Should the Japanese Railroad System be made to select more female stationmasters?

  • It's time for more female stationmasters on the Japanese Railroad System

    Feminism has made waves (and progress) around the world. I believe that this wave should reach the Japanese Railroad System. Its administrators should be forced to select a greater number of female stationmasters than they have now. This sends a signal that women can achieve anything, especially in such a male-dominated society like Japan.

  • Yes, equality should be their goal

    In the age of today, I think equality between males and females is becoming most popular in all countries. Japan is not excluded. They should do everything they can to improve equality between males and females, and if a female wants to be a stationmaster, she should have every right to do so.

  • Gender shouldn't be an issue.

    I don't think that the Japanese Railroad System should be forced to add more females. However, I do believe that they should have an equal shot of applying for these jobs. If we want a truly equal society, someone should not be given something or excluded from something just because of their gender.

  • Don't force a quota

    Don't force a quota for more females. It only leads to resentment and pushing people into industries artificially. If women want to apply, and if they have the same qualifications, and if they get into line first, then they should be considered first, but not selected just because they are females.

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