Should the legal drinking age be increased (yes) or decreased (no)?

  • It should be 21.

    Well, when you are 18 you are still going to college and your mind isn't fully developed, and you aren't done growing. You could be a alcoholic at the age of 18 and fail in school, who would want that? Definitely not me. I wouldn't want to watch people failing in school because they are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Would you?

  • Change It To 18

    I believe we are foolish if we do not believe people between the ages of 18 and 21 drink and sometimes they do it quite often. I think everything would be much simpler if the age was dropped down to 18, the same as it is for cigarettes. This age group is already drinking, let's make it legal for them.

  • Decrease the drinking age

    The legal drinking age should be lowered to 18 for a few good reasons. Reason number one is: if a person is old enough to be considered an "adult" in the eyes of the law, they should have the freedom to drink. Reason number two: If a person is old enough to be drafted into the military they should have the freedom to drink.

  • It should be decreased.

    I am personally biased, since I'm 16. But whatever. With that declaration out of the way, I can begin. I think parents should be able to make the assessment as to whether or not a child is ready for it. Let's face it, most people my age ARE really stupid. We do make bad choices, it comes along with the hormones. Even I do. But alcohol is about being responsible, and I think as long as you are responsible enough, you should have it. There IS no age when someone becomes responsible, and honestly, I believe that 18 year olds are probably more mature and accountable than 21 year olds.

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