the Harry Potter books. An example of a good life lesson shown in the Harry Potter books is the Albus Dumbledore quote, "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light."

  • Why Fight Over These Kinds of Arguments?

    Seriously, people have their own opinions. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean everyone doesn't for example some people like anchovies and some don't. I'm not trying to say I'm on one side, I'm on both. I agree and disagree. Do you guys really need to fight over this? Some schools can ban it, some schools can keep it. There are going to be wars soon if you keep arguing.

  • Harry Potter is helps children.

    Harry Potter helps children learn new words and different meanings. It also is an amazing book full of imagination that needs to be shared with the world. It is a book on bravery, friendship, love and coming of age. It is a book that children should read because there are people that are not unlike the people in the world today. It helps you learn about the world.

  • It gives into imagination

    Children need in imagination and ideas. The murders are part of the storyline not pointed at the fact that his parents are dead it says it a few times in the book not used for exxentails. But here you go imagination is important and it helps kids learn deeper thoughts.

  • No way Harry potter is the best book series ever.

    I understand the Harry potter movies are completely terrible, but the books have many important life lessons and quotes in them. I would advise everyone to read them, if you think the movies were not god and that is why you will not read them, you don't know what you are missing. The books have lessons like, friendship, bravery, and love. I hope everyone will deside to read this book.

  • Moral values taught

    The Harry Potter series is one that teaches young children values and morals like bravery, cleverness, friendships and others through a world that they will understand. Moreover, it helps them understand that sometimes even the authorities can be mistaken and we need to stand up for what is correct, regardless of who is against us. Hermione is a strong female character who is a better role model for children (girls specifically) than the prissy, docile princesses.

  • It is a good entertaining book for everyone

    This is from an arcticle that is called ¨Reasons why you should read harry potter. If you read it you would know where i got this from. There are also a couple funny parts in Reasons why you should read harry potter.¨ for example when ron and harry are late again the teacher says, Well, thank you for that assignment, Mr. Weasley. Perhaps it would be more useful if i were to transfigure Mr. Potter and yourself into a pocket watch. That way, one of you might be on time.

  • It is a good entertaining book for everyone

    This is from an arcticle that is called ¨Reasons why you should read harry potter. If you read it you would know where i got this from. There are also a couple funny parts in Reasons why you should read harry potter.¨ for example when ron and harry are late again the teacher says, Well, thank you for that assignment, Mr. Weasley. Perhaps it would be more useful if i were to transfigure Mr. Potter and yourself into a pocket watch. That way, one of you might be on time.

  • Books Should Never be Banned

    Individual parents should decide what they want their children to read. It is not fair if specific parents make the choice to keep Harry Potter from their children to then impact entire school. It is an individuals choice and it is not right for others to decide what my children can be exposed to. Everyone does not have the same beliefs.

  • Seriously? Is this a question worth asking?

    OK look, Harry potter is awesome. It has fantasy, murder, curse words, but it got many people through tough times in their lives. If your depressed, bored, or just really want a good book, this is the one you should read. I can't stand to see Harry banned from libraries. I just can't !

  • NO, Harry Potter is Fine

    Im doing this writing in school about the same topic and when i first heard the thing we were going to be writing about i was shocked that people thought of that question!! Kids have wild imaginations, and reading Harry Potter books let them set it free! I personally dont enjoy Harry Potter books as much as others but i still think overall its not too bad. Why dont you want kids to have fun anymore? If thats what they enjoy now i wont fight them! Please let fellow kids have Fun in school

  • Only an intrusive, or someone who knows nothing of Harry Potter would think so

    I am aware that Harry Potter is not perfect, but in no way do I believe ANY book should be banned. Reading (particularly fantasy) is about drawing one's own conclusions about something without the influence of others. It develops one's mind and spirit in a way nothing else does. If the child reads it and doesn't like it- they will quit reading, no harm done. If the child is frightened by the dark (but full of vital morals) It will prepare them for the reality and allow them to experience loss in a controlled way. If they like it, nothing bad can come from this, it is perfectly healthy, it will teach them things that most adults don't realize about life, and maybe it will just help them to read, or find good role models. Taking this away from a child is taking away their choice and forcing your own ways upon them, which -if I get this right- is exactly why people are trying to ban the books.

    One other thing. In NO way are the Harry Potter books Satanic, bad morales, or an occult. I have no idea where people are drawing these conclusions. (I am partially Christian, too, and while I don't think that it is a metaphor for Jesus, people are forgetting that JK Rowling is Catholic and drew much inspiration from the Bible, even QUOTING it in book seven.)

    It's dark, that is true. There is death and hurt and pain, and there is love and friendship and truth. It is a book that takes a genius to fully understand, and even then, there will be thousands of mysteries in the details. Yet overall, I believe that it is truly a book that is most beneficial to a child and to the world as a whole. Even if they despise it, they will have gotten something from it. It is their choice to like or dislike it, read it or not, and taking that choice away is taking away the right of a human being.

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