• 18 is too young to make an poorly informed decision to die.

    The military starts recruiting students in middle school through, for example, STEM programs. War is not discussed. Brain development is very incomplete at 18, and recruiters take advantage of students' risk-taking behavior and lack of consideration of consequences. If the age were raised to 21, there would be far fewer kids enrolling- which tells us that we are depending on recruiting too young people to keep our chronic wars going.

  • Yes it should

    The age to be drafted should definitely be raised to at least 21. It is crazy that you can not buy an alcoholic drink but can be enlisted into the military. The government should not have this kind of control. I believe that high school seniors that are drafted should have the option to go back to school or join.

  • Unfair or not old enough

    Personally since they have changed the "Legal" vaping age to 21 it has been brought to my attention that maybe we are to young to join. How could it be that once you turn 18 years of age that you are to be considered an adult but yet can buy alcohl or even cig's but yet be able to sign your life away for at least 3 years at the age of 18?

  • Definitely should be raised.

    In the Army, it's basically Hell on Earth. In WW1, thousands upon thousands of young men went to go do what old men are to do. And many of them died. Vietnam, of 14,000 died under the age of 25. Iraq, 23% died before the age of 21. So many young men and women join before they're even 20, leading them to possibly a quicker death. In WW2, the Germans had children fighting up in the Front Lines, something called Hitler Youth. They were literally sent up when they reached 15 at least. Kinda like America, except 17 is the lowest number. Basically, the age should be raised to at least 21, so that thousands of families have to grieve over their child or relatives' death at the age of (example) 20, having a very short life.

  • This is stupid

    If your 18 and you go to war you have so many rights like voting, driving, seeing R rated movies, and many other things but if you can go to war fight for your country and die in a battle why can't you buy beer or any other alcohol drink

  • It should be

    If our military is 18 and goes into a war it could possibly be WW 3 they would have no experience but if you keep it at 18 people should be able to say if they want to join the military and then make the age 21 until you actually have to sign up for the military

  • Yes the military age should be risen.

    The military age to fight overseas should be raised but the age to join should be at 18. This is because our military can get more training and be better evaluated if they are fit to fight overseas so then the ptsd rate in the military will drop. It should also be risen because humans aren't fully developed until they are 25 so 7 years before that is a little naive to have kids be fighting overseas for us.

  • Raise it to 21

    18 year olds whose brains are still maturing shouldn't be allowed to put their life at risk. They are still kids. They lack life experience and are still quite naive about how the world works. Let them get jobs and some higher learning before they make up their minds. Or maybe having it at 18 is the easiest way for the government to snatch them up and mold their highly impressionable minds to do whatever bidding they choose.

  • Don't "change" it. But fix it!

    How about when you are 18 if you sign all of the legal papers necessary you may join the army and follow your plan for the future. This was anyone who had this planned to help them with college or its what they want to do with their life, they may do so. Although we should change the age that they require you to sign up so they can call you to war, to 21. This makes it so people can be more relaxed and not have to worry about it so much, and be able to participate in all of the "adult" aspects of life, but still being able to make the choice to sign up at 18 or 21.

  • If the government is making unfair choices, don't help them.

    First of all I'm 18 years old, I can buy cigaretts, get married without parental consent, adopt a child and be a foster parent, buy and poses a gun, watch an NC-17 movie or play and AO rated game, but I can't drink until 21? The 21 is my favorite number, but it's not fair how the government says I need to go to war if they draft. I can get drafted, but when I come back, I have blood, and almost died, went on a dangerous mission, but the authorities tell me I can't have a beer is totally ridiculous, congress should fire its members because they seem to abuse power. If the old presidents were alive, they could've kept the drinking age at 18. Tell the Feds the 21 law doesn't work and violates civil rights.

  • Why most enlist.

    There are plenty of reasons why people decide to enlist in the military, but the main reasons I came across during my years in the army are: Financial, a "way out" or "better life", citizenship, Schooling (which can fall under financial as well) and tradition. Not everyone is in a situation where where their family is financially stable, so people will enlist and send money home to help the rest of their family or it allows them to remove themselves from the situation allowing a bit of financial relief. People also see it as a "way out" meaning its a way for them to get out of their small town or big city and go see the world (well another state at the very least) for some people they have never even been out of the state they were born. Others see it as means for a better life style. Some have had almost nothing their entire lives and the military will provide them with something more than what they had. The citizenship part is self explanatory. People enlist to make the citizenship process so much easier. School was a huge one I came across. Not everyone can pay that tuition for a higher education so the fact you can go to school for free while serving and getting 36 months of paid college afterwords gives people the chance they may never have had to better themselves. Now the whole tradition thing, people see it as a right of passage and in some families there has been a member of the family severing in every generation. But back to the point. If the age of enlistment gets raised to 21 it effects all sorts of people seeing the military as their only means for them and their families. The people who can't afford college now have to take out loans to pay for school until they are 21, Kids will have to work multiple jobs to help their family with finances, and people will have to wait another 3 years before being able to get out see the world and better their life styles. There's a reason why less than 2% of the U.S. population is a Vet. Or Active duty military, because it takes a certain type of person to enlist. So raising the age will only affect a small percentage of 18 year olds and if you have never thought of enlisting and giving up at the least 3 years of your life you shouldn't have a say on this topic because you will probably never volunteer. It should be left to the people that did volunteer and the parents or families of the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

  • No they should

    To all the people that voted yes, they are you stupid. When you're 18 you should have many rights rights to do many stuff and choices so why not you yes voters look in the mirror and point the finger to yourself and learn that people who are 18 can have rights

  • My name is Theo and I think the age limit should stay at 18

    In the military, they look for young people who are in there prime, when they are more healthy etc. that age is 18. We want to make sure that the people we have in the military are able to keep up and survive on the battlefield or the many weather environments that they could be put through. This is also a time when people become adults. We can get our own place, we can vote, we are able to do things that adults are able to do. One of thoese things that adults can do is the military. So when we are 18 we are adults that is another reason why it should stay. Also military helps with getting into collages and having money and getting jobs. 18 yr olds who want to enlist will have a better chance to get in the collage or a scholarship and to have money to buy their own house and anything else adults need to live on their own or with a partner

  • The age should not be raised

    The age should not be raised because at 18 is where you legally become a adult and you should care for your country and want to help protect your country. I'm about to turn 18 and I want to serve in the military and I think the age should stay the same.

  • Socially and Economically, no

    If the military age were raised to 21 instead of 18, in the United Staes, I believe that would hurt the country in many different ways. First off, many highschoolers have their careers set on going to the military straight out of high school. Also if the age were set at 21, the unemployment rate in the country would increase since more people will want jobs, and those who would have received military help to find jobs would no longer have that benefit. Economically and socially, I feel as though it would be a bad idea to change the age.

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  • One is an adult an can make ones own decision

    You aren't just thrown into the military without training. Everyone starts at the beginning and learns from experience no matter what job one may have. If you are going to change the age to 21 then you have to change the age of all "age related" mile stones to 21 starting with one is not considered an adult until "21" legally and that goes with all the ramifications.

  • It's all about choice

    Just because we have the enlistment age at 18 doesn't mean you are required to join. If you really felt you weren't ready, wait a few years. It's probably going to help this country more if we get a choice. I know a lot of people who are ready for the military at 14 years old, and just imagine what they would do at 18. My point is, don't fix what isn't broken.

  • What about my plan?

    I'm smart, I raise myself and I had a plan. Military forms you into a responsible adult and it a great way to structure yourself out of high school. I'm 17 and military was hopefully my plan. I beg you. Don't change it. Please, see the side of the kids who struggle and miltary is what they hoped for. Think of us .

  • No it should not be

    Many 18 year olds that are getting ready to graduate from high school don’t know what college they want to go to or what they want to do in life. For a lot of them going into the army may seem like a good choice because they want to help people and do good deeds in life. But if they have to wait three years till they are 21 they may have found a good college already and they might not want to be in the army anymore. That does not mean that they will not do good deeds in life but that's one less chance to do something huge that may impact hundreds of peoples lives. What if a great war hero had to wait to join the army at 21 all of the great thing that he or she might have done would’ve never happened even if the heroic events had happened after the age of 21.

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