• Yes, they should. T

    The Irish deserve to have some input into this important decision, not only because of how greatly it affects them, but also because of how much debate their already is on the issue among the people. It would not be right to have the issue decided for them after all the discussion.

  • Anyone in the EU should be allowed to hold referendums.

    Anyone in the EU should be allowed to hold referendums. There is a chance the people of Ireland might decide to leave the union. The EU doesn't want any more countries to leave so there is a chance that they will get their referendum. If not they will risk another country leaving the EU.

  • Irish Able To Hold Referendum

    Any country wanting to participate in the TPP should be able to hold a referendum, but only if they go through the proper legal channels and within the parameters of their political system. Although the TPP could potentially do way more harm than good for the countries involved, those countries should be able to make their own decisions.

  • Their voices matter.

    Yes, the Irish citizens should be allowed to hold a referendum on the TTP. Each person deserves to have their voice heard, and a referendum is the only way to really hear from the people. This decision is going to affect every person, so every person should have a say regarding the TPP.

  • A referendum is NOT a poll

    Democracy - The people elect there government.
    Government - conducts business in the world on behalf of the people.

    Well manged governments prefer dealing with other well managed governments.

    When the government is unsure of the will of its people it should ask for it. However the government should not ask it people for their collective advice. Then make a governmental decision with the peoples advice in mind.

    A referendum asks the people to make a decision for the goverment and this on the world stage is not good government.

    Looking at the British EU referendum the British government is now compelled to leave the EU. The results of the referendum where so close as to be separted by less than 1%. That translates in effect to - "the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain will alter it's policy for a mear handful of people"

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