Should the name Margaret Abbott be just as famous in the golf world as male golfers?

  • Of course it should.

    Didn't Margaret Abbott play the same game of golf that men played? Wasn't Margret Abbott subject to the same rules and regulations as the men? Well, then of course her name should be just as famous in golf as the men's names are. In fact, it should be more famous because she probably had to deal with busloads of demeaning chauvinists her whole life.

  • Yes, Margaret Abbott should be as famous in the world of golf as male golfers

    Yes, Margaret Abbott should be as famous in the world of golf as male golfers. Margaret Abbott was the first woman from the USA to win a gold medal in the Olympics. She won this medal in gold. A male who had accomplished this victory would certainly be more well-known.

  • Women golfers should be equally recognized.

    The name Margaret Abbott should absolutely take its place among the names of famed male golf greats. I think that the successes of women in any sport, golf included, should be celebrated just as much as their male counterparts. Bringing more attention to the accomplishments of brilliantly talented women like Margaret Abbott can only help to promote a positive image of the sport of golf and hopefully encourage other women to engage in the sport.

  • Margaret Abbott contributed more to golf than many famous males

    Interest in the game of golf is waning primarily because it is extremely difficult for beginners and very expensive. This exclusive attitude hurts the game and industry of golf. Margaret Abbott and her accomplishments could be used to demonstrate that the game is welcoming and available to anyone with a passion for the sport.

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