• I think we should

    I think reinstating the draft is a good idea. Although my ideal draft would look something like this. At age 16, you would recieve your draft letter and you would be summoned to your nearest army centre. You would then be issued your uniform and put straight to work.

    However my idea of what the training would entail is radically different to what most people would think. I think that everyone should be offered a specialisation (say working in the combat engineers if you want an engineering / mechanical career, or placed in a medical unit if you want to be a doctor / paramedic). This would form the apprentice phase of the training. The second phase would include standard military training (primarily focused on character building, physical training, and defensive firearms training). This would be a one year program. Upon completion of the program, you will recieve an official qualification certifying all the skills you learned in your apprenticeship phase (demonstrates skills + hands on experience to employers) as well as a graduation certificate (received at a final unit ceremony) which marks the end of your national service. I believe this form of national service would eliminate the skills shortage seen across the country while producing disciplined, good citizens

    * I also believe that everyone aged 18+ who's capable should be registered as a reservist until age 50, and that all reservists complete a 2 months combat readiness course to refresh all the skills they learned in national service + prepare them in the event they are called into active service.

  • Service to your country.

    I don't think it entirely matters if you are called to service for something you think is unjust. If your country asks upon you, you better damn serve. All people need to learn that to have freedom, you need to give something back, my own life if it need be.

  • Yes because of...

    People in the army are risking their own lives for our freedom although statistics found that while more than three-quarters of Americans over the age of 50 had an immediate family member who had served in the military, among Americans ages 18 to 29, the share was only a third. About 6 in 10 of those ages 30 to 49 have a family member who served. Thats a good chunk of the US population in war to save us from war.

  • Personal Choice.

    The military draft should not be reinstated. There is no major crisis that requires more troops than we have. Those who want to defend the country, do and that is very honorable. However, no one should make them if they feel like they are not able to handle the job. It's a choice.

  • Reinstate Military Draft

    I strongly support reinstatement of the military draft. If one hears public opinion about troop deployment it is often easier to send someone else's kids to war. Mandatory military draft will ensure responsible deployment of troops and burden of troop deployment will be equally shared by all across the nation.

  • We will need more than just ground soldiers.

    If America was to enter another war then we would need other types of soldiers than just ground troops. In today's technological world the military would also need other soldiers, like drone workers and pilots. We would also need people who can disable the offensive and defensive capabilities of the enemy to make it easier on the troops that are on the ground.

  • We'll need more than just soldiers for war.

    If America enters another war then we will need more than just soldiers. The world is becoming more technologically advanced and we will need people to work on or pilot the drones that are becoming a lot more common in the military. Not to mention we will need people to be able to disable the enemies' defenses and offenses to make the war easier for the troops that are on the ground.

  • We all have the right of protection

    Well we all have a right for protection and by being drafted we can learn how to survive in harsh conditions, know how to fight, and know how to spend our time. Nowadays we spend our time on our devices, or just flat out wasting time. So when people say life is too short, just ask them how long they have been on they're devices. That's surely gonna make them think.

  • There should be a draft

    They are not uneccesary deaths, if there was no draft in WW2 there would only be half the amount of troops there were there. That would cause Germany to most likely win. When Germany wins they are obviously gonna invade America. After that they commit mass Genocide of millions of people in painful ways. Without the draft in conflicts like WW2 there would be millions of civillian deaths.

  • The Volunteer force is decreasing rapidly each year.

    I believe the draft should be re-instituted, Today’s society needs a reality check up and the draft would definitely provide one. I think that a draft would cleanse society of today's drama and give people pride and nationalism. There are also wars going on in the Middle East today but no major wars. So we could use the extra troops why'll we wouldn't be putting them up against trained forces but instead insurgents. Soon enough the volunteer force won't be enough to fully supports our military. The draft will be reinstated soon enough. If you don't believe me watch the T.V. The military's trying to recruit by advertising.

  • Don't go backwards.

    It doesn't make sense why the United States should go backwards. Plus, its just generally a stupid idea. Some people may think That it should happen but it shouldn't so just stop trying. And if you are to reinstate it, don't be sexist. Not all men should have to register for the new military draft.

  • Definitely Not In Every Sense

    The draft ends up with people who are unqualified either physically or mentally to withstand the pressure of military life. In addition, the costs tend to outweigh the extra results of adding more people. Finally, the last thing our country needs to worry about is fighting oversees. We first have to control home terrorist attacks as well as racial discrepancys.

  • War is NEVER the answer

    There are times when war may absolutely be required. But we invaded Iraq with no justification. We were terrorists. We do not need a draft because most issues should be handled with diplomacy. War should ALWAYS be the last resort. Trump will gladly send our sons and daughters to build his ego...To show his "army" is bigger. And, yes, our military budget should be greatly reduced, not increased. That budget should go to schools. Our education and health care is the worst of all developed countries.

  • No it shouldn't because alot of people would have leave

    If the military brought back the draft it would be just like ww2 because all the men had to leave, not all but alt and the women would have to fill int them jobs and over more than 24 million people would have to go into and train for the military

  • If you what to join and you have the strength go but life`s to short to be forced.

    Life in the army is hard yes but there are people who know what there doing and can hit the corner of a barn. But people who join and can barely do any work outs and can`t hit the side of a barn should not join the battle it`s a waste of lives and it`s a waste of a lot.

  • Forget the draft

    Forget the draft. I was in the Army back in 1972 and I saw draftees that couldn't do no more than two push ups at the start of basic and three once basic was over. There were others who were borderline retarded or just not cut out for the military.

  • The draft has caused enough pain

    In WW1 there was a total of 4.8 million US soldiers. 2.8 million were drafted into WW1, 38% of those who died in WW1 were drafted that is pain that people did not need to go thourgh. In WW2 33% of all US soldiers death were people who drafted. In the Vietnam war 30.4% of all US soldeirs were who died were drafted. These were all unessary death that did not need to happen.

  • It a pain

    It is just a pain to go do something you don't want..... J/.J j j j j j j j j jjjj jjjj jj j j j j j j n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

  • Its not right

    It is not okay to force people to do something. If we have a draft it can cause us to loose because people who are made to fight might not actually try. People have a right to choose and if you are forced it interferes with your freedom of life

  • Everyone deserves to live their life freely

    Every person deserves to live their life and be able to decide whether or not they join the military. War is a horrible thing. Also, imagine if you were a parent and one day they demand for your child to be taken away to go fight and most likely die. Unless you are inhumane, I highly doubt you will be happy with them going.

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