Should the heroic bus driver in Maryland be rewarded with a Medal of Honor?

  • Deserving of a Medal

    I don't know what the rules are for getting a Medal of Honor, however if the current rules preclude him, then he should either get a different medal or we need to change the rules. I believe in rewarding all acts of heroism, whether on the battle field or at home.

  • Yes, she was brave.

    Yes, the heroic bus driver in Maryland should be rewarded with a Medal of Honor, because the natural instinct would have been to run. When the fire happened, there were twenty children on the bus. The driver put herself second and she chose to rescue the kids. She is an American hero and we should express our gratitude.

  • No, bus driver does not qualify for the Medal of Honor

    A Maryland bus driver's actions on Monday were indeed heroic. She made sure that all 20 children on her burning bus made it to safety. She then returned to the bus to make sure that no one was left behind. However, she does not qualify to receive the Medal of Honor. That award is bestowed upon military personnel exclusively. Even though the bus driver acted very heroically, she cannot receive the Medal of Honor.

  • Heroic bus driver should not be given Medal of Honor

    The bus driver in Maryland should not be given the Medal of Honor, despite her heroic actions. She rushed into a burning bus to save about 20 children, an act for which she should be recognized. However, the Congressional Medal of Honor is awarded to military personnel, and it should be kept that way.

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