• The KKK should be banned.

    The KKK should be banned. I am all about the banning of certain groups that do not benefit society. I think the KKK never did anything good for our society. They are worse than gangs because they are nothing more than a hate group toward a particular group of members in society.

  • The KKK is not nonviolent

    The KKK is not in fact nonviolent. Several plots of the KKK to blow up certain buildings and people have been uncovered. For example: In 1997, three Klansmen and a Klanswoman—Edward Taylor, Jr., Shawn Dee Adams, Catherine Dee Adams, and Carl Waskom, Jr.—were arrested for plotting a series of terrorist acts in north Texas, including an attack on a natural gas processing plant. This would merely serve as a diversion for a $2 million armored car robbery designed to finance further acts. They were caught and pleaded guilty. In March 2006, six members of the Nation’s Knights of the Ku Klux Klan pleaded guilty to a variety of weapons and conspiracy charges in connection with an illegal gun trading scheme in the early 2000s to finance a plan to blow up the Johnston County, North Carolina, courthouse. In August 2005, North Georgia White Knights member Daniel James Schertz pleaded guilty to building pipe bombs designed to blow up buses carrying Mexican and Haitian migrant workers from Tennessee to Florida. In November 2005, he received a 170-month federal prison sentence.
    Several other cases of attempted terrorism by the KKK have been uncovered, and in all cases the KKK members plead guilty.

  • They murdered people

    The Kl Klux Klan has a long history of killing and terrorising of supposedly non whites which I think is racist.I do respect the no side of this argument .They massacred and lynched people for just a stupid lie made up by pathetic liars hundreds of years ago.They burned down homes and many other atrocities because of racism and sectarianism.

  • The opinion of a 16 year old girl.

    Humans cannot move forward while being manifested in irate behaviors. How can we be the United States of America if we aren't united? Immigrants are what make up America. America is rooted in immigrants and if you disagree, look up your family history and see where you really come from. It is ignorant to focus on one race when we should be focusing on the whole species.

  • What about black people's freedom?

    KKK doesn't care saying black people is the reason of all bad things happening in America and this hate speech can, and actually does, lead to violence and extreme hate against black men and women who should have the same rights as white people. Anyway, although they're supposed to have the same freedoms and rights, black people don't often have any of them because of the type of hate and violence speech KKK and other similar organisations have. I defend freedom to speech and agree with the fact that anyone should have the right to say what he or she thinks, BUT, only when those opinions don't go through other people's freedom. As it is said, your freedom ends where other people's freedoms start, and this is exactly what happens with KKK's speech against black people. You have to be free as far as your freedom doesn't mean other's captivity. Freedom, respect and equality. None of them can be understood without the other.

  • They need to be punished

    We Cant go forward while the KKK are still around it would be easier to get rid of them. I hear everyday that we should be treated the same but nobody ever is the 1st thing to do to get our fair world together and They also need to be punished Yes they have right to speaking out but Racist remarks and what they did in the past need to be punished. They need to learn that everyone in the world is accepted and I'm Not black, not Mixed race I am white and some of my closest friends are black. When WW2 was over every Nazi was hunted down and punished and the KKK Should be given the same Punishment

  • It should be completely ilegal to represent the KKK in any way. That would really benefit America

    The KKK began in Pulaski TN around 1865 and guess what the first group did? They killed African American people mainly. Anybody who represents them is representing that. Since then they´ve murdered thousands and it´s a terrible influence on ignorant people. Donald Trump, who seems to have good judgement should make this happen. Focusing on preserving a race is a stupid excuse. All categories of the white race including Nordic(which is smallest group) will never end and there´s no threat of them ending. Each category is bigger than ever today and also each race tends to attract itself most often. But the KKK is using some tactics to manipulate confused individuals. They really should be ilegal

  • How is this even a question?

    The kkk much like the nazis are a hate group that has performed more hate crimes through history than anyone can count, but yet has faced no punishment. They've disrupted the peace and progress of the American society for too long. Everyday that goes by that no one is acting to do anything to disban the kkk is another day gone by that minorities in this country loses hope and trust in it. It further promotes he belief that America does not want equality nor equity for the American people but instead control and power over, to continue to progress off of the hard labor and mistreatment of minorities.

  • The KKK Is A Terrorist Group

    The KKK is and has always been a terrorist organization. Hezbollah carries out nonviolent political activities, just as the Klan does. They also do rocket attacks. The rocket attacks are the reason they are a terrorist group and not a political party. The Klan also does hate crimes and lynchings.

    Our media misses the story when it portrays these violent attacks by white supremacists as lone wolf attacks by disgruntled individuals. These are terror attacks by a loosely-organized terrorist movement with leadership and members rosters, and that movement should not be tolerated. White supremacists have a vast network of gangs inside and outside prison that organize their crimes and carry them out in a paramilitary structure. It's like we're tolerating an insurgency, ignoring the violence and saying they have a right to free speech, as if speech is the only thing they do. Joining the Klan is just like joining ISIS.

    Same with neo-Nazis. Why, after fighting a war to defeat Nazi Germany in which millions and millions of people died, did we ever decide it was acceptable for a Nazi Party to form in our country? What good is upheld in defending the rights of fascists? Fascists don't believe in rights, so they shouldn't have any. Fascists should have the right to one bullet, in the brain.

  • Ban all murderous groups. They are Christian terrorists. They have more members than even isil.

    They misuse Christianity and race as the basis of their violence similar to how isil misuses Islam. No where does the first ammendment say that freedom of expression is permissible at the expense of terrorizing innocent minorities.

    If they are allowed to operate on that basis then so should other terrorist organizations.

  • The KKK is a pro American group.

    The KKK was a great organization the rumors of them killing have never been proven. A lot of crimes were done by the F.B.I and blamed on the KKK. Look into FBI agent Gary Thomas Rowe who helped kill Viola Liuzzo and blamed on the Klan. The Klan used to have carnivals and fairs for kids. They had orphanages for the kids with out family and helped widows. They also built Mt.Rushmore the Klan is a southern movement been here 150 years and will be here 150 more.

  • Not banned, just kept under heavy pressure and scrutiny

    Unlike the Nazis and Fascists, I think the Klan needs to be watched more severly as they are more likely to commit racially motivated murders than anyone else. But at the moment they're no threat. Just a buncha hateful beings that are brainwashed by Christian fundamentalist hatred. So I believe they should be watched.

  • No. They shouldn't be banned.

    As much as i want their group to go away, It is unconstitutional to go against the freedom of speech. The kkk and their people are disgusting, as for many years they murdered blacks, which is not what God wants. I'm my opinion, the kkk and their people are almost non-human evil individuals, but they still have the right to do and say what they want in a peaceful manner

  • Yes, But They Should Be Watched

    So long as the KKK remains non-violent, the should be free to organize. Freedom of speech applies to ignorant, hateful people, too. However, the moment they are credibly linked to sponsoring an act of violence, they become a terrorist organization and should be as such. Right now, however, that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, because they have a right to free speech.

    The KKK may be offensive, but as long as their speech falls under the first amendment, it shouldn't be banned. As long as they're not actively attacking people, they have the right to free speech. Free speech means letting people voice themselves, even if their obscene opinions offend other people.

  • No they have the right to assemble

    The KKK is an awful society with an awful history of murder, racism and persecution. The group, however, has the right to peacefully assemble and say and do whatever they want as long as they don't break any laws. Even if one group of the KKK establishment lynches someone, the government doesn't have the power to ban the entire KKK across the nation.

  • They Shouldn't be Banned

    The KKK should not be banned. I think racist people are horrible and do not agree with many of this organization's beliefs, but they have freedom of speech like the rest of us. Banning them would be violating that. There are other ways to deal with the KKK. Banning is not smart.

  • There is no way we cam

    People of the KKK are evil, supporting the KKK is evil. But freedom of speech is what America was founded on. That is what's great about our country, we can say what we please, or could until the leftists took over.
    So, lemme get this straight, the majority of us are saying that a little "hate speech" is stronger than the Constitution of the United States?

  • No, they shouldn't.

    The Ku Klux Klan has a history of terrorism and murder. They should be arrested and and all that good stuff, but its the freedom of speech and petition and more! We can't take away the rights of these people just cause they don't like African Americans. That would go against everything the United States stands for. Liberty and freedom.

  • They have the same rights we do

    The KKK using the same constitution as us, they do not deserve to be punished for believing in something. Even though I dislike them, they have the same rights we do. In the past years, the KKK has not made many major headlines, after all they mostly host picnics, marches and speeches, kind of like our president.

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