We're adults! And in most cases we can buy it anyways? I am a 16 year old and honestly I can just go to the liquor store in my town and can buy anything there anytime I want. I just did the other day! Did you know us teenagers are more likely to binge drink because we don't know the next time we're going to get a bottle? Instead of letting us experiment alone with friends, bring us out into bars, restaurants, clubs etc. And properly show us how to drink..

  • Yes

    If people can start drinking earlier in life, they will not see drinking a such a taboo. It will not make you cool if you drink at an younger age, becuase it wouldn't be against the law. Staticics have shown that no matter what age drinking starts, that car crashes occour. Kids will learn how to handel alcohol if the can drink it from a younger age, and will not make a big deal of it. In other countries, their are no age limlits on drinking, and there are less alcohol problems there. They learn how much alcohol is enough, and don't think of it as something to make them cool.


    Drinking shouldn't be legal at all in my opinion, but since it is, the age should be lowered to 18. If you can go fight for our Country at age 18, why should you not be allowed to drink alcohol too? It just doesn't make sense. A 21 year old will get in as much trouble drinking that an 18 year old can.

  • Yes, the legal drinking age should be lowered to 18

    It is unfair for a human being to be able to serve in the army and defend his country, but not be allowed to drink alcohol. Kids are going to get alcohol anyway, and a high drinking age promotes binge drinking early because they do not grow up with a mature approach towards alcohol.

  • The reasons why the drinking age should be lowerd

    If you are 18 and caught drinking you would have an infraction on your record which would prevent many opportunity's for these people such as loans etc. but if its legal there going to be given the same opportunity's as everyone else. Plus this will strongly have a positive effect on the economy. Even tho it is illegal now everyone still dose it so there is no point in making it illegal if no one is actually doing anything about it there's no point on keeping it illegal.

  • Die & smoke

    If you're old enough to die for the United states and smoke, you should be old enough to drink. Rather they lower the age limit or not, teens are still going to drink. Have you all thought about the fact that teens may just drink to show rebellion? Think about it !

  • If we are old enough to..

    If we are old enough to get married, buy tobacco products, vote, drive, own our own home, and get a tattoo, which are all pretty big responsibilities, i think we should be able to drink, we are offically adults when we are 18 so why not give us ALL the responsibiliries, or maybe even give it a test run!

  • I May Only Be 15 but Even I Understand

    Many supporters of the current drinking age will argue that should the drinking age be lowered than the amount of alcohol induced car accidents will increase substantially. I believe this is untrue due to research showing that should the drinking age be lowered the currently underage drunk drivers wouldn't feel the need to drive. Studies show that most underage drinkers drive themselves and their friends home only because they could get in legal trouble should they try and get a ride home elsewhere. It is also argued that brain development is not entirely complete at the age of 18 and that more impulsive decisions are made at this time. While this may be true, if the drinking age was lowered to 18 the impulsive decisions made would have less to do with alcohol. Being that the drink would be legal, it take the adrenaline out of the act which is the rush people are looking for when they are making these decisions, take it out of the equation and I would argue that most 18 year olds would not binge drink just because the rush would no longer be there. On the topic of binge drinking I would like to argue that the reason the rate is so high for underage drinkers to consume so much at one time is not because they don't posses control over their actions or just make the decision because it sounds fun, they choose to drink more than they know is necessary because they are unsure when they will get another drink. For underage drinkers large parties may be their only time to get a drink and so more people tend to binge drink, whereas if the drinking age was lowered there would be a significant decrease in the amount of binge drinkers in this age range. The argument of keeping the drinking age the same is to save americas children and the youth. I would like to point out that if the drinking age is lowered to 18 you would still be saving americas children because in this country turning 18 means you are legally an adult. At the age of 18 men and women have the option to join the military and witness the horrors of war, and their votes have a say in who will lead our great nation. 18 year olds can be arrested and go to jail for their crimes, and they have the right to buy a cigarette no matter the health risks. I would like to question why do we think it is alright that an 18 year old can go to war and risk/possibly lose their life so that someone only 3 years older than them can have a drink. People can argue it is because 18 year olds are not mature enough to handle alcohol but neither are many 40 year olds.

  • It should be a YES.

    I'm 25 and personally, at the end of the day.. People 21+ over to the damn 50's can cause accidents because of alcohol.. It's not because how young they are, it's all about responsibility!!! How the hell is it right that someone who is 18 can't drink but can die for someone else 21+ to drink and in the future may get DWI. Like seriously.. You can't judge someone off their age.. People are all raised differently and some of these teens are far more
    Mature than people my age.. I'm all for making it legal. People under 18 will drink and people who have DWI's will drink & drive regardless.

    18+ -> drinking age.

  • Why hasn't this been changed already???

    If you have the maturity to own a gun, choose someone to spend the rest of your life with, vote, and slowly kill yourself with cigarettes, why are you deemed unable to drink alcohol by the government? The majority of the world has their legal age set at 18 and there are no issues. What's the hold up?

  • Think on it.

    In the U.S ALONE every 12 minutes a person dies from drinking and driving most are 16-20 years old. If we lower the drinking age it will do nothing to decrease those numbers. It will only INCREASE the death toll. Think on it, you have a kid of your own (if you don't then pretend or use your imagination) and one night he/she will go out and get drunk get behind the wheel and wind up the next day buried 6 feet below the ground. How will it make you feel knowing that he was drunk, saw him staggering toward the car but yet you didn't say a darn thing about it. How do you feel now that you have a death on your hands that you could of prevented? So point being proven, keep it at 21. More kids just might get a slap of reality before then and realize drinking at 18 is the most stupid thing anyone could ever think of doing.

  • No. If the legal drinking age were lowered, it would pose threats to not only the drinkers themselves, but other people.

    Young people are notorious for binge drinking and this leads to many dangerous problems. Drunk-driving rates are highest among drinkers 21 to 25 years of age (23%). And this is just legal drinkers. An additional 17% were people ages 16 to 20.
    Drinking greatly affects proper brain development. Even after 21, a person's brain is still developing. Drinking affects social skills, communication, behavior, motor skills, coordination, memory, and even cell count.
    People can argue that they have other rights at 18, but the legal age is 21 for a reason. Lowering the legal age to drink alcohol will do more harm than good to anyone involved with alcohol.

  • No, the Legal Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered to 18

    The legal drinking age should not be lowered to 18 simply because alcohol is one of the leading causes of death in this country. I realize that young people who are determined to drink themselves to death are not going to be deterred by the legal drinking age, however the research is solid and we should not help them along in their quest for alcohol. We should do everything we can to keep kids from drinking for as long as possible.

  • Absolutely Not

    The legal age to drink should not be lowered to 18. Studies have shown that individuals at that age are still developing cognitively, meaning that their brains are not fully developed yet. This is why teenagers are more apt to engage in impulsive behaviors and dangerous acts. Therefore, individuals at this age would be more likely to binge drink as well as drink and drive. Lowering the drinking age will only give them more ammunition to harm themselves and others.

  • Brain is Not Fully Developed

    While we may be adults at 18, our brains do not fully develop until our mid-20s. There is a neurotoxin in the teenage brain that makes it more susceptible to the harm done by alcohol abuse. Teens who drink before 21 are up to 60% more likely to become dependent on alcohol later in life. In addition, in Europe, where they have a lower drinking age, there is more youth crime, rape, injury, alcoholism, and bring drinking.

  • Kids are not yet responsible enough to drink at this age.

    Of course there are people who are 18 who join the military and obviously they are responsible enough other wise they wouldn't be doing something so brave. But yet all the other 18 year old in the united states may not be as responsible which cause fatal accidents and alcohol poising.

  • Mature...I Dont Think So.

    People now days are not as mature as we would like to make them out to be. Not only are we still in our party phase, but I’m almost positive there would be more fatal fatalities due to drinking and driving in the younger age group. 2010 had estimated 17,000 deaths in the 18-25 age groups. Let’s protect our youth.

  • Stupid idea overall

    Its dangerous and a risk to others and of course it will cause binge drinking! You can hurt people in car crashes in not only your car but it will hurt people in other cars too! Also the brain does not fully mature until the age of 21 so you could cause permanent damage to the brain!

  • The legal drinking age should not be lowered to 18.

    I believe that the drinking age should not be lowered to 18 because if it was lowered to 18, they would still be able to drink; even if it is against the law. The government need to think about something more reasonable and support their decision. It would make the teenagers become more furious and they might cause war.

  • No! They Shouldn't.

    18 year olds are too stupid to understand the damage alcohol can cause. They are still teenagers and not mature enough to handle the effects of what alcohol will cause. Drinking is one of the main reasons 16-18 year olds are getting pregnant. These kids saying that they are mature enough for alcohol are just stupid. But,if they wanna die early from alcohol poisoning or liver and kidney failure let them go ahead and die. They made the stupid choice if they are dumb enough to drink then they deserve the consequences and I will laugh when they die from it because I told them it was a stupid decision.

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