Should the Indiana genetic abnormality abortion law have been blocked?

  • Yes, the genetic abnormality abortion law should have been blocked.

    Yes, the federal judge was right in her decision to block Indiana's genetic abortion law, which would have banned abortions performed because of genetic abnormalities in fetuses. This law would have greatly restricted a woman's right to decide whether or not to carry a fetus with potentially severe genetic problems to term.

  • Yes, the law blocking abortions for genetic abnormalities in Indiana should have been blocked.

    The judge ruled in this case that it was unconstitutional to limit the reasons that a woman could choose for having an abortion. As long as the ruling providing for legalized abortion (Roe v. Wade) remains in place, it is improper for legislation to place restrictions on rationales. Once a law restricts one reason, then other reasons could serve as rationales for restrictions as well.

  • No, the Indiana genetic abnortmailty abortion law should have been able to stand.

    No, the Indiana genetic abnormality abortion law should not have been blocked. Selection of pregnancies should not be designed based on perfection, but only when a mother's life is in danger and other serious reasons. Testing is not always correct. A doctor told a friend to abort her baby because it would be born with Down's Syndrome. The doctor kept telling the couple how severe the disability would be. Against doctors orders, they kept the pregnancy in tact. The baby is normal in every sense and has no genetic abnormalities. People make mistakes. Tests are not infallible. This law being blocked could end a normal baby's life. Babies deserve a chance. Sometimes the law is the only thing that can protect those that cannot protect themselves. This brings us one step closer to designer babies. Who defines perfection? Does perfection usurp life? This law being blocked is bringing us so much closer to this happening. This law deals with life and ending life. It should be considered carefully so people cannot use it to design perfect babies. This also sends the message that Down's babies are less than human. Individuals with Down's Syndrome or other genetic abnormalities are happy people full of love and cast no judgement. It is too bad that the court that blocked this does not value the life all people.

  • No it shouldn't have been blocked.

    If there is a genetic abnormality then an abortion should be allowed. I'm not sure the goal of Indiana by having this law be blocked. Abortions should be legal for many reasons and this is one. Preventing abortions shouldn't be allowed in the United States and around the world today.

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