• Yes, the NSA should spy on us.

    The NSA should do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe. We have plenty of domestic terrorist threats in our country. Our government should monitor those people and anyone who is seem as sympathetic to their cause. You cannot put a price on the security of our nation.

  • It's needed for security.

    You have no privacy in America, so get used to it. Being the strongest country in the world is like being the toughest guy at a redneck bar. There's always someone there who wants to take you down. Except this country isn't a bar and we can't always see when the bad guys are coming for us. The NSA is needed to keep us safe.

  • Yes why not

    NSA should be allowed to spy on us. In my opinion the only people that are against NSA spying on our phone calls are the ones that have something to hide. NSA has not done anything to a person that wasn't guilty. Them spying on our calls will only help us from, future terroristic acts. NSA has prevented many cyber attacks against USA from hackers MANY THAT ARE FROM AROUND THE WORLD! Hmm the other countries are mad at USA because we were spying on them and their phone calls? Its only to help us and to see if they are doing acts against the USA so they can be aware of them. I AM pretty sure they are spying on the USA equally.

  • They definitely should be allowed to spy on us.

    Firstly, it is not like they are going to look at what you are doing for kicks and giggles. They don't care how hot you think your girlfriend is, what cat videos you wish to watch, or how many days you have gone without pooping. They are looking at what you are doing so that they can try and protect you, not so that they can laugh at how stupid you are. Also, the only reason why anyone would care was because they had something to hide. I can understand why you would not want someone to look at the list of porn sites you frequent, or how many men you had sex with the night before, but it is not like they are going to tell anyone who matters unless it is a threat to national security. And if your porn site is big enough of a threat for them to take such drastic actions, you probably shouldn't be on there anyways. I would much rather be alive but have some people that I will never know looking through my phone than be dead with private information. Because when your dead, it won't matter who knows how many cat videos you watched, who your favorite porn star is, or how many times you pooped. You will be too dead to care.

  • Yes, the NSA should be allowed to watch us

    What is the point of privacy if you are dead. The NSA is protecting our lives from more terrorist attacks. Keeping citizens safe is the main priority for the NSA. It's not like the NSA is going to use the information stored against us if we have done no crimes. Therefore, we should allow the NSA to watch us.

  • What do you have to hide?

    The use of personal devices such as cell phones is no necessity to life. This being said what you choose to do with them should be according to what you should do in real life. The NSA spying on us should only be a problem for those who have something to hide, in this case they are already looking for you and will find you.

  • What do you have to hide?

    The use of the digital world is endless people do not treat it as a serious place doing things as if they were different people. There for there is an open source in witch to see people for who they really are do not do anything that would in courage an "unreasonable" search.

  • Yes. Why should'nt they?

    The only reason you wouldn't want them to look at information is because you are hiding something or are worried that you may get caught doing something. There is truly no reason for them to not look at our information. Terrorists are tracked by this to save many lives and our country.

  • Yes, they can spy on me.

    You may say that it's not helping but we don't know that. The Terrorist Surveillence Program was set up by President Bush after 9/11. "...The public just doesn't understand how difficult it is to prevent the next 9/11-even though there's no evidence publicly revealed so far that these measures have prevented the next 9/11." - The Washington Post

  • Why not spy?

    The NSA is making our country safer? So why not spy on us? Its not like there is someone personally sitting at a computer and listening to every single word is say on the phone. I don't care if they listen, I have nothing to hide from the Government .

  • NSA spying on us doesn't even really work

    The NSA has been spying on us for longer than you people think. They have been spying on all of our information way before 9/11, but they still were not able to prevent it. So what is the point of the NSA spying on us if they were previously unable to prevent 9/11. They say they are spying on us to prevent another terrorism attack but they did not prevent 9/11 even when they were spying!!!!!!!!!

  • Spying Is For Russians

    Why should the NSA be able to spy on us, especially if we are just normal, non harmful citizens. People have privacy, and that shouldn't be violated. I understand that there needs to be a system at which the government can protect America from potential threats such as terrorists, but isn't there another way!!!???

  • Because it is a vulnerability

    Giving us no privacy can not be secure in any way. People who agree with this do not understand that we are exposed to others. Spying on anyone and getting hold of their secrets doesn't only make us vulnerable but it also makes the NSA and US more powerful and with the amount of corruption going on this spying may not be for security only it can easily be used for some other things which instead of making us safe can make us more exposed to terrorist attacks. The NSA is spying we all know that but how sure are you that our personal information is safe in their hands? Forget about invasion of privacy lets talk after they have all our personal data they will have so much data to protect. Is all of it safe and secure from the terrorists? Can one organisation really have such loyal workers that not even a single person working there will not give in to corruption?

  • Absolutely not! "He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither." Benjamin Franklin.

    The NSA abuses the 4th Amendment among other things. We the people need to stop this infringement on our rights. Sadly many people either don't know or just don't care whether or not the government monitors their every move. Its sad. Our freedom is going down the tube and so is our country.

  • What is next?

    An ever growing controlling government can easily turn against the own people.
    All dictatorships keep a close eye on their population to maintain a strong position of control & power.
    We are clearly heading closer to a police state system, where "Big Brother" is watching every move.
    Who controls who? The people the government or government the people?

  • It actually makes us LESS safe.

    Let's see...
    I am a twelve year old girl. The only thing on my phone I have to hide is NOTHING.
    Anyways, the NSA uses supercomputers to hack even encrypted systems. This opens a wider door for hackers; it leaves us more vulnerable to being hacked by others, and not just the NSA.
    In my eyes, the pro-spy side only says yes because they have no self-respect. They don't care if their business gets spied on and their embarrassing secrets unraveled.
    Us "No" people, however, have some self-respect for ourselves and like to keep to ourselves.
    And it absolutely does not mean we have something to hide; it just means we don't want being looked at.
    I mean really, if you're just playing Temple Run, would you WANT complete strangers to come up to you and stick their faces where you are?

  • No they should not

    Our 4th Amendment right is violated when the NSA spies on us. Your data is archived by the NSA so even if it is safe now it might not be in the future. We do not get security by being spied on. The Boston Marathon Bombing had still occurred proving NSA surveillance does not help.

  • No they can NOT!

    This is completely against what our country stands for. The Bill Of Rights Wasn't created so we could stand around and wipe our butts with it! This is against the Constitution and I stand against it. This is wrong, just wrong. It is invading our public property. It is WRONG.

  • He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. -Ben Franklin

    The assumption that the NSA makes our country safer is unfounded. Giving BIg Brother the power to spy on us undermines our fifth amendment rights, and has set the course for the US government to expand its yolk over our lives. To think that the government has our best interests in mind is not correct in my mind, and I fear that people would rather have an illusion of "safety" than the freedom that our country stands for, and should be fighting for.

  • No because I like the bill of rights

    When our forefathers founded this Country they did so because they were oppressed by the British government. They were not able to have the freedom to say or do what they wanted. After the war was over they drafted a constitution and a bill of ten rights that were to be held sacred by the government. Now when the government has the right to see and act upon what people say on the Internet it violates 3 of the 10. The right to free speech, the right to privacy, and the right to not incriminate yourself all go down the toilet. And once a government disregards the rights of its citizens even once they will do it again. One of the men at the delegation for that constitution once wrote "any society that will give up a little freedom for a little security will deserve neither and lose both". That was Benjamin Franklin

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