• The driving game should be lowered.

    Teens are responsible because what happens if your parent is still asleep when you have to go to school? What would you do then, and what if your school is far away and you don't have a way to get to school? Also, most car crashes are caused by people who were under DUI.

  • Driving is not that hard

    Im 13 I've been able to drive since i was 9 its not that hard when ever we hit a dirt road we hop out i drive and ive never done any thing wrong when driving i stopped at stop signs i've never hit anything and its crazy easy for me and children tend to be more cautious from the fear of getting into an accident yet adults tend to get "sloppy" after years of safe driving.

  • They have jobs they need to get to

    They have jobs by the age of 14. It is a pain when us parents have to drive our kids around every where.I really think that the age should be lowered to licence at 15 and permit at 14. They just shouldn't drive at night. This is why I think that.

  • To many accidents

    If the age is lowered the amount of accidents will go so much more higher I think the age should go up to 21 that why you have matured and don't really know want to go out and drink. You will be more responsible and more reliable. The fact that people want to make the age 16 do you really want your kids to die. They will only focu on driving and not there school work.

  • Do you want the world to blow up!?!?!?!?!?

    If adults cant alwasy make the right dision how can we expect a child to!?!?!? The death toll would go through the roof! More mourning familys sueing the governament means the government will take our money to pay the kids funerls !!
    Im 13 and even i think this is a bad idea!!!!! Dx

  • No the legal driving age should not be lowered.

    The government should not lower the driving age because 14/15-year-olds are not mature and responsible enough. Lowering the age is even worse than raising it. Even though some say that lowering the age is giving them more expariance, they are simply wrong. It will only cause more crashes and accidents.

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