Should the Hijab be banned in schools, public buildings or society in general?

  • I believe the Hijab should be banned from the UK.

    If we were to go to a country populated by the Muslim community we would be asked to cover up and follow their religious procedure. Therefore in Britain I believe we are within our rights to ban something that isolates woman and was made by men to oppress them. If I were to show my hair/head in their countries, I would be seen as obscene.

  • Anti Western, Unsociable and not mandated by the Qur'an

    Anti Western, Unsociable and not mandated by the Qur'an.

    It sets up a belief among Muslim men that Women are property... A father can murder a daughter and not have it seen as unethical. A husband can beat a wife "Lightly" and rape her and it is his right as her owner...

    All justified in the name of control

  • The hijab should be banned.

    We believe it should be banned, if you have moved to a certain country you have to respect their rules. It can be a matter of health and safety, moreover people believe it hides the identity of the person which can be a problem in immigration and identification.
    Sincerely -A

  • Hijab is a symbol of female oppression

    Sorry folks but there is nothing 'free' about wearing a garment that hides your feminine features and your hair. The hijab is a symbol of oppression and domination and you can't tell me a 14 year old girl actually wants to wear it. The young girls at my kids' school are singled out and ignored because of the hijab they are forced to wear by their parents.

  • Public buildings, no, but schools a definite yes.

    Each school has their particular clothing regulations (some don't, but most do). If 'religious' reasons are good enough to let students wear whatever they want, then the KKK should be allowed to wear their garb, Nazi's should be allowed to wear their symbol and Satanists should be allowed to wear an upside down cross or whatever. If you say that Muslims don't offend other people, it sure tells them to offend a lot of 'non-believers' in the Quran. Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them" Quran (8:39) - "And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah" and Quran (9:5) - "So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them." they go directly against my rights of religious beliefs and freedom.

  • The burkha is the ultimate visual symbol of female oppression.

    This is a quote from Saira Khan, spoken perfectly!

    The burkha is the ultimate visual symbol of female oppression. It is the weapon of radical Muslim men who want to see Sharia law brought world wide, and would love women to be hidden, unseen and unheard. It is totally out of place in a civilised country.

    Precisely because it is impossible to distinguish between the woman who is choosing to wear a burkha and the girl who has been forced to cover herself and live behind a veil, I believe it should be banned.

    The burkha is not a religious sign, 'it's a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement... we cannot accept that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity.'

  • Yes the hijab should be banned in society in general.

    All Muslim ceremonial dress, including the hijab , should be banned in public. Major Nidal Hasan (Fort Hood shooting) wore the required ceremonial "dressings" prior to his "martyrdom." Young elementary girls wear the required hijab after having their female parts excised without anesthesia (female genital mutilation). Remove the "garb" from society, and a lot of the barbarism goes with it.

  • Integration not alienation

    Head scarves are foreign and these people who wear them want to stand out, they want to be different, but dressing like this does not promote integration. Why do these people want to stand out and look so different? It's because they do not want to integrate, many of these women are oppressed and they are not doing themselves any favours in the job market either.

  • You need to show your face.

    It is enough! If someone is walking around with a ski mask on, what do you think? Bank Robber. Black Veil, Assassin, Ninja. Dark robe, face covered, Grim Reaper. Bottom line, it is not appropriate to wear face covering clothing ANYWHERE! I understand people have religious beliefs, but there is a line. I can't just say, I have this religion; and run around naked. Or say it's my religion to carry around machine guns. It is the same thing. Grow up, stop repressing yourself; and be a part of society for a change.

  • The Hi jab ( full face veil ) is an Arabic Muslim religious custom which is alien to Western democratic society.

    The full face Hi jab is unacceptable in a Western democratic society. And I would ask the question, why would God want to require women to hide their faces, faces that he gave them at birth.
    The argument that the full veil protects the modesty of the Muslim woman is ridiculous. What is immodest about the face of a woman. To even suggest that a woman's face could be immodest is ludicrous.

  • While I don't agree with government control of religious practices, this is more of a safety issue than a personal freedom issue.

    The problem with wearing an object that obscures the face is the danger of robberies and violence committed by people who would escape because of their anonymity.

    Posted by: AutomaticKenny
  • Hijab should not be banned in schools, public places an society in general, because it would lead down a slippery slope to banning everything.

    There are different cultures in this world, and they do agree to different things. I believe whether or not anything is offensive to others, it should be permitted, and be accepted by other cultures and societies. If however, they do ban Hijab, then all other kinds of clothing would eventually be banned, and we would live in a society full of restrictions with no free will.

    Posted by: QuiBobo
  • I support the banning of the Hijab because it is representative of a group of people who often commit heinous crimes.

    The Hijab represents religious oppression that should not be allowed in any part of the world. If it is not banned, governments are condoning oppression. The Hijab should be completely eradicated for the sake of those who are oppressed in the name of their religion. The oppression of others is the main reason for my desire to see the Hijab banned.

    Posted by: PrettyVince50
  • Yes, ban the hijab.

    Each country has a defined culture. Go to India and say I now wish take shoes in this temple.
    Go to Iran and say I want to be gay. They wont let you and that is because they have their culture and they respect it. Europe also has it culture but nobody respects it.

  • Britain is not ruled by religion

    Religious fundamentalism is divisive. Religion should not be allowed to be used to dictate culture in a country which is not based in religious dogma. British laws are based on other values and these should be respected. Wearing the veil is totally at odds with attitudes to and by women in Britain. It represents the bondage which women are been free from thankfully to women such a Emily Pankhurst and the veil represents oppression by men and religion (also dictated by men) It is offensive to me as a woman.

  • Religious fundamentalism is dangerous

    Religious fundamentalism is dangerous and has been the basis of wars since the beginning of religion. Covering of the face is not acceptable in this country. When one considers that a woman lost her case in the European courts for being sacked for wearing a cross at work, it seems quite right that wearing is a veil is also not acceptable. It is not acceptable for health and safety reasons and quite naturally is disturbing to people. One wonders whether this is why some insist on wearing it, another two finger salute at British culture which thankfully has moved on from religious dogma!

  • It is divisive and represents religious fundamentalism which is not the basis of British culture.

    It is divisive and represents religious fundamentalism which is not the basis of British culture. It is offensive as it represents women's oppression to me and is disturbing and uncomfortable to see as the persons face is hidden. I feel it is also a rebellious act and statement against Britain and British culture. I feel it is also a rebellious act and statement against Britain and British culture.

  • Ban Anything That Conceals Identity

    Hats of any kind are not allowed in public schools for a multitude of reasons, therefore hajib should not be allowed as it hides ones identity. Christians and Jews are content to abide by the law, Muslims should be made to do the same, not the other way around. This is not about "reasonable accommodation" it is about being fair to all. Muslim kids are often allowed a "prayer room" in some school which really crosses the line. There are plenty of church/religion based schools where this is not only accepted but encouraged. Keep it out of our public schools and other government agencies.

  • If it transcends school uniform policy

    I'm very curious as to why people think that religion is a valid reason to break rules. In Britain (where I live) virtually all schools have a school uniform, and policy which prohibits head wear. I am personally not in favour of uniform on the whole, but since I am rule-bound to wear it I do not appreciate others being told that they can transcend certain parts of it because they happen to follow a certain religious book.

  • Stop hiding behind religion

    Within my family 100% of the women who wear the hijab are the ones who are involved in the most scandal. They are trying to look so pious and superior...It is all lies and l think they should stop trying to con everyone. I am embarrased how they look down on those who do not wear it. Religion is an oppressive pile of nonsense :0(

  • Equality in Schools

    I believe the Hijab should be banned in schools as equality is important in Australian schools in order to prevent religious intolerance and bullying in the playground. Muslim females are free to wear them otherwise - but the belief behind a 'uniform' is that of equality. A religious symbol such as the Hijab is unwise and unacceptable if wearing a uniform is mandatory in Australian public schools.

  • Veils oppress women and were "not welcome.

    It looks ugly, you don't know who is behind it, people won't feel comfortable walking around with someone wearing it and is dangerous when driving.
    I also find it very sexist in Islam that women aren't allowed to go near men!.
    It should be outright banned in UK and all modern societies

  • Veils oppress women and were "not welcome.

    It looks ugly, you don't know who is behind it, people won't feel comfortable walking around with someone wearing it and is dangerous when driving.
    I also find it very sexist in Islam that women aren't allowed to go near men!.
    It should be outright banned in UK and all modern societies

  • 100% yes for everyone and every place.

    If I want to wear my hijab I will please don't call me oppresed either I wear my hijab because I want too not because I'm forced to if people are able to show skin why can't I be able to cover up mine? I DECIDED to wear my hijab since I was 10 and I still do.

  • Forcing women to wear the Hijab is a form of slavery.

    As a mother of two daughters I feel this practice is abhorrent! Please explain where in the Koran this practice is encouraged. It makes my wife and I wonder why in one of the hottest countries on earth the men wear white and the women are draped in BLACK. I can only conclude that it is the further subjugation of women and gives the men a sense of power and control over them.

  • They should be banned especially in schools

    Schools tend to have uniforms and regulations, and I think a ban would work well there. Boys arent allowed to wear hats, so if it really is a religious choice of the individual, it shouldn't be a problem, as it is a choice.
    I do not want to force anyone to wear or not wear certain things however, so think we should look to the reasons behind wearing it. From what I can understand, it seems to be rejecting the idea that women are only judged on their appearance. However, I find the hijab to be a way of defining women by their appearances- many seem to feel that if they take it off, they will be sexualized, which to me doesnt make sense- cant they see past their appearance?? By wearing it it seems to say that their appearance (or lack of it by covering it up) IS important- why does it have to be? Can't we all just start to see each other in terms of 'human' not male or female? I feel the hijab promotes unhealthy ideas that women are only judged on their bodies unless they cover up. Surely this idea is more demeaning, and more likely in a perverse way to encourage what they are trying to get away from, that women should only be judged on their appearance? I have been trying for a long time to understand but find the logic very odd and contradicting. How about, if we all want to stop judging on appearance, we dress however we want to instead of assuming thatif you didn't cover up, that all you would be judged on is your appearance?
    I don't want to take away religious freedoms but feel it is inappropriate in a classroom, and if you are so covered that you cannot see your face, then that is inappropriate in British society, a society that has thrived on liberal ideas that everyone is equal and we should all be treated the same like human beings. Covering up one gender while not the other does not fit these values. There should be religious freedom for all unless that freedom means inequality. Therefore it seems logical to look to the reasons behind covering up your hair and sometimes face (which don't seem to make any logical sense to me personally, and actually seem to enforce the idea that women should be judged on their appearance) before we make an informed decision whether or not this act supports or opposes equality for all.

  • Limiting religion play into society

    Hijab are the religion symbol of islam and could lead to many a thing most of them not good
    First it create un settleness.....This is mainly due to the terrorism fear i mean no want want to get bombed up also it leads to alienation to the person wearing the hijab...This create an air of racism since the woman would think the crowd is judging her badly because of the hijab...And the crowd would shy away from intergrating with the said woman....This applies to the all places of public

    Second....The symbolic of hijab brings cultural segegration in a country where multicultural is promoted...Sure its your religious beliefs to wear it but that is uk...Its a country with its own set of values...Its rufe to impose a new religious culture to them...Its exactly what youre feeling that banning of hijab is groundless and that they feel that they shoyld have to adapt to hijab rule...If its not part of British culture

    Third comes from wearing the hijab its insulting to the british to cling to religion symbols when the country tries to lessen their influence on the population to make intergration and multiculturalism happen swiftly
    Hijab is a symbol of a religion that limits women plays into social political economical affairs....Wearing a hijab makes tht effort to lessen the empowering of wonen insulting to the britis....I.Mean its like helpng a slave escape a master...Whom the slave even with the badtreatment she received from her master she still goes back to him

  • This is about REPRESSION not religion.

    The Hijab and anything covering your identity has nothing to do with ANY religion. This was a rule imposed by stupid men in the middle east in order to control women. What kind of society can exist if you don't know who you're looking at? If you wear a baseball cap and sunglasses in a bank they ask you to remove them so that they can see your face for security. These brainwashed women need help. The "men" in their society that want this to continue are weak, stupid and many pedophiles that "marry" little girls (this a good way to hide them). This cannot exist in a progressive society only a REPRESSIVE one.

  • Oppression of women

    Most women are unaware of why they why the burqa, hijab and niqab. These pieces of clothing degrade women and they oppress their equality. They are a pre-Muslim item, where the conceptual idea of them is that women are subsidiary to men. Spread the awareness to communities, enforce the ban!

  • The Hijab should be banned in society in general!

    I realize that people say the hijab is a way for one to show their religion, but in the quran it did not specify a dress code. It stated that women should dress MODESTLY. Modestly means to be free from ostentation or showy extravagance. I myself can dress "Modestly" without the use of a hijab or niqab. Also whatever god you believe in he made you how you are for a reason and i do not believe that you should hide who you are.
    These specific headdresses can interfere when trying to identify a person. If a crime is committed it will be hard to give proof as no one will have seen the persons face. Canada may be multi-cultural but we also wish to protect our society. Hijabs could interfere with this, and its not only to say hijabs should not be worn but also any other form of head dress or head scarfs/hats that cover your identity.

  • Should be banned

    I think it should be banned because the hijab can cover the face and only show to eyes. This can put off the teachers and cause racism and bullying in schools. Also can put off teachers as they cant see the childrens emotions and if they are learning or not.

  • Hijab should be banned to bring our country closer together

    I understand that it is a way of expressing your religious beliefs on the outside, but it isn't necessary, it is not a compulsory part of your religion. I believe it is a potential danger to the community as anybody is able to wear one to help conceal their identity whist committing a crime. This would also contribute to social stereotypes of the Muslim culture if a criminal wear to dress this way to get away with a crime.

    Not only is there this safety risk but the wearing of the Hijab continues to create further division in the UK communities. It separates the people which is not good for our country. People of a non Muslim background can find it intimidating ( in there own country- which is quiet sad) to associate with people dressed this way as it is so different and creates not only a cultural barrier but a physical barrier between the two.

    People without hijabs are also people they just may not follow the same religion as you, but they are generally good people with high moral values, they just dress differently due to their up bringing and where they have grown up. (The country you are now living in)

    If Muslims want to dress conservatively, that is fine, but do it without the hijab as it will give our country a better chance at growing together rather then continuing to segregate. It is ok for people to have different views and beliefs, in fact this is what makes the world such a great place! So keep your beliefs but allow yourself to grow and change with the ways of the community/country you are living in. Please respect and try to embrace our way of life rather than trying to fight it. It's really quiet rude!

  • The covering of the face is not an acceptable way of presenting oneself in our society

    Our society as we know it today has evolved from the type of society that existed 500 hundred years ago in Britain when religious doctrine allowed people to be burnt at the stake and when women were treated as chattels. The hijab and other islamic practices that have been imported into our country turn the clock back. It is unacceptable. Nothing against immigration but "When in Rome................"
    Do not forget that most islamic countries/societies persecute christians and other faiths still.

  • Hijab should be banned

    It is not said in the Quran to wear a hijab, burqa or a head scarf. Even if you say otherwise you are just exaggerating and you know it. Women do not need a hijab to protect her modesty, to get closer to god or to cover their bosom. It can all be done otherwise, like most people do. It think Hijab has everything to do with politics rather than religion.

  • Conflicting issue- but impractical.

    Although I support the head scarf and believe in religious freedom, I believe that this is a matter of security. I do not support people walking through the streets with their face covered. Whether this be through a hijab, motorcycle helmet, balaclava etc, I believe it is a matter of security and identifying a person.

  • Its a Safety Violation

    It is an extreme safety hazard. For example if someone robs a bank whilst wearing a hijab, the police don't know who to catch. You can commit murder and get away with it. Some comments state that there is freedom to eat and wear what you wish and that people wear scarves from a non religious perspective. This is true but the difference is that if someone asks them to take it off (e.G. A policeman) the person will take it off without hesitation. So I say wear what you wish just don't wear something that makes the society feel disturbed because then there is a problem. You don't see us walking around the street in the nude do you? No because the society would feel disturbed to see you.

  • Wearing the hijab just illustrates rules women FOLLOW that men have made in history thus sexist!

    Men and women should be treated equally but by wearing a hijab people would automatically assume those who wear a hijab are not individuals and follows 'rules' made by men years ago.

    I do not believe it is very religious to wear such clothing but rather another way to oppress women. I understand many women who do wear hijabs would claim that it is their choice but the fact of reality is that it isn't as you simply have not had the chance to make your own decisions but instead follow traditions. Therefore I believe those who wear hijabs are following made up rules and are brainwashed into thinking it is religious.

    As an open minded person I do not judge those who do wear hijabs and I have many acquaintances that wear hijabs. But in summary a majority of those acquaintances have fixed, strong opinions that are that have no logical argument to back them up and instead they result in saying 'it is our religion' most times.

  • Ban Hijabs here

    I find them very intimidating. They do not allow normal facial interactions as we pass each other in the street. All social integration is impossible as they are indeed a very visible statement of a fundamental difference between themselves and the western society which they have chosen to live with.

  • Barbaric violation of human rights

    Isn't it odd that the world's hottest countries are making their woman cover up in these disgusting, warm robes and veils. One must only look at the human rights violations of the middle east to know that anything the middle east does is automatically wrong and should be banned in western civilization.

  • Double standard and special treatment

    If the hijab can be worn in schools, then I want a special bathroom for transgender students.
    If the hijab can be worn anywhere in public, then I no longer want to have my photo on my drivers license.
    If the hijab can be worn anywhere in our society, then I want to go into a mosque (located in the US) with my head uncovered (considering that I am a female).

    In short, this question should not even be a question. The government has laws and requirements for all its citizens which should be blind to an individual's religion. Thats what 'separation of church and state' means.

  • They feel naked.

    No reasonable person thinks people should be allowed to be naked in public, if you want to get naked do so indoors. Muslim women say it hides their modesty so they feel naked without their veils, then stay indoors.

    You cant play loud music in public because it disturbes others. Not being able to identify someone in public is more scary.

  • Prettyvince50 is an idiot

    They should be allowed to do what they want. The fact that prettyvince50 thinks that they usually commit heinous crimes is just so ignorant to say. Obviously you do not anything about Muslims. Maybe you should do some research before saying something stupid.

    I don't understand what the big deal is. Christians wear cross necklaces and nobody gives them trouble about it. Muslims have a bad rep because of 9/11, however not every Muslim is like that.

    So before you say something stupid (prettyvince50) do you research.

  • I oppose the banning of wearing a Hijab in school and public places because it's part of a culture and a belief system that does no harm to the rest of society.

    The Hijab is just a head piece that some people of the Muslim persuasion wear. It does no harm to the wearer or to society so there is no reason whatsoever to ban them in public places. Because it's a part of a culture, taking it away would be taking part of their identity away. If they live in America, it would also infringe upon their elemental rights that are stated in the Constitution.

    Posted by: BDanielle
  • No Hijab should never be banned.

    It is against the human freedom that you are targeting one religion. Why don't you ask ask christian nan not wear veil. I really appreciate for woman to wear veil instead of wearing that standard European vulgar dresses named as modernist. Veil increases the respect of women in society. OK.

  • Freedom of Religion! Islam=Peace

    The United States is a great nation because of the freedom allowed for its people. A muslim women should be allowed to wear a hijab and as long as she is following the rules like any other citizen then her and her hijab are of no harm to society. A hijab isn't a symbol of opression or terrorism , it is the symbol of Islam which is a religion of peace. Women don't wear a hijab because they are being forced to, they wear a hijab because they are in submission to God. Modesty isn't something anyone should look down upon. Since the US is a symbol of freedom then any person should be allowed to wear whatever and believe whatever they please as long as is of no harm to others.

  • This goes against religious freedom

    America is supposed to let people worship as they choose and not letting women wear a hijab is against our what this country was founded on. Banning the hijab takes away religious freedom and freedom of expression. Do you forget how many people came to America because they were not allowed to worship as they pleased? You should not take away an aspect of someone's religion.

  • Equality is everyone's.

    Every person deserves equality. If people are allowed to wear crosses out, why shouldn't other people be able to wear hijabs or burkas out? My school personally bans all headwear, and I am going to fight to change that. Muslims have all the rights that we have. Equality is for everyone.

  • Freedom of religion

    People should have the freedom to cover or not, what feels most comfortable to them and living with their faith. There is nothing about hijab that need essentially impede or hinder a womens' equality in what is not yet (nor may it ever be) an equal world. If it causes men or indeed women a problem then why this is can be debated.

  • Banning the Hijab is against freedom of expression

    If a country decides to ban the Hijab, it is deciding women are not in their right to express themselves freely. Many islamic woman use the Hijab as a way to show respect to their religion, and unlike the burka or the niqab, it doesn't cover their identity, so it doesn't risk social security. Some women even find it empowering. So, what is the reason to ban the hijab? It isn't discriminatory unless the individual decides it to be.

  • For those that argue "yes" in favor of security

    Those who are going to enter a facility and commit crimes and take measures to injure other citizens are not going to stop just because of one law. If they are going to sneak in and pull out a weapon (which are already illegal in most public buildings, mind you), then they are not going to have any qualms about breaking a law about covering their face. Oppressing people based on their religion is wrong. They should be allowed to practice it as they may, so long as they are not harming anyone, and no one should ever be punished or prosecuted before they do prove to be a danger. Respecting the code of your religion is not proof of danger.

    And if you are going to make the argument about altering or masking any part of your face, should it also be true then that we should not be allowed to have beards or makeup? These are ways to cover your face, keep that in mind.

    My point is, if you are someone who is seriously considering hurting others, and you are about to perform a crime that is just as dangerous to you as it is to someone else, the last thing standing in your way is going to be a law about what you can and cannot wear on your head. That's just silly. Do you think that the fact that it's illegal to wear a mask in some places prevents robbers and muggers from doing so? Dream on.

  • They should not be banned

    Girls wear it because of their religion. You go to school because you need an education for the future. It doesn’t matter what you wear when you go to school. It is their culture so they could be offended if you don’t let them wear it. They should not be banned.

  • Religious freedom for everyone

    In Britain people are disgusting. Believing hijabs should be banned is a blatantly racists. People need to express their religions. Also it's sexist and only women where hijabs, so a man can freely express his religion, but once a woman does it (but covering up her hair) it's wrong. What's wrong with a hijab? Nothing.

  • Freedom of Religion

    Whether the Qu'ran instructs that a Hijab should be worn or not is irrelevant to whether it is part of religious belief. No religion's beliefs are based solely on their holy book. Further, many women actually prefer to wear the Hijab because it forces others to see them in terms of their personality and intelligence rather than their physical beauty, and judging women by their attractiveness is a very common problem.
    Forbidding the practice of an element of religion should only be done if it is a detrimental practice being done by minors, or if it harms someone other than the practitioner. The Hijab has not been shown to meet either of the conditions.

  • If someone is free not to cover their head, they should also be free to cover it if they wish.

    Freedom of expression! Freedom of religion! How can people argue about oppression of Muslim women when stopping someone from wearing something they want is also oppression!? Hijab is a personal thing and it's not bothering anyone. Therefore, by trying to take it away from the person in question, you are taking away their sense of identity.

  • We are in a world of freedom.

    Fundamentally, Muslims, like any religious group world over, are entitled to practice their faith and religious traditions. Islam stipulates specific codes of belief, of which one of them is Hijab (ie covering of the head and Bosom) as decreed by Allah (the Creator).

    So it is not out of place that a Muslim child who is brought up in a Muslim home should be allowed to practice her faith outside of her home. The law of the land is not broken by so doing.

  • No! No! No!

    Have you guys ever heard of freedom? In America we should be able to dress anyway we want, as long as its not disrupting anyone or anything. People might not like seeing an article of clothing on someone, but who cares! Even as someone who does not practice Islam, I think they should be able to chose how to practice their beliefs! Banned in society, come on... There are billions of Islamic followers. Good luck.

  • Hijab should not be banned.

    Because, each person in the world has rights to wear what they want and every religions' rules should be respected. It is Islamic rules and Muslims should do this. If they do not they will be punished, so real Muslim girls will wear the hijab and will not harm anybody because they will follow Islamic rules.

  • Yes, freedom of religion.

    The Hijab shouldn't be banned for a simple reason. It is the constitutional right of Muslims. The Nigerian constitution recognizes us as a SECULAR state and we can therefore practice our religion without being victimized or threatened. We are not asking that non-Muslims should join us in practicing our religion, we only ask to be allowed to perform our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

  • Why are we letting our country be governed by secularists when they only represent 78% of our population?

    Why is it that people who don't have a faith get so much power over people who do, yet they are in the minority? Religion and politics can never be separate, as everything we do and think is governed by our worldviews. You can't escape that fact. Already the sacrament of marriage has been fundamentally changed - don't get me wrong I don't believe homosexuals don't have the same rights as heteros, but being treated equally is not the same as being treated the same. If you take the right away for girls to wear the Hijab, where will it end? Without religion, who even decides what is right and what is wrong? It is a frightening world we are heading towards.

  • The hijab should not be banned because it infringes on human rights.

    I strongly believe that the hijab and niqab shouldn’t be banned at all because such a ban would prevent people from being able to practice freedom of religion or freedom to wear whatever they choose. In today’s society, everyone deserves the right to incorporate their religion and religious symbols into their daily lives.

  • Liberation of women

    If someone chooses to wear the hijab then why take that away from them by banning it? To all those who want it banned ask yourself this question...How does a woman in hijab affect your life? She is merely fulfilling a religious duty and no one should have the right to take that away from her. Female liberation is when a woman can choose what she wears. Whether that be a hijab or a mini skirt. People just need to pipe down in matters that don't concern them! Peace.

  • Of course not. It's not fair because it is a religious matter. Hijab is freedom. Every body must have religious freedom.

    It is not right to forbid someone to practice their religion. Everybody must be free from oppression and should practice their beliefs freely without other people being involved. Hijab is really all about modesty. Why should a person be prohibited from being modest? I wouldn't think anybody would be "bothered" or "concerned" just because someone else is wearing a piece of cloth on their head...It's absurd and wrong to forbid someone to practice their religion...

  • Don't change tradition

    Just because America is mostly Christian doesn't mean that we have to take away the rights of the Muslim society. I'm sure we'd be mad if our guns were taken away, so why ban the hijab? This is a free country...Or at least that's what is said. Taking away the hijab is like taking away the decoration of crosses in a Christian home. All we need to do is stay out of their business and worry about ourselves.

  • This country's freedom!

    Its freedom of religion. U.S. Of America is country of freedom, isn't it? Then why are we asking this question? Look I'm not Muslim myself, but this is outrageous! This is like saying "no more wearing anything that associated with the cross," it's wrong. If anyone can't expect equality in this country then I don't understand the freedom that we've been talking about since the beginning of time. The hijab is a symbol of the Islam religion like the cross is to Catholics and Christians. Imagine your religion being taken away from you. I know the world isn't perfect right now, but since then we need to show freedom in this country. Show the people that we are the good guys. Please respect the religion like you would respect yours.

  • Freedom of Expression

    Despite living in a secular nation we should still allow for freedom of religion and expression. By banning the hijab we have limited the freedoms of those who's personal faith and form of expression dictate that they are to wear them. By banning the hijab we would be just as bad as those who enforce its mandatory usage.

  • Freedom of religion

    It is entitled to the person about whether they should or should not wear a hijab because it it the person themselves who is following the particular religion so therefore they should choose whether they should wear particular clothing. Although it is not compulsory according the the Qur'an it can bring people closer to their religion!

  • This is style in Islam

    It is rule of Islam. This the life of lady women who lived before in nabi(Sal) priod .So as he said we should follow the same rules till the end of the earth,That is the reason why i also said it should allow the lady to wear.They should allow there

  • No Hijab should not be banned

    Everyone in today's world said to be giving their rights to do whatever they want to, only the Muslim woman is to be stripped of her RIGHTS. Wearing hijab wherever she wants to is her rights and is not open for debate just as no one is debating weather nakedness in the name of freedom should be banned.
    Least I forget, all those saying it is a sign of oppression, most of you are not yet liberated either, after all, you still got clothes on.

  • Hijab should not be banned

    The hijab is a a religious headpiece that does not do any harm to society. It goes against human rights as it doesn't allow individuals to express themselves through their beliefs, values and traditions. Many people come to Canada or America to live in peace and freedom. How can this be possible if their freedom is taken away? Muslims, just like any other religious group should be allowed to practice their faith and traditions. It is unjust to target one specific religious group and not give them the freedom to express themselves. If the hijab is banned, then all other religious items should be banned as well.

  • Let women dress the way they want to dress

    Banning hijab is a ridiculous proposal with no foundation or argument. It is simply another way for ignorant or fearful people to try and force their customs and beliefs on others. If a woman wants to cover her hair, what on earth is the problem? How far would this kind of proposal go? Are we going to start banning women from wearing long sleeves or pants now? Wearing hijab is not dangerous to anyone and it does not negatively affect any communities. It is simply a way for women to feel comfortable and exercise their freedom of religion as well as their freedom to dress the way they desire.

  • Banning hijab would be opression

    Would it not be considered oppression if there was a law made saying you could not wear pants, only shorts and miniskirts? The rest of the world would wonder what kind of sick, perverted government made such a rule! Banning hijab is much the same. I'm fourteen and I wear a hijab. My parents have not told me to wear it, in fact, they discourage it, saying that people can be judgemental. I still wear it, by my own free will. Women who wear hijab do not become anorexic or bulimic, because their body is not on show for public display. I was born in Canada and live in America, and I see women and girls parading around in crop tops and mini- skirts. Men stare at them lustfully, and it's disgusting. I would rather die than be looked at like that. And don't you dare say argue that " just because men are like this, why should women suffer?". Well, think of it this way, if you lived in a town where there was a serial killer on the loose, wouldn't you lock your door at night? You could say " just because there is one killer, doesn't mean I'm going to go to go to the trouble of locking the door!". But you don't. You lock the doors and buy a new alarm system.

    In our religion, men are taught from a young age to lower their gaze and treat a women with respect. Did you know that after you get married, your husband is supposed to provide for you completely, and your only responsibility as a woman is to raise the children. You don't even have to do the cooking, cleaning, or housework. Your husband is supposed to provide a maid for that, and if the wife does that, then it is from the goodness of her heart. Islam gives women more rights than any religion in the world, and I am willing to bet my life on that.

  • People have the free will to do as they please.

    As a muslim women of 16 years of age I can happily say that it is absolutely obsurd that there is even a consideration to the banning of the hijab in schools and public places.
    May I point out one very, very significant factor in this debate, and I quote;
    "The Veils that we wear do not cover or obscure our minds" - a hijab poses no threat whatsoever. We still have our minds, our character, our intelligence and personality when we adorn a hijab. And what is a piece of cloth to separate us from the rest of humanity?
    A headscarf purely symbolises my submission to Allah, and I can tell you now, I have never met a single muslim girl my age or younger who has worn the hijab in disdain or by force-those who sadly are forced, are the minority.
    You can take away a headscarf by force and oppression, but you can never take the inner Hijab away from us. Insha'Allah we all find peace and happiness.

  • It shoud not be banned because

    It is possible that they accept our culture and embrace it in certain issues, but you cannot change someone's beliefs and issues.
    People in foreign countries are stoutly religious - they have religion on a national scale. There are a minority of people who a stoutly religiously in this country, but not enough to make an impact on a national scale.
    Add to the fact that it would be shot down as we are a country embracing all cultures and religions, that is why banning it because it is against "our culture" would be wrong.
    Exactly: 'our' culture. Will you be banning coffee, next? (and forcing tea down everyone's throats.)
    What is the 'English' dress code, how many cultures is it derived from? Jeans and T-shirts ARE not English(They were invented by non-english people), Gucci,Chanel, Armani etc are not English.
    In-its ARE English: No more Curry for you!
    Pakistani/Indian restaurants all over London ARE English. The fact that 'ENGLISH' people are wearing Muslim veils is the sole reason for this debate.

  • If its the girls choice

    If it is the girls choice then she should be allowed to wear what she wants. If it is demanded of her by her father or other male family member or government then no. She is the only person to decide for herself, if you want liberation for these young women, give them to ability to choose.

  • Dignity is essential

    It saves those preying eyes, to lust and to want. No hijab leads to rape, and sexual harassment. A girl is more in demand if her hair, which is her pride, dangles down her back, in full view. Hijab is the barrier against adultery, rape, and sexual misconduct. Thanks, Ali.

  • I believe in the right of practicing your religion

    As long as it brings no harm to the other people in society, and I cannot figure out how a woman wearing a scarf on her head is a harm to others. If women wearing hijab were really oppressed, they would be thanking others who fight against it instead of fighting for the right to wear the hijab that they WANT to wear. For those who say that wearing hijab makes woman "a property" for men, the hijab reminds men that there is more to women than looks, they will communicate and treat women based on their personality, it can protect them from rape and abuse too. No one told you that those who kill their daughters or wives for not wearing hijab are right, for killing them is an even worse sin. For those who say that 'we fight for freedom so we wanna ban the hijab', women who want to wear hijab do not feel oppressed by wearing it, but they feel oppressed by the others who -they feel- are forcing them to take it off. Freedom means 'your choice/ openness', but banned means 'my choice only/constriction', banning hijab is not freedom.

  • Its their religion!

    Its their firkin religion so leave them alone! YOU don't have to wear a headscarf or the "Hijab" so why r u complaining???? If someone told u that u couldn't do something u liked to do then i bet u'de be pissed 2!! If you have a problem with this then 2 bad, worry bout ur own life and not someone else's!

  • We have no right to say what people can/can't wear!

    Whether it's for religious reasons or not, people should be able to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. You wouldn't not wear a dress just because your next door neighbour hates long dresses? It's the same principle, who cares what we think? People should have the freedom to dress anyway that they like. Nobody should be able to dictate what others do.

  • The right to practice religion.

    It is a fundamental human right to allow people the right to decide their own religion and choose to or refuse to adhere to the rules around that religion.
    Banning the hijab will merely increase the paranoia surrounding muslim people and encourage the government, and the citizens, to refuse rights to certain people based on religion or race.
    Allowing muslims to remain in their religious clothing and having it accepted and integrated within all aspects of society will influence accepted diversity within our culture.

  • Where do we draw the line?

    We can't go banning everything that makes us uncomfortable. I thought such an advanced civilization would be able to accept such trivial differences as a hijab by now. They are harmless. Those who are for the ban keep saying "not being able to identify hijab-wearers raises a security issue. If they were to rob a bank they wouldn't get caught"... If someone wanted to rob a bank they would wear a ski mask anyways. You're just scrambling to justify your position, but the real reason you want the ban is xenophobia. While I agree with the feminism argument against the hijab, it's their CHOICE. It's not our place to get involved with their tradition. I believe in freedom of religion, of harmless expression.

  • No Hijab, no cross

    If people want the Hijab banned in schools, public buildings and society in general, should they not also ban the cross in schools and society in general? Why are christians allowed to wear a necklace with a cross, but muslims are not allowed to wear the Hijab? They are both religious symbols, but one of them is seen as a "crime", while the other is okay.

  • I'm A Muslim Girl

    I'm a Muslim 13 year old girl. I don't feel oppressed or forced to wear my hijab . My parents don't tell me to go out wearing a mini skirt THEY encourage my to not cave to peer pressure so you can look and roll your eyes at me all you want! It won't make this hijab disappear. I feel this hibab is a a part of me and makes me a a better person religion wise

  • Wearing HIJABS. By Muslims

    The hijab should not be banned because people don't like them. Its apart of my culture and we do not like it . What if someone said it is banned to read the bible wont you get mad yes. It just like that we chose what to wear just like you choose what to wear we just choose to add something on our heads.

  • I am nine and wear hijab.

    I am a nine year old Muslim girl. I wear hijab to school. Hijab is part of my religion. You can't ban it. It is against the law to discriminate or force one to go against their religion. YOU CAN'T BAN THE HIJAB IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. WHY WOULD YOU. IT IS LIKE IS BREAKING ALL THE CROSSES IN THE WORLD.

  • Hijab should not be banned

    In a democracy, it is impossible to uphold some people's rights without upholding others. Before this debate began, it used to be fashionable for women to wear headscarf when it was cold or windy and that was entirely appropriate, yet suddenly, because it is seen as a symbol of 'Islamic Oppression' it becomes inappropriate. Hijabs are not hurting anyone. They do not actually affect face to face contact any more than wearing hair over your face does.. They are not a security threat and the women who wear them usually choose to do so from a religious perspective. What's wrong with that?

  • Wearing the hijab is in no way a threat to society

    It is completely normal to see a woman in hijab in the street, why should that affect anybody else? We live in a society where people do what they like, study what they like, eat what they want, do as they wish, so why should people not wear certain clothes if they want to? People can follow a religion if they want, and those that do, we should respect their culture and tradition. The Virgin Mary was never seen in a painting without a veil as a matter of fact, all you haters of the hijab! Doesn't Christianity enforce women to be pure and just? Islam is encouraging the same thing. Judaism also enforces Jewish women to be modest with their clothing so why are the women of Islam being scrutinised for actually putting it to practice?

  • Our religion mind your own bees-wax

    I am proud to be a Muslim and I will remain one you cannot change someone's beliefs and issues only because they look scary in that clothing they are wearing.

  • No way ho say

    So basically, everyone has there own religion Muslims which their religion is Islam they should wear scarfs and if not it will be un pleasant to disobey their religion. So imagine someone says to never go to the church or were going to banned all Christian people you wouldn't like it. SAME AS MUSLIMS!!!!!

  • Freedom of Expression

    One must always thrive to understand the hidden intention before making a judgement. Though, it is a controversial issue, it has become a feminist issue because a woman is restricted on what she wants to wear. We fail to understand that different cultures have a different perception on freedom. Often women who wear the hijab are not given a chance to explain why they choose to wear it. Most of them wear it because of their own personal choice and we shouldn't take that away from them.

  • Freedom of Expression

    I don't see why wearing a hijab is a big problem. Everyone should get on with their own lives and not try to make up a rule for satisfaction. It's a free country. We all have a right to stand up for ourselves.
    It doesn't make a difference if people wear it or not!!

  • No!. It shouldn't

    Wearing the hijab or not doesn't matter. We are all humans with freedom of expression. How come such a simple and elgeant thing. Is it that you won't want to look at a person with their hair covered? REEALLY?!? What have we humans come to thinking? WE ALL NEED TO OPEN OUR EYES MORE AND CONCENTRATE ON MORE IMPORTANT THINGS LIKE MAKING SURE OUR CHILDREN ARE GETTING THE BEST EDUCATION

  • Everyone has their right to wear whatever they wish

    Although its difficult to digest by many countries but a country which is secular and treat everyone as an individual then they will allow them to wear Hi-jab for those who wish to wear. If a Muslim women says its a part of their religion then we must respect their culture and ritual.

  • Hijab no banning allowed!!

    I think the hijab should be not banned because 100 of years ago allah was born and in the quran its said women should cover there hair or face to protect men from flirting and to protect women modesty!!! No need to ban the hijab!! Islam is a peaceful religion and also the hijab, burqa and niqab or any other islamic clothing isnt a criminal offence!!

  • Yes and no

    Yes and no because it shouldn't be allowed in school but in public buildings or society, why not? I think it should not be allowed in school because you can use a hood to cheat or something and kids aren't allowed to wear hats or hoodies so why should they be allowed to wear hijabs? I think it is stupid to say a kid can't wear his hoodie because he is hiding a gun yet there is a girl with a hijab right next to him.

  • It shouldn't be banned

    Because for a Muslim woman wants to wear it she can but other non Muslims might call her oppressed so she might feel uncomfortable it's like taking someone's rights away from them. The hijaab is a modest dressing for all women who believe they should cover themselves. A hijaab is a veil that covers the head and chest, which is particularly worn by a Muslim woman beyond the age of puberty in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family. It can further refer to any head, face, or body covering worn by Muslim women that conforms to a certain standard of modesty. Hijaab can also be used to refer to the privacy of women from men in the public sphere

  • It shouldn't be banned

    Because for a Muslim woman wants to wear it she can but other non Muslims might call her oppressed so she might feel uncomfortable it's like taking someone's rights away from them. The hijaab is a modest dressing for all women who believe they should cover themselves. A hijaab is a veil that covers the head and chest, which is particularly worn by a Muslim woman beyond the age of puberty in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family. It can further refer to any head, face, or body covering worn by Muslim women that conforms to a certain standard of modesty. Hijaab can also be used to refer to the privacy of women from men in the public sphere

  • #Blessed, not oppressed

    Women wear the Hijab because they are Muslims. What if the Christians were banned from reading the bible? That's the way we feel about banning the hijab. Women who wear a hijab wear it by their own will. Some choose not to wear it, and that's fine. We believe that women who wear hijab are blessed, not oppressed.

  • Banning it is banning my freedom to choose.

    1. "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person." That is from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Who are we to go against that?
    2. The hijab is worn as part of practicing Islam for women. Many women willingly choose to wear it and embrace it fully. They style it up and incorporate it into their own style. Ask Dina Tokio or Dian Pelangi.
    3. The hijab in essence is a piece of clothing worn to cover the hair. How does it affect the person I'm standing next to if I wear it or not? People can wear hats representing their favorite teams or "SWAG" but I shouldn't be able to a wear a scarf representing my beliefs.
    4. Who are you to tell me what I am forced into doing? You don't know me or my story. Some people's families try to force them to take off the hijab and they want to wear it. To them, it makes them feel like people who aren't sexualized or judged wholly by appearance. They feel happy to be practicing something beautiful.
    5. Just because some people are forced into it, it doesn't make it an oppressive act/ritual. Although some are, that isn't supposed to occur. We can't be judged by those who make the mistakes and do the wrong.
    6. When was the last time a hijabi was seen committing violence? Why must we hold her to standards set by those who only claim to follow the same religion as her?
    7. It is against Western ideals? Since when do we have to conform to that?

  • Freedom of Religion!

    If women can freely walk naked on the streets then they should also be allowed to wear the burqa and face veil, not only because of freedom of choice but also because it is part of their religion, and nobody can stop them from practicing that. Claims that say it is a threat to society is complete non sense, also it in no way formed a communication barrier; Women for so long have been wearing it and are just as much of a part of society as the men. Their voices are heard, respected and equal. First they say Islam degrades women now they think they are uplifting them by taking of their clothess??!!!

  • STUPID DEBATE! Whoever came up with ths debate is an IDIOT!

    What kind of silly debate is that? Why should there be a ban on women choosing to wear hijabs? And for all the people voting YES you are small minded ignornat idiots! People are voting YES and then talking about the veil and the burka. Do you even know what hijab is? It is the scarf that goes on the head! And us for saying people who wear hijab are oppressed is such a stupid thing to say. You haven't associated with many Muslim women have you. I choose to wear headscarf and i'm not oppressed! I have respect for myself and choose not to dress half naked and show myself off to all the men out there!! It does not make me oppressed!

  • What's western society scared of?

    Predominantly, if you check the data of every law enforcement agency in the western countries, you'll find that Muslims are the most peaceful citizens of the society.
    The crime rate is minimum in Muslims' neighborhoods. Most Muslims don't involve in alcohol, adultery, family violence, robberies and drug related crimes.
    This is not by an accident!
    This only because they're following their religious obligations. Hijaab is part of their religion (not tradition or culture, as treacherously quoted by some in the pro-ban thread of this debate). Women who wear hijaab believe they're not sex symbols, but intellects who should be considered for their knowledge, professionalism and modesty.
    Get off the Islamophobia rhetoric spread by the right wing Christian media but, innocently fought by the left wing secular entities all over the western hemisphere.

  • Freedom?! Let us wear hijabs!

    I do not agree with banning the hijab. People go on about the UK being a free country so where is the freedom in not being able to wear what you want? They cant tell us to do things against our religions. People who wear hijabs should be treated just the same as any other person, you cant judge them by what they look like ad what they wear. We dress like that for good reasons. I am disgusted that people want to ban the hijab and would immigrate to a place that would let me wear what i want freely

  • Let school girls wear what they want

    UNICEF article quotes'"Article 14 (freedom of thought, belief and religion)Every child has the right to think and believe what they want and also to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping
    other people from enjoying their rights. Governments must
    respect the rights of parents to give their children information
    about this right."DO YOU WANT TO DISOBEY YOUR OWN RULES.

  • I dont think it should be band

    Its shouldnt be banned because its a human right for muslims if its in the beleif to wear a scarf then let them wear it. They dont go and tell other people how to follow their relegious beleifs or follow their religion so dont tell them how to. It doesent hurt anyone so why do you guys want to ban it it doesnt effect a songle person so just leave them alone. If it doesnt concern you then stay out of it

  • Muslims women have their choice

    I think wearing short dresses should be banned. Muslims women should have their own choice. Government should not tell people about their religion how to practice. How a christian country is trying to banned hijab as they knew Mother Marry had hijab as well. I'm not supporting to stop hijab

  • A hijabi's story

    Everyone says how oppressive the hijab is but nobody ever asks the WOMEN WHO WEAR IT. I have worn my hijab for as far as i remember. I am a full feminist and believe that women can do anything a man can. Being raised by a single mother with my 3 sisters i would say we were stereotyped left and right from a young age. Bt one thing my mum drilled into us is that we are our own person and we can make our own decisions. Yes the hijab is a religious symbol for women no different from the indian sari and christian cross. I have never heard anyone say 'I want to free catholic nuns from oppression' no. My mum did teach me its a symbol of what we believe in but let me choice if i wanted to wear it, WHICH I DID. So please don't assume we are oppressed rather liberated with the choice. If you want to help please talk to us and ask us how we feel. Go up to any girl who wears a hijab in the street an with respect ask why she choses to put a scarf in her head please don't assume what you don't know. THANK YOU

  • You can't ban the right to dress !

    The hijaab is a Muslim woman's crown and those who ban it are oppressing women and going against the principals of freedom of expression. In many Muslim countries non Muslims are free to dress as they wish e.g. Turkey, Dubai, Morocco, Malaysia just to name a few. I work in the medical profession and wear the hijaab to work it has never stopped me from integrating or communicating with my patients. More and more professional Muslim women choose to wear it, it is part of our identity.
    If you ban the hijaab, will this lead to banning the head cover of nuns, turbans of Sikhs, skull caps of Jewish men ?

  • Hijab oppresses women?

    I tried to wear Hijab at an American public school. I was told I couldn't wear it because it was offensive. I told them it was for religious purposes. They continued to say in was oppressed and "needed freeing" truth is, I'm already free when I wear it. It's truly liberating and worth it. But the very next day I saw two (not to sound mean) black girls wearing head scarves and were not in trouble at all that day. Men don't make us oppressed it is prejudice that does.

  • This isn't even a question of religion.

    I lost most of my hair and sustained bad facial burns after a severe allergic reaction a few years ago. If the law forbade me to cover my head and face I would have been forced to either stay indoors for the months it took to heal or face the humiliation of going out with my scars on show. If you want to cover yourself to any extent then, provided you show your face in situations that require a photo ID check, you should be able to wear what you want, whether for cosmetic, medical, religious or any other reasons.

  • Should not be banned.

    What one wears is a matter of choice and seeing as I live in a relatively free country, it should be up to that person if she wants to wear it or not. However at airports, banks and other secure places it should be removed and the woman in question be dealt with by another woman behind closed doors. The world we live in is expanding so we all need to make changes, so a private room at an airport, bank etc should be made available for precisely this reason.

  • It's Their Choice

    If we ban women from wearing hijabs in public, especially in schools, we are taking away their freedom and basic human rights. Christians, being the majority religion in America, are allowed to openly express their religion as much as they please, and muslim men and women should be allowed to do the same! Banning hijabs means banning someone's culture.

  • Don't ban hijab

    This is a religious and a women's right. The muslim women wear hijab according to their own wish and desire. By banning hijab will only create controversy. The muslim women must be left free to wear the hijab and follow Islam teachings. Free free free don't ban don't ban ..

  • Freedom of Religion

    Mother Mary used to wear a veil as seen in pictures why weren't any voices raised then and why now for muslims ??? Just cause its bound in the Islamic religion people start discriminating ???Thats not fair at all !!! Every human being has a right to follow their religion and abide by it to the fullest.

  • Freedom of Religion

    Mother Mary used to wear a veil as seen in pictures why weren't any voices raised then and why now for muslims ??? Just cause its bound in the Islamic religion people start discriminating ???Thats not fair at all !!! Every human being has a right to follow their religion and abide by it to the fullest.

  • Epitome of modesty

    Every woman has the right to dress however they want. If the muslim women like to stay modest and not show off their beauty, who is to say they cant? The idea of living in a free country with free speech is that, you can say, wear what you like to wear.

  • Epitome of modesty

    Every woman has the right to dress however they want. If the muslim women like to stay modest and not show off their beauty, who is to say they cant? The idea of living in a free country with free speech is that, you can say, wear what you like to wear.

  • Hijab should b wored

    What is Hijab?

    Hijab is the dress that covers the adornment of the Muslim woman, on one condition that it won't be adornment by itself. In other words, the Islamic definition of hijab is the dress that covers whatever might arouse instincts. It is what would keep a woman safe, not only in her own society but wherever she goes. It should be noticed that the way it’s worn does not arouse the sexual appeal for both men and women.

    Despite these points, hijab is not old fashioned as some might claim. On the contrary, a Muslim woman needs to be careful of her appearance. She needs not only to be neat, but very well dressed too.

    Yet, hijab as a dress, does not have the same rank of importance as manners and behaviors have. It is crucially important for a Muslim woman to behave well when wearing her hijab, because her behavior will give an impression to the dress she is wearing on the one hand, and to the religion itself on the other.

  • We might as well ban crosses and other religious symbols!

    Why should restrict women from wearing these? They are following both their cultural and religious beliefs. If we ban hijab, we might as well ban the wearing of the cross or the symbol of ohm!
    If we do this, we are removing religious freedom, which is a human right!
    Really, why so much fuss over some people's choices or ideas!

  • I am Muslim.

    I am a Muslim girl and I feel the hijab shouldn't be banned, a girl can dress any way she feels. Therefore, a female has her freedom of dressing. If a woman wants to be modest, I don't see what's wrong with it. Wearing the hijab is just simply dressing modestly. What wrong with dressing modestly?

  • Freedom trumps bigotry!

    If women can wear a 2 piece in public, if gays can hold hands in public and if freedom still matters then let these women wear whatever they like to wear over their heads. It won't hurt the service we get in public buildings either. If a person is evil on the inside he'll hurt you no matter what he's wearing on the outside. FREEDOM TO ALL!

  • Hijab must not be banned

    I'm a muslim and i have a hijab .. There are many people that claim they are muslims .. And kill and do what ever they want in the name of islam .. And that's nothing like islam .. It's forbidden to kill.. Even to hit or beat up anyone .. And we force no one to wear a hijab or to be like us .. We are people same as you.. Its nothing like terrorism .. Christian religion have nuns .. Others have another thing .. Every one acts as what they believe in.. My mother never forced me to wear a hijab ..I wanted to..Was my choice ... And if you wanted to be a nun y would you choose this? You do to be closer to god ..We are same but with little difference in beliefs suppose.. I hate how people see us .. I wish sometime if i could meet any of you guys to chat ..This way you could really see who we are..

  • I Understand but I Don't

    If a woman or young girl wants to wear her hijab she should be allowed to, considering all the cons in why this could cause an issue, i consider if its their religion and how they express their culture who are we to tell them they can't? It's like people who stare at people with piercings,tattoos, various colors of hair and judge them for expressing themselves,

  • They ware it, because they want to...

    Most Islam womens wore hijab because they want to... Its kinda irritating when people who had never live in the Islamic community simply said they are being oppress towards a law that are created by men and so on... To be honest this is a law is the of Islam... So basicly when who dont respect the wearing of the hijab.. You dont respect other people religion... Okay lets make it simple... If the womens of Islam are force to wear the hijab.. Why would most of them protest when the hijab or even the face covering was banned in France???

  • Where is the justice?

    Ignorance places a mask over your eyes. As a proud Muslim bearing the hijab, I can assure you that this piece of garment does not oppress me. You think I'm oppressed? Take a long look in the mirror. Your ignorance can only see the extremist side of the religion which is a horrible, horrible way to pass judgment on a religion that you have absolutely no knowledge of. Sure, perhaps you have read things that make you believe you are practically part of this religion, but have you actually taken part in its rituals and believed in the same things we have? By no means do I want to make it a team Islam vs team non-Islam, but you ignorant people have clearly established that line. I am against inequality (wow big surprise huh?) and I'm a firm believer in justice. By preaching equality and justice, you are contradicting yourself by banning the hijab. Wearing the hijab is a PERSONAL choice and it is much more than simply bearing a garment. Although some people do not believe so, that is what the true purpose was. Stripping us the right of CHOOSING to wear this thereby strips us the rights of religious freedom. Your hypocrisy absolutely disgusts me. Stop preaching things you clearly do not intend to follow. - MAZ

  • Hijab should remain

    Mary mother of Jesus and all the respectable women in the past had veils. Dignity should be respected while nudity save for bedrooms. It is so sad to walk about town seeing unwanted tatood boobs and bums. Very disgusting! Should anyone chose to be safe and modest, Please let it be.

  • Freedom of choice.

    If a person choose to wear a pair of sunglasses, let him/her wears it. It's his/her choice. No one can stop him/her.
    If a girl wants to wear hijab, let her wears it. It's her freedom to choose.
    It's not you or other people who would decide on her life.

  • Hijab didn't bring any harm to women

    You have no right to ban Muslim woman to wear hijab. That is their beliefs. Hijab protects Muslim woman. That is their shield. Why should you force them to take off their own shield. If I asked you to take off your own shield, are you willing to do that?The answer will be NO, right?
    Then, just let us,Muslim woman wear our hijab. It is our right.

  • Hijab didn't bring any harm to women

    You have no right to ban Muslim woman to wear hijab. That is their beliefs. Hijab protects Muslim woman. That is their shield. Why should you force them to take off their own shield. If I asked you to take off your own shield, are you willing to do that?The answer will be NO, right?
    Then, just let us,Muslim woman wear our hijab. It is our right.

  • You people disgust me.

    I'm not going to tell YOU not to wear a crucifix in public. The only reason a satanist can't express their religion in public is because the Christians who run the country don't like it. You are denying these people THEIR RIGHTS as human beings who live on this planet and they deserve to be able to follow their religion. Seriously, you disgust me.

  • You people disgust me.

    I'm not going to tell YOU not to wear a crucifix in public. The only reason a satanist can't express their religion in public is because the Christians who run the country don't like it. You are denying these people THEIR RIGHTS as human beings who live on this planet and they deserve to be able to follow their religion. Seriously, you disgust me.

  • What the actual ****

    Why make it illegal! First and foremost, you don't have to be a muslim. Second, if you do choose to be a muslim you must obey what Allah says in the book of Quran. You can't be a muslim women without a hijab! Let me demostrate exalctly what the racist people in this poll are saying: Im a christian but I dont have to believe in GOD the very source of the whole damn religion! That is just stupid. Do research about the religion before you open that very horrible mouth of yours. Muslims might have a bad reputation, but if you read the Quran its about peace, love, and donating money to the poor. Please... Judge the person and not the religion.

  • Respect Others Religoun

    They are free to wear what they like if its their religoun. They are human as well and they dont deserve to be treated this way. We should Respect their beliefs. They can wear what they like then dont NEED to show their face. Maybe its their style. Just respect them and try liking them because if you do then you will see how they are. Also it's not about the look its about the type of person they are. So respect them BECAUSE THEY ARE PART OF THE WORLD AND THEY ARE HUMAN TOO.

  • Hijab how its protects and benefits women

    One of the greatest benefits of Hijab, is the natural protection it gives to a woman. By wearing Hijab, a woman shields herself from the rampant desires of man. By his very nature, man is a creature of intense desire. The Hijab controls this desire and thus not only protects the woman, but also the man. Sexually motivated crimes in the west are on the increase. Rape, molestation and harassment are reaching epidemic levels. Undoubtedly the clothing of a woman has something to do with this. When women walk around with literally nothing on, some men see it as a signal to do as they please. This results in the honour of a woman being scarred for life.

  • Hijab how its protects and benefits women

    One of the greatest benefits of Hijab, is the natural protection it gives to a woman. By wearing Hijab, a woman shields herself from the rampant desires of man. By his very nature, man is a creature of intense desire. The Hijab controls this desire and thus not only protects the woman, but also the man. Sexually motivated crimes in the west are on the increase. Rape, molestation and harassment are reaching epidemic levels. Undoubtedly the clothing of a woman has something to do with this. When women walk around with literally nothing on, some men see it as a signal to do as they please. This results in the honour of a woman being scarred for life.

  • Be faithful to the Democratic values you hold

    In a democratic country like the United States, everyone is entitled to there own religious freedoms as specified in the Constitution. If this is what you really believe in, then you MUST rid yourself of this stone-aged mindset. Yes, the Hijab should never be an obstacle. No American has the right to confiscate another American's freedom. It's time to for you to wake up. Stop wasting your valuable time on nonsense, in the end your fooling none but yourself. As President Abraham Lincoln once said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
    Keep that in mind. Its vital to your future
    Also, remember, when you point out at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.

  • Own choice, doesn't send a negative message

    The hijab symbolizes modesty for women and in fact is worn mainly due to culture, not religious purposes. Yes, the Quran does state women should cover certain areas of the body, but in that case, if one is trying to prevent the "spread of Muslim ideology", then these women should not be covered at all. There is nothing wrong with wearing a hijab and doesn't break any laws. In strict Middle-Eastern countries, women have to cover due to law, a restriction set by laws that are based on the teachings of the Quran, while in other places such as the UK, don't. One has to realize that not ALL Muslim countries force women into Muslim culture, in fact most countries are beginning to westernize in order to integrate western society, something banning hijabs from school will definitely not fulfill. Many people view Islam as a religion of hatred and revenge, it is not. It teachers the same idea such as Christianism and Judaism, just that the "Muslims" people know are in fact going against such teachings. So those saying that wearing a hijab spreads a religion of hate into a school; you're dead wrong.

  • Freedom of dressing.

    This is a free world. Everyone has the right to decide what clothes to wear and what not. If walking nude through public places is not objectionable then why wearing a veil ?????? It should not bother anyone if a woman is seen on veil. It might be her way to safeguard her modesty.

  • Let's be practical

    I don't like the Hijab. To me it represents the sexism and misogyny that exists not only in the Muslim world, as people are quick to point out, but in fact exists all over the world in equal amount. And nor does the hijab, as many others are quick to point out, prevent rape or any kind of sexual harassment. That mentality is sick and leads to victim blaming.

    That being said, there are two points I want to make.

    First, wearing a hijab or not is, primarily, a personal decision. Whether I want to wear a miniskirt or a hijab is my personal decision. Now regardless of what I decide to wear, that choice should be mine, and no one else's to make. I would like to point out that not all women wear a hijab because they are forced to. Many, many of them wear it because they, the individual, prefer to. And that, is their choice to make. No one else has the right to make that choice for them.

    Second, we cannot ignore the fact that even though most women wear the hijab as a personal choice, there are those who are forced to. But banning the hijab in this case will not help. It will only make things worse. Does anyone here really think that if you ban the hijab, men from these families will say to their wives, sisters and daughters, oh that's ok, you can go out without a hijab? No!! They won't! On the contrary, these women will be locked up inside their homes and their personal freedom, whatever little they have, will be compromised on. And who will be responsible for that? Who will be responsible for making these women, who could at least move around a little, virtual prisoners in their homes? You will, all those of you who voted to ban the hijab.

    So think twice before you say anything.

    Extreme measure do not get anyone anywhere. The only way is through education. And takes time, generations even. Patience is the only key.

    By looking for a quick fix like banning the hijab, you only harm these women, not help them.

  • Why Can't I?

    I am a Muslim girl and I wear the hijab. I go to an Islamic school and the hijab is part of my uniform and I am proud of wearing it. I feel that it is unfair that I can not practice my own religion in a free country.
    Why is it that people don't open their eyes and actually be considerate sometimes? So what if you can't see my hair? Is it going to hurt you not seeing my hair? No, so why people have a problem with it.
    I don't understand.
    People even say that I am oppressed! That's complete nonsense. I wore it out of choice like a lot of the Muslim women. Its not even like I am being forced to wear it so why does it bother people?

  • The hijab is not oppressive but taking away someone's right to wear it is

    To my knowledge, most people who wear the hijab chose to do so out of respect to God and their religion and also out of modesty. Yes modesty. Not because men want to 'oppress' their women but because THE WOMEN dont want to share their bodies with everyone. Why is it that there is no problem if a woman is virtually naked but if she is covering her hair or wearing loose fitting clothes then there is a problem? Isn't that the true oppression? Magazine covers teach women to make sure their bodies look a certain way and that they should show as much skin as possible, but for who's benefit? Does a woman benefit from aspiring for 'perfection'? Why is it that as soon as a women covers herself to try and be modest that society classes this as oppression yet when women reveal themselves and give up their dignity it is not oppressive?
    Taking away the right of a woman to wear just a piece of cloth on her head is not just oppressive, it is disgusting and for a 'civilisation' that prides itself over the 'freedoms' it gives to its people is just hypocritical.

  • My head, My choice!!!!

    I am a Muslim woman who just converted, I wear Hijab because I want to. I am not forced to, my husband isn't even Muslim! To tell me I can not wear hijab would equate to telling most women to go outside with out a shirt on. My faith says that I am to guard my modesty this is in how I dress, how I behave. My faith does not tell me that I can not be strong or I can not be independent and I think the desire to ban Hijab comes from a misunderstanding that Muslim women are being some how disrespected and the only way to free them is to remove their head covering. Like it or not Islam is spreading and the thing to do now, and this is on both sides, would be to foster interfaith communication and growth. Hijab is my choice, and no one else can force me to take it off!!!!

  • Where is democracy and freedom ?

    How can a country be democratic if it violated democracy rules. Why do such people get annoyed from Muslims and hijab. How did it harm you.

    How are you democratic if ur not allowing religion practices. I believe hijab must be allowed. All religions must be allowed. All practices must be allowed. Violation and bannings should be rejected. It only reflects the picture of uncivilized barbarian people who are in able to respect others.

    If Britain is a democratic country. It's should give everyone the freedom to love they way they like. Not just hide behind the word democracy. If its not so then don't use it and don'tie to people.

  • The right to wear what you wish

    I don't understand why people should stop others from wearing the Hijab. It is modest and does not look as outrageous as other pieces of clothing. It is not forced on anyone to wear and is purely for religious purposes. It is a personal what somebody wishes to wear and if it does not harm or disturb anyone else why should it be banned. Just because a small minority of people think you shouldn't wear it, that does not mean to say you should think them correct.

  • Why ban Muslim's hi jab?

    All Muslim's have a choice to where hi jab. No one is forcing them, it is part of religious rules and we believe it should be worn to show respect towards your religion. If someone is not feeling comfortable wearing the hi jab then that is showing that the Muslim is still part and respects the Islamic religion. Parent's understand if their child is not ready to wear the hi jab and it is no excuse for the veil to be banned.

  • Freedom of religion

    Every one allow to follow their religion so it should not be banned. Its in islalm to cover your body and face properly. Every one should be equal. We are alowed to follow our religion and if people are following it and they wearing hijjab so why they want to banned it.

  • HIjab should never be banned

    A woman has the right to expose in beaches and she has the right to wear what ever she wants, she can walk haf naked or she can do anything but when a Muslim woman wears out of HER OWN DAMN FREE WILL.. I SAY AGAIN OWN FREE WILL.... What is the problem with people and they say she is forced when there are million woman chanting on the streets with cards saying ITS MY CHOICE and I AM NOT FORCED.. I am a muslim and wast forced to wear the Hijab it was my choice and i decided it on my own... NO male forced me... Now some people who are suppose to be making decisions for me decided i shoundt wear it ..... Why dont people ban porn... Women are most abused there.... No country bans pornogrpahy they say its there own free will to watch but woman when they choose to cover there body then someone else decides for them to ban the Hijab..... Which part of the brain are people thinking actually you see the word Islam then there is a problem

  • This is a country that prides itself on freedom of religion and wearing the Hijab is an expression of religious faith that shouldn't be banned.

    In a country that should adhere to the Bill of Rights in the Constitution granting religious freedom, the hijab, which is an expression of religious faith, should not be banned in schools or anywhere else. This is discriminatory against one religion. All signs of religious expression would have to be banned, the wearing of crosses included. I don't think a country of people who are proud to be called free would want this.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • The Hijab should not be banned anywhere.

    Everyone has the right to their own religious beliefs and views. To ban a Muslim woman from wearing a Hijab in any place would be slandering their religion. I myself am a Christian yet I have no issues with people who chose a different religion then I. There is no reason to ban a Hijab anywhere especially in America. Freedom of religion is an American right and the Hijab is part of the Muslim way of life. I may not agree with that way of life but I do not think a public place banning is acceptable.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • The Hijab should not be banned in schools, public buildings or society in general because that interferes with freedom of speech and religion.

    The Hijab should not be banned in schools, public buildings or society in general because that interferes with freedom of speech and religion. There are security concerns if someone is hidden and one doesn't know who's under it, but ticking off conservative fundamentalists is really something that the US needs to start backing off of.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • The Hijab should not be banned--any more than a wimple or a snood would be.

    Since 2001, Muslim culture has been under tighter scrutiny--everything from personal beliefs to clothing to religious practice is under the microscope. If you see a Muslim woman out in public, she may be wearing a hijab. The Hijab is the type of head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women. It resembles the wimples worn by nuns, and has a similar function to the snoods worn by married Orthodox Jewish women (from the Talmud--"cover your head in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you"). The Hijab is part of Islamic culture and in parts of the world, its use is enforced by law. A public ban of this headgear is not recommended, nor needed.

    Posted by: ElwBoardin
  • The hijab should not be banned anywhere in schools, public buildings or society in general because that is a religious symbol, and people have the right to exercise their religions in the US.

    I believe that the wearing of a hijab should not be discriminated against due to the fact that Americas basic fundamentals include freedom of religion. As long as this is in effect, no one can do anything to ban the wearing of these religious symbols that distinguish a group from another group. Also, this is saying in other words that America should be allowed to wear sports apparel, because even though it may not look the best, it distinguishes different teams from others.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • The hijab should not be banned in general because it is a representation of a culture and poses no threat to society.

    The hijab should not be banned in general because it is a representation of a culture and poses no threat to society. The hijab, a head covering worn commonly by Muslim women, should not be banned in society because it is worn by free will and represents a culture. The hijab poses no security risk to those who fear what is behind the veil for their are other security measures in place to protect society from terrorism.

    Posted by: 53r3n3Piers
  • Get your hands out my hijab

    The hijab is a physical manifestation of the commitment many feel to their religion. Banning that would force many to give up the traditions that they feel morally and religiously obligated to uphold. Even if the hijab wasn't religious, the government should have no place in regulating the garments of it's citizens. That's one step in the direction of a completely totalitarian society. Also, it would not present any more of a safety issue than do hoodies and skirts, so the at argument is invalid.

  • This is a free country

    The idea that women wearing hijab are opressed is a stereotype. Not all Muslim countries require women to wear hijab therefore to assume that all muslim women are forced into it is wrong.
    America is free country and telling a group of people what they should or should not wear infringes on their freedom.
    Let's not forget that Islam is not the only religion in the world that requires women to cover their hair or dress modestly, Jewish women are required to do so, nuns are required to so and even Hindu women cover their heads out of modesty. So why don't we attack these women or call them oppressed? Keep in mind that there are over a billion Muslims in the world, branding them all as oppressed and terrorists because of the crimes of a few is absurd. The terrorists of 9/11 were not Iraqis, yet we went to Iraq and killed countless civilians. We dropped bombs on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and went to Vietnam for no apparent reason. What does that make us? Terrorism has many faces and religions. Just think of the guy who killed the little angels in Newton.

  • Women should be free to wear the hijab.

    I actually don't see anything wrong with the hijab or people wearing any religious symbols to places like schools. I could understand if we were talking about the niqab or burqa (yes these are two different things), but we aren't. If I can walk around and see girls basically wearing way too revealing clothes and guys showing their underwear, then women should be able to cover their hair.

  • Human rights?

    We are living in the 21st century with many cultures and groups in society with a variety of views, opinions and beliefs. All these groups have the same rights which is the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; if this ban was to take place this would be a breach of the human rights act. Those who are against Muslim women wearing the hijab are against the religion and not the hijab! Someone mentioned that it a danger obscuring the face, however it is also a danger wearing barley any clothes on a night out. But that's eye candy unlike a Muslim women wanting to be modest.

  • Never!

    Its part of their religion; and as a country we should support Islam. A headscarf is worn by girls to hide their beauty from the public, and stereotyping them is an extremely offensive manner. England is a free country so a hijab should be a choice, and not something banned!

  • Free will

    Why should a piece of clothing style be banned?
    It is like the head of a society is a tyrant who wants it only this specific way and no one else can question it. This is a matter of human rights! Where not in the past anymore and change is happening.

  • Telling women who choose to wear the Burka that they cannot wear it is opression in itself.

    Women who actually choose to wear the Burka make the decicion by themselves because they want to. Telling a woman that she can't wear something because it has to do with the opression is really hypocritical. By telling her she can't wear it where she wants is another form of opression. That is why I believe it should not be banned.

  • EVery person has the right to choose whatever they want without any obsolence

    Every person in the world has a right based upon what they do and what they think of. Wearing hijab is basically a constitutional and human right which nobody can snatch from. It shouldn't be much of a problem in the society for someone waring hijab ,minding her own business without any interference. Infact banning it may cause fights and wars between Muslim and Christian countries. Therefore, its a wise decision to led women wear hijab considering all other aspects.

  • Freedom of religion is one of our fundamental rights, and we should not prohibit any religion.

    The Hijab is an important element of a religion. The Constitution grants us freedom of religion. Although it is not our primary religion, we need to allow any religion to be practiced. We do not need to promote it, encourage it, or teach it, but we should allow those that practice the religion to have anything that they need to do so properly.

    Posted by: NineNathanial43
  • The hijab is a form of protected religious observance or expression.

    We do not restrict the wearing of other clothing as a means of religious expression. All of these are permitted without question, including a yarmulke worn by a Jewish man, a sheitl worn by a Jewish woman, a prayer cap worn by a Mennonite woman, a veil worn by a Catholic nun, a robe worn by a Buddhist monk, the "garments" worn by Mormons, or a turban worn by a Sikh man. The hijab is no more concealing than the Jewish woman's sheitl or the nun's veil, and it poses no threat, in and of itself, to the safety of others. That others may be made uncomfortable by the wearer's public declaration of her religious affiliation is not sufficient to restrict her right to observe her religion as she chooses. While some women and girls are pressured into wearing hijab, this is not true of all who wear it, and such pressure cannot be presumed merely from the observation that someone wears a hijab. We generally recognize the right of parents to dictate their children's clothing and religious observance. The freedom of adult women to choose their clothing and religious observance must similarly be addressed separately from the wearing of hijab in general.

    Posted by: R0unHeaven
  • The Hijab should be allowed in schools, due to freedom of religion and expression.

    People have the right to follow their religion. The United States of America has no right to make a law against the Hijab. It is up to the individual and his/her family dynamics to make a correct judgment. The USA stands for freedom of religion. No one should have to fear following their religion.

    Posted by: PenitentNolan58
  • It is unacceptable to ban anything of any culture from any place in our country, as that is an attack on personal freedom.

    The same is true for the opposite, which is that one should not be forced to participate in anything of which makes them reasonably uncomfortable. These ideas or propositions usually come about due to ignorance, and are unbecoming of our nation. America is a mixing pot of cultures, and we must begin to recognize all as equal.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • No, the Hijab should not be banned, because it is part of religious expression.

    Wearing the Hijab is important to Muslim women, and therefore it should not be banned from the public sphere. If it were banned, this would ban Muslims from public places as well. It would also be short-sighted and discriminatory to ban an article of clothing. I believe that the government should allow the freedom of religious expression for all individuals. Muslim women are not threatening society by observing their religious practices.

    Posted by: R4yCher
  • Hijab should not be banned in schools, public places an society in general.

    Different cultures have different things. While these are not offensive to others they should be permitted and be accepted by other cultures and societies.
    That is the case of hijab. Hijab is just a piece of Islamic clothing that many Islamic women feel is the adequate clothing they should wear. It does not make them better or worse than the rest of the society.
    If hijab is banned, also other kinds of clothing should be banned and we will live in a society full or restrictions and prohibitions, with no freedom at all.

    Posted by: l0olllooi
  • No, I disagree, to wear a Hijab or not is a decision to be made by the individual based on their beliefs.

    Hijab is a part of the Muslim faith and it is a right of an individual. To ban Hijab is to ban an aspect on one's faith. Although personally I wouldn't choose to wear one, I think that forcing that decision is not reasonable. It is their personal choice, let them decide.

    Posted by: LeftyBlondie

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