Should the London mayor Sadiq Khan have banned unrealistic body images from transport advising?

  • Yes, unrealistic body images harm young girls' self esteem

    There is no reason for transport to show unrealistic or harmful images. Many impressionable young women and girls take transport and I think that the mayor has the right to ban certain types of harmful advertising. We wouldn't want other kinds of harmful advertising on public transport either, such as booze or cigarettes, so I think it's the right call. We need to start doing something to let women know that there is no wrong way to have a body.

  • Yes he should

    I am glad that Sadiq Khan banned the unrealistic body images from transport advertising. People - mostly women - are too obsessed with what the perfect body shape is. The decision came after a Protein World ad asked women if they were "beach body ready". It sparked almost four hundred complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority last year. Sadiq Khan is doing what the public wants, not what the advertisers want.

  • No, then he's gonna go after mini skirts, "exposed =indecently non-covered women" and before you know it, London goes under the Sharia law.

    Wait, so we have to ban adverts of sexy women now because women who are less attractive find them too distressing to see. Well, I guess we'll have to force all women aged 16 - 30 to wear the burka while riding the Tube then. After all, we can't have them flaunting their young, sexually attractive bodies, to the distress of all around them. You might want to rethink this policy, Sadiq.

  • No, because no bodies are unrealistic.

    The main complaint is that the body standards are unrealistic but they are not. With average weight rapidly rising and obesity rates increasing, smaller bodies are becoming less normal. It is possible to achieve a slim, toned body and to advertise those bodies without promoting eating disorders. It seems as though the mayor is pandering to the few who find the image of a small body unappealing or offensive, when really promoting fast food and junk food items should be banned from public transport to curb the obesity epidemic.

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