• Yes, the players get to have fun and get paid outrageous wages.

    Players get paid millions of dollars every year and I find that outrageous because that money does not need to go towards those players especially if they're playing to have fun. I also went to a MLB game and cheered on several players during that game. They won and ironically enough what happened that night or a day or two later? Ryan Braun told our local news station that when we cheer them up that's what gets the team going and moving. Money is not the answer for the players, they have more then enough money. One years salary pay for an average baseball player makes more money then the average citizen can make in his/her lifetime.

  • MLB players make to much.

    MLB players are doing what they love as a job and sure they may be good but I really don't think they are worth millions of dollars a year. I think more of what professional sports make in a year should be spent on funding things for people in need. I do think they should make good money but were to draw the line is hard to say.

  • MLB Doesn't Need Salary Cap

    Since MLB is comprised of privately owned clubs, there's no need for a salary cap. Salaries for baseball players are rising because the owners continue to earn more and more money. Therefore, a salary cap would actually be pretty bad for baseball. Higher player salaries don't hurt privately owned franchises.

  • No, I don't believe the MLB should have a salary cap.

    I believe that if a player is good enough then they should be paid as much as it takes to keep that player on the team. Other professions don't require a salary cap and I think the MLB should be no different. Players are paid so well because they can only play for so long before they're forced into retirement and should be able to pull in as much money as they can for their short time on the field.

  • A MLB Salary Cap is Unecessary

    I do not think a salary cap is professional baseball is necessary. if owner are willing to pay players a lot of money, then I see no problem with the way things are. If player's salaries was that big of a problem, then it would have been brought up in past collective bargaining agreements.

  • Why?

    Why put a salary cap on players? The MLB is bloated with money as it is, there is no reason to suddenly throttle back the cash flow. Greedy players would suddenly demand more pay even though they couldn't spend their salary in a year if they tried. Let the MLB do what they want, they keep the fans entertained, everyone is happy.

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