• Yes, Black Lives Matter Leader Should Be Jailed

    Considering the leader of the movement Black Lives Matter was arrested for sex trafficking a seventeen year old girl, yes, he should be jailed. All lives mater, you see, no matter color or race or age or sex. So even the life of a seventeen year old young lady who has made some bad decisions matters.

  • If they commit crimes, then yes

    Just because they are black and fighting for equality shouldn't excuse them from facing punishment if they break the law. You can't arrest them for being in a group - you may as well arrest Christians, feminists, etc, but if they break the law then they should be arrested and held in jail just like everyone else.

  • No, but we can certainly continue to call the movement for the farce that it is.

    #BLM is a racist, cop-hating bully movement that is chalked full of misinformation and misrepresented statistical data. While I don't blame them directly for any violence perpetrated against police, I also give them a big fat F-minus for their effectiveness on bridging racial divides in America.

    Let's be clear, this movement is not asking for equal rights, they are basically just asking cops to leave black people alone. They take people like Michael Brown (found to be the guilty aggressor by TWO grand juries and the Black attorney general Eric Holder) and hold them up as their poster children for this hate-filled movement operating under the guise of equal rights.

  • Although the BLM movement is bad...

    You can't jail anyone until they've ACTUALLY committed a crime. So even though the BLM movement is racist & counter-productive, they have done nothing illegal (as a whole), so you can't jail people simply for being a part of the BLM movement.

    It's like Westboro Baptist Church - they're hateful and they've been banned from multiple countries, but they're still allowed in the USA because they have freedom of speech as long as they don't hurt anyone... Regardless of how hateful or counter-productive their speeches are.

  • No, it would only make them martyrs for their cause.

    While their beliefs stem from the right place, Black Lives Matter's actions are aggressive, disruptive, and serve only to reinforce the narrative they're trying to shatter. However, jailing their leaders would only make them martyrs for their cause. BLM would hold up their incarcerated leaders as examples of unfair prejudice and bigotry towards black people, and use it to fuel further aggressive actions.

  • No, the Black Lives Matter leaders should not be jailed.

    The leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement should not be jailed. However, some of them should tone down their violent rhetoric toward police officers. Furthermore, the leaders should not incite violent acts and rioting by protestors. Even though some of the leaders may have used questionable tactics to promote the cause of Black Lives Matter, it does not mean that they belong in jail.

  • No the leaders have done nothing illegal.

    Are there even leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement? Unless someone has broken a law, they should not be jailed. A movement asking for equal rights, which should not even have to happen in 2016, is doing nothing illegal. Any individual who commits a crime should be charged appropriately.

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