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  • New Zealand should be able to defend itself.

    A military is necessary of a free nation, and New Zealand has the right to protect its sovereignty. If they had no army, they would be vulnerable to attack, and could be taken over. Having a standing army ensures no one attempts to conquer New Zealand. Without an army, New Zealand could fall.

  • No. New Zealand has the right to protect itself.

    No. Although New Zealand is a neutral country, it still has the right, and the need to protect it's borders from invasion. If the New Zealand military was abolished, the country would open itself up for invasion or even diplomatic take over based on a threat of military action. New Zealand should keep a trained military to thwart this type of action.

  • No it should be expanded

    The New Zealand army is a peace keeping force. It is not like the American army where it fights for 'Freedom'. We bring relief and aid to other countries and bring discipline and strenght to those who join.

    It is my opinion that New Zealand should go the way of Israel and conscript every 18 year old to one year in the army. Same with any expelled student or under-age delinquent.

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