Should the national government censor the media in order to protect the public?

  • Yes, the media should be censored for children.

    Media should be censored to protect young children because children don't know what is real or make-believe. Their minds are manipulated because they think zombies are real and start panicking and freaking out. The truth is they are afraid to talk about it because of how media affects their minds. Media gives children low self esteem and obesity, instead of playing outside children are watching tv or playing video games.

  • Life comes before free speach.

    It is not feasible to let people or companies produce media that is harmful to others. It should be regulated because people are not killed over an opinion. Also, note that the people who want to free media can't even spell the word opinion. If you can't even spell it correctly should you really voice it?

  • (Where do they think children, get the idea of shooting people) Our programming has killing, raping, and shooting in everything I see on the TV.

    I turn the TV every night, to protect my child from all of the
    constant shows with killing, shooting, raping. Every single channel seem to have something about these things, is there any form of censorship. What do we do to try and protect our children from violence. Its everywhere, I hope somehow congress can help protect our children from the environment of violence, that we are forced to watch. What happen to programs like Touched by an Angel, Father Knows Best, our children needs more smiles.

  • Media should be censored to save inocense

    Access to everything is bad. I hope you all agree. Censorship prevents the wrong or invalid things to be passed to the public. Children should not get access to things which are not meant for them. This ccan affect their lives, their upbringing. This censorship prevents violence ,adult scenes to be telecasted.

  • Media must be censored but not in all subjects

    In my opinion media must be censored in issues such as violent against human kind or immoral matter that can be harmful for family. If it is not censored step by step bad messages from that kind of program will accepted by community and they lose some of the basis moral tenets. And it will be very dangerous in my view.

  • Censorship in the media may be better than unrestricted opinions.

    Currently, our country is embroiled in partisan politics partially flamed by the partisan media. Outlets such as Fox News which deliberately spread untrue statements such as the fact that Obama is not born in the United States should be shut down. On the other spectrum, Keith Obermann should also be censored for his inflammatory remarks on the left. News should be news and not anything else.

    Posted by: Random59387
  • Miley Cyrus' shocking behavior on the VMA

    Our children should not be exposed to this type of behavior which belongs in a strip joint with only adult entry. I myself, as an adult do not want to be exposed to this type of behavior. The "respect" factor is totally gone from most TV shows today with actions, language, and violence coloring how American's behave now.

  • Remember they are talking about kids, not adults.

    Everybody that is disagreeing is making no since because the topic is if it should be censored for children not adults. It can cause children to make decisions they’re going to regret. On television it shows profanity, nudity, violence, and obscenity and allowing your child to watch that is endangering all of us. I know that they will experience many of those encounters but that doesn’t mean they should at an early age because it can affect the way they talk, dress, act, and learn or their attention span.

  • Yes, it prevents wars.

    For example, if a person of one religion murdered someone of another religion, and it wasn't censored on the news, there would be wars starting between the religions, which could potentially lead the country to become a nation like Israel, (not having anything against the country itself). Censorship can prevent this occurring.

  • Stop putting on negative and shocking and violent and horror news on our television stations during the day

    Stop putting on negative and shocking and violent news on our television stations during the day . We are bombarded with horror and our children are becoming anxious. Children are becoming fearful and are asking why people are so unkind and showing us the horror of war. I generally watch shows that have no violent content . We are interrupted by the news bulletin every half hour. The news has more violence. Our children are taught to get along and be kind to others . Our children are growing up with mixed messages . Every time the news bulletin comes on i have turn it off as my toddler and my older children are questioning and are becoming fearful traumatized from hearing about killings murders fatal car crashes and the war

  • It shouldn't be censored

    Why should we censor the media? Everybody has there own right to express themselves in different ways even if it is violently. If we censor the media then nobody will know the truth of what's going on in the world. Not only that it will put us into a communist styled government.

  • No, that would be biased and propaganda.

    When media is censored, it can easily be used to manipulate the public. It is bias because it is media that is controlled by the government, which means it is only news that the government will allow us to know. Everyone has a right to know the truth about what is going on in their country and around the world.

  • Political correctness shouldn't be the norm.

    Political correctness will not become the norm, censoring all content that offends people from the media. We have our First Amendment, which defends our freedom of speech, press, and religion. However, there are many who take it upon themselves to incessantly scrutinize and block that which doesn’t appeal to them. Once you censor people’s options, you potentially censor their ability to freely express themselves. Do we really need to be censored in a country that allows us the freedom of speech?

  • Parents stop being lazy

    Parents already have the ability to stop their children accessing porn on the internet. They don't because they are too stupid and lazy to do it so they want everything to be childproofed for them. I will be opting out not because I want access to porn but because I am an adult and will choose what I want to see either on the tube or the net.

  • Censorship is communist

    Censorship prevents people from gaining access to knowledge that shouldn’t really be restricted or kept out of bounds. The spread and sharing of information is stifled. Instead of running a story about corruption in the government they will be strong-armed to do a story about a 103 year old woman instead. When polled over 86% of people said this was wrong because they have a right to know. If people don’t have the ability to seek as much information as they want, and if new creative works are not encouraged then society as a whole cannot evolve. Press is not free to report what it believes to be important.

  • No they should not. It should be the parents or your on call

    To some people that can watch certain things censorship if annoying. I mean come on, when it is late night mostly only adults are up anyway so why censor stuff. People chose what they watch so if you do not like the language of some shows or the content then dont watch them. As for kids it should be the parents responsibility to know what the kid is watching. Many companies like direct-tv now offer services to block channels for kids and that would be the parents decision to block them. In my opinion the national government should not censor media but instead leave that up to the individual in charge

  • Its limiting artists from truly expressing themselves

    What should it matter what the government thinks about media? The artists should be able to express their ideas in whatever way they want, whether it is graphic or sexual. If you don't like how they write a story or shoot a movie, then don't let your kids watch it! Don't depend on censorship to decide what your kid watches! It also limits our view on the world to whatever the censorship wants us to see.

  • No. Media/News Should Be Real

    Parents should handle censorship. Simple. Stop trying to let the government do the job of parents. If you can't handle being a parent then don't be one. We already rely to much on government so allowing censorship of media just the icing on the cake. So not only do we make the laws and taxes, but we now control what and who can say anything about said government. Wow...We never learn anything from history.

  • We need to know what is going on in the world.

    If the government could censor, then they could hide things from the public. In doing this they would have too much power over us, and could do whatever they want. We cannot let them do this. We live in a free society and that should not be taken away from us.

  • Media shouldn't be censored

    No, government isn't responsible for media censorship. It is against the first amendment. Everyone should be able to express themselves even if it's violent. For those parents who are concerned about their children watching inappropriate channels while they're not home, v-chip was made. You can block the channels you wouldn't want them to watch. Also, there are rating systems and parental advisory stickers made to prevent negative influence.

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Quan says2013-08-23T17:50:56.997
Protect them from what? Knowledge? Censorship is a direct attack on free speech and, by extension, on America and her people.