Should the HPV vaccine be required for U.S. teens to attend high school?

  • Yes, the HPV vaccine should be a requirement.

    Vaccinations are already a requirement for school attendance, and one more is beneficial if in fact the HPV virus is enough of a threat. This is a sexually transmitted disease, and it's naive to think that a good number of high school students don't engage in sexual activity. In fact, the vast majority do. The preaching of the abstinence message has failed over and over, so it's best to vaccine kids this age to help keep them safe.

  • No, it should be a requirement.

    The HPV vaccine is fairly new, and the list of potential side effects is still growing. It is absurd to require a potentially dangerous vaccination for an illness that cannot be transmitted via casual contact. Parents have a right to decide if they want their child to receive this vaccine.

  • No, I don't agree with forced vaccines.

    No, education and vaccination are two different things. While vaccines are good in general, the HPV vaccine should not be forced upon everyone. There is still a great deal to test out and see over time whether or not this vaccine is effective and safe. Besides, it's unfair to deny anybody an education if they don't have certain vaccines.

  • No, the vaccine is not a way to prevent it. There are better ways to help prevent it.

    Lastly, a vaccine that has been around since 2006 has NOT stood the test of time in terms of long term effects. There is no damn way I am letting a pharmaceutical company tell me that THEIR studies show that it is “safe” when they stand to make $600. Ever heard of the fox and the chicken house? They think I am stupid and have all of you little minions telling me how foolish I am for refusing a “life saving vaccination” because of my “ignorance” and “fear.

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