• I crossed the road

    And then i wanted to get a job when i was 14 so i went to get a job but i was too young so i left and then i got mugged but i had no money because i didnt have a job so thats why the legal working age should be lowered

  • Yes 14 should be the working age.

    What are they suppose to do steal money from there parents. No they should go and work for it. What you work for is what you earn. And that is a great life lesson. And some teenagers want to retire early that way they can enjoy life in the future.

  • Hell ya it should be lower

    I am currently 14 and have been farming since i was 6. It so cool working to make money and learn the value of a dollar. I have a 40 acre sheep farm. I do anything from Driving a tractor with a hay rake down the road to feed animals to fix barns. Its a good thing to know how to do but you cant be some city person to do it.

  • Yessss def fo sure

    It should so people can become more responsible and independent. Children can learn to support their family and make a living for them. My father started driving and working at 8 and he is the most sucessful person i know. So i say yes and the working age should be lowered too.

  • Heck yeah it should be lowered

    I think so because eth n I could get a job and help raise money for my family and help to buy us a new home but then I could also save my mom new to save the environment and. Help prevent animal obus. And also it doesn't even have to be all stores.

  • Yes the age should be lowered

    Some kids are capable of being responsible and some are not. Kids who are responsible enough will pass a job interview with flying colors. Of course the kids who are not responsible enough will not get the job because they will most likely not pass the job interview. Not every kid is unresponsible.

  • Yes they should

    People of any age deserves to make money. Children and teenagers need to learn how to responsibly use money and what better way than to actually get a job. Hands on experience will always pay off in the future. Also it will give them a chance to make money so that they can start a savings account, checking account, and maybe even start investing. According to Damien Hearse, “I think it’s important for everyone to make money, because the lack of it is so painful” (Hearse). Lets face it, teenagers love money. Or maybe they just love to spend it… Either way, when they are stopped from making money they will definitely feel it. People might say, “They can deal with it.” But that’s not fair, if they are getting a job, then they are working for money, they aren't just stealing money to spend, they are an active member of the economy.

    If the child/teenager is not capable of working the job and not responsible enough, they won’t make the interview; they won’t be hired. According to Edward de Bono, “Teaching thinking to unemployed youngsters for just 5 hours can increase their chance for getting a job by almost 500%” (Edward de Bono). Some people say that it will be annoying having a bunch of kids running around in the workplace, but they wouldn’t hire those kinds of people!

    Lots of people argue that changing this law to a younger age would promote child labor. Parents could force their kids to work and pay the parents their earnings. This could be solved by two things: Make every child a private bank account that their parents don’t have access to. Also, we would probably make a law that they cannot work at labor jobs, mines, mills etc. These two things would solve that problem. According to The Trouble with Child Labor Laws, “Might these folks have something to offer the workplace? And might the young benefit from a bit of early work experience, too?...” They also state, “The government doesn't seem to mind so much if a kid spends all non-school hours away from the home, family, and church, but it forbids them from engaging in private-sector work during the time when they would otherwise be in public schools drinking from the well of civic culture.” (Mises Daily Articles). To summarize, people don’t seem to care when teens are out doing things with their friends or just whatever, but the second they try to spend that free time being a good member of society, then all of the sudden, that’s a problem.

    People of any age deserve to be able to have a job. People need to realise that not every young person is incapable of being responsible enough to have a job, that they have the right to make money, and it would not promote child labor likes lots of people claim. If they weren’t responsible enough for the job, then they would not make the interview.

  • Yas ppl need work

    Ppl need work mosty teens but some kids lke myself need food money and other stuff if kids could work i bet life would be amazing im only 17 but i know how hard it is for kids to womder around some kids parents wouldt even feed him/her its cruel

  • Yes it should be lowered

    Kids could pay for college and for a house or tax . Also they could help pay for food, clothes, and more . They could also buy a car and save it in tell they are 16 and then they don't have to worry about buying a car that time.

  • Yes they schould

    As a 14 year old, i want to prove that at such age more than 65% of us are capable of taking matterable dessions knowing the consequenses.An ability of trying out a job is a good apportunity for this generation. It doesnt have to be full time instead it can be limited at first, and as the age increases the working hours can be more segnificant. You have to understand that not all 14 yearold teenages are immature and physically uncapable of such weight upon then, on the other hand i would reasure you its not the case. I am a foreigner and I have already learned 3 languages ( Spanish , French, English as well as Russian being my 1st). For myself i can say that i am willing to prove my ability and i dont think that im any different from any other 14 year old. The more earlier you will beggin to practice working the sooner and earlier you will understand the real meaning of hard working. Tennagers should be aloud to do so. If you think that 14 is too low then give it a try at least by lowering the employment age to 16. We are no longer Children most of us at 14 get a passport and a responsibility to look after such an important documen, so how would it be different to allow 14 year olds to work 2-3 hours after schools?

  • Legal Working Age Should Not Be Lowered

    No, the legal working age should not be lowered to 14 as even young teenagers deserve to have their time to themselves. 16 years old is a great age to start teaching the responsibility of work, but teens even as old as 15 deserve to have time to themselves and not yet have to work.

  • The legal working age should not be lowered to 14.

    I believe that the legal working age should not be lowered to 14. Kids needs to be kids during their teenage years and not have to worry about holding a job. In addition, many kids lack the maturity needed to hold a job. Mistakes could be made and injuries or death could result.

  • 14 and 15 year olds do not know how to use thier brains yet

    The minimum working age should be 16. Kids younger then 16 really do not know to use their brain in high intense situation. Common sense to 14 and 15 year olds do not exsist. As some one in higher authority at my job these kids literally ask me how to make there next move every minuet of the day. They are immature and not really and really can not condone themselves around adults. Also there that whole time restriction thing where they can only work a fe hors a day

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  • No it should not

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Jamaican_me_craazy says2014-09-10T21:22:43.263
In my defense, I don't believe that children at age 14 should only have to focus on school and having fun. I strongly disagree with lowering the legal working age is wrong because in my point of view that is depriving kids from enjoying their childhood.