Should the Kean University woman who tweeted threats about other black students receive more than 90 days in jail?

  • Yes, she is not a child.

    There is NO excuse for death threats at all. Even if this a "joke" or about comments that may not have occurred, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING excuses this behavior. She is not a child and deserves the jail time for the crimes she committed. Instead of spreading hatred, why not be the change you want to see in the world? No one is ever going to take you seriously, nor should they if you are acting in a criminal or irrational fashion.

  • Yes, she should have received more jail time.

    The Kean University woman that tweeted threats against other black students should receive more than 90 days in jail. All threats should be treated seriously; and punishment should be stern. Only giving her 90 days in jail does not send a big enough message that sending threatening messages to others is serious. In short, this woman probably got off with a lighter jail sentence than someone else might have in a similar situation.

  • No she should not.

    If it was threats with no actual action taken, then no, 90 days is a sufficient punishment. We should be concentrating on people who are actually following thru on the threats they speak of, not just people who are randomly spouting off at the mouth and making threats that will never come to fruition.

  • Misguided attempt to bring a sensitive issue to light

    This is a classic case of the ends not justifying the means. This young lady was trying to bring to light a very serious and sensitive issue, namely racism. Her tactics were totally misguided and foolish to say the least. A jail sentence longer than 90 days would be a bit harsh. She is also going to reimburse law enforcement over eighty thousand dollars. I am pretty sure that would certainly give her enough food for thought. Maybe have here pay restitution to those individuals who were directly affected would be of far greater effect.

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