• Yes, the NRA should speak out and support Philando Castile.

    The National Rifle Association is supposed to be an advocate for legal gun owners. Philando Castile had a registered permit to carry a gun. When Castile was pulled over by a police officer, he alerted the officer about his weapon, and was then shot dead. The NRA should be speaking out on behalf of Castile - a legal gun owner violently killed by a police officer with no cause.

  • Yes, the NRA should speak out in support of Philando Castile.

    Yes, the NRA should speak out in support of Philando Castile. Mr. Castile had a license to carry his weapon, which is something the NRA has fought for and for which it continues to fight. Since Mr. Castile was shot because of possessing a weapon although he was licensed to carry it, the NRA should speak out on his behalf.

  • NRA should not speak out in support

    The nation is already so divided with strong opinions on the both sides of the blue lives verses black lives matter movements. It would be in the NRA's best interest to stay away from such a hot debate. It would only hurt their organization and whichever side they choose to stand with.

  • This isn't about the NRA.

    The NRA does not need to speak out in support of Castile because the NRA has absolutely nothing to do with this situation. Just because a gun was involved doesn't mean it is an NRA issue. At this point, we don't know if Castile was carrying legally according to NRA standards or not.

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