• Huge waste of time and money

    Maybe without the nfl sucking up our time and money, we would pay more attention to the world around us, and not be so easily led to believing opinions pushed on us by the media and those that hold the most $, which are mostly against the public's best interest.
    And... Non-profit my arse. At the very least the nfl should be paying taxes at the highest allowable rates

  • Health concerns and family issues..

    It is hard to watch. Players are dirty and the fines are too low. Its sad to watch players get knocked out or career/season ending injuries.. Wasnt the cheifs linebacker killing his girlfriend and shooting himself in front of his team mates and coaches enough? Or hernadez killing someone? Or pacman jones being arrested 9 times?? What about dirty coaches??? When daryl strawberry went ham on drugs he jepordized his team and the league. So what did they do? They kicked his ass out. When suh does something that ACTUALLY hurts someone he gets a game suspension... Lolol how pathetic is that?? The NFL is a joke and anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant and just flat out stupid. They try to cover it up with " charity work". Its all transparent ...

  • Eliminate the NFL

    Grown men should not be playing this game. The money spent on this sport should go to other more worthwhile activities like free health care for all. The sport should end in College and grown men should get a real job and become even more productive members of society. Sunday should be reserved for time with the family outdoors becoming more healthy and not by the TV drinking, eating and gaining weight. I think the NFL (Sunday and Monday games) contribute to the obesity in this country as compare to other countries around the world.

  • Terminate all "professional" sports

    ALL professional sports should be eliminated...Players are over-rated, over paid, arrogant, self-absorbed, entitled....NOT ALL but a very large majority. The chance of injuries is very great, short lived careers are frequent, long term physical body & brain damage is apparent. It is a "GAME", ENTERTAINMENT at best...But the pricing of that game has pretty much shut out the "common" mans capability to support the sporting industry. Shut it all down and who knows how many "lives" would be saved. Of course, all the current athletes would say...NO WAY, keep it going but they'll claim ignorance later when they are debilitated.

  • NFL is a money making organization that wastes lives and careers and most who play football will never benefit but will be injured

    Soccer is world wide and much less violent , except for the fans. We can get out our desire for violence and pretend war and team spirit with less destructive and well established games.. The NFL is now so big they will not be stopped by merely telling them that it is harming people. It is so entrenched in the culture ... But there was life before Football and there will be sports and life after football ends... Humans like to have pretend wars and like to be fans.. That is why the Romans built the sport and gladiator stadiums.. The real purpose even now is to prevent revolution from the masses of people .. Keep them busy and not attacking the governments that support them..

  • Serious Dangers in American Football

    There are serious dangers correlated with American Football on ALL levels. (Exempt from Youth Flag Football) Concussions have been liked to brain damage, if that happens to someone they lose complete independence. There have been already too many deaths, too many brain dead, too many broken-hearted families, too many concussions, and too many that SUPPORT IT. Football is dangerous and Overrated.

  • Modern Day Gladiator Spectacle

    I was a long time NFL fan but I finally had to wake up to the fact that these players are dying younger and committing suicide at an alarming rate just to make money and I watch it happen live! I cancelled my Sunday Ticket package this year and haven't watched a second of football. I used to be in Fantasy Football leagues and I haven't done that either this year. It is not entertainment to me if is at someone's else's expense. I will watch the MLB playoffs and the NBA when it comes back around. I think everyone needs to take a long look at themselves if they are willing to watch young men slowly commit suicide for the sake of their entertainment. I have and hope someday everyone else does too!

  • Too many concussions

    Concussions have become more frequent in recent years and not only affect the players but also their families. The NFL should be banned for this reason. It has become much too dangerous of a game with current rules and no longer carries the prestige that it once did. It has become a business that is only concerned about winning at the cost of maiming players.

  • Yes. In an ideal world, the NFL should be banned.

    Banning the NFL is practically impossible given the state of affairs in America. However, its waste of resources is indisputable. Sports stimulates the economy with unproductive jobs that fail to support the wages US workers in a modern economy. Our country is past its industrialization stage. It's about time we started relying more upon education and innovation than jobs that involve selling hot dogs and wasted money on cable television.

  • The NFL should be banned.

    The NFL should be banned because it is a dangerous sport which glorifies violence. A lot of older players are starting to show the effects of the violence of the sport. We should not let another generation of players have to suffer the same health problems. There are plenty of other safe sports.

  • Football is good for you

    First of all, football helps you be swift and fast when you run. Also, it helps most of your muscle stay healthy and strong. If there would not be football, what would people do on sunday? Overall, football should not be banned because it is healthy for you and us

  • Nah, y’all is dumbasses

    Lol. NFL players, like another comment stated, are heroes to some kids. I’m gonna get hate for this, but Brady and Gronk are my heroes. Removing football, you would remove many people’s jobs ( a few thousand. ) Also, football is the real American pastime. More than an hour of people scoring and tackling each other with tense moments. Football is america’s sport. Sad Sundays and stress filled mondays would not be cured. People choose whether not the want to play. It is at their own risk. Football is my life honestly.

  • Of course not

    The nfl should not be banned. Some of these people are worrying about the health risks but we must remember that playing this sport is voluntary and at your own risk. People die in militaries every day. Does that mean we ban a US military? No, because some brave patriots CHOSE to protect our country. They CHOSE to take the risk of dying for our country and the same is with football. Players choose to risk getting hurt to provide entertainment for the American people and earn money in the process. And we should respect that ability to choose instead of banning the nfl.

  • No reason for Sunday

    Without football there would be not reason for Sunday. A lot of entertainment would also be sucked out of life for over half of the world. You also have to take into account all of the jobs that would be lost and all of the money that would be gone. That would not be good.

  • Absolutely not peeps.

    Football is my life it would ruin my life to get rid of NFL its my dream to be a star NFL quarter back and my friends dream is to play wide reciever in the NFL for the cowboys. The cowboys are the best team ever known to NFL history.Tom brady and the patriots and the broncos suck like crap

  • Keep the sport alive

    Football has been around for many years and now people are saying the NFL should pay taxes and the fines should be raised if we could tax the NFL then we would be able to tax the Catholic Church they have more money than the NFL does and they don't get taxed a penny.

  • Only sissies want it banned

    When you sign up for football you sign an agreement that if you get seriously hurt your school is not liable even death. I play football because it's fun and I have no fear of dying when I get on the field at least I will die doing what I love. Instead of being of pussie all my life

  • FOOT BALL players are heroes to some kids

    Football is a great sport why do you think they were helmets and pads and very few people get concussions. Also football is the american way. Why are you trying to ban football when there is rugby. Not saying that rugby should be banned cause that is also a great sport. If you want to ban football the you should know that you would put hundreds and hundreds of people out of there jobs

  • No the nfl should not be banned

    I dont think so. If coaches taught people how to play there would be a lot less injuries. And football is not even the sport for most head injuries its soccer. Football is a very fun sport and any physical activity you can get hurt in. Football is a fun sport just to watch and gives something your kids want to play. And the biggest reason this debate happened was because of one doctor studied 240 brains from players that played 40 years ago and 11 out of 12 had head injuries but that was all before better equipment and new rules added on so no i think it should not be banned.

  • No football should not be banned

    I dont think football should be banned. The U.S economy relies on football for money flow. There would not be as many injuries if people taught their kids how to hit. But some times you will get hurt that's like banning running. You could fall and hurt yourself any day of the week. When you sign up for the contact sport you should know what the possibilities of getting hurt is. I would know im a middle school qb and i knew the risks of getting hurt. One bad snap ended my season with a broken collarbone only 4 days before Aaron Rodgers but you should still know that not many sports are safe. The most dangerous sport for head injuries is soccer. So think about it when people say that football is too dangerous!

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