Should the officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray been charged for murder?

  • Yes, it was ruled a homicide.

    A medical examiner ruled Freddie Gray's death a homicide (a murder). The police officers involved killed Gray by not following proper procedure, but they were not found guilty. I can understand if second-degree murder might be seen as too harsh of a punishment, but most officers were charged with lesser crimes and somehow went free, which is despicable.

  • Yes, they should have been charged, possibly for manslaughter.

    Yes, the officers took Gray into custody and he died while in their control. This type of abuse must stop. While most police officers are good, law-abiding enforcement agents, some do not play by the rules. They use excessive force. They are cruel to the people they take into custody. I feel that such was the case here. Since a man died, the officers probably should have been charged for manslaughter.

  • No, the officers involved in Freddie Gray's death should not be charged with murder.

    No, the officers who arrested Freddie Gray should not be charged with murder. Freddie Gray was a known violent criminal with a dire record, and he was armed at the time of the arrest. The officers had to use force to subdue Gray, as is required in such situation. However, the officers failed to properly restrain Gray in the police van during transport, which was the new department policy per the previous week. Thus, the officers are guilty of neglect and failure to follow protocol, but there is no evidence suggesting their intent was to kill Gray.

  • Officers should have been charged, but not murder

    I think the crucial error in the trials of the officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray was the initial charges. I do not think the officers should have been charged with murder. Although the circumstances are questionable and it seems that the officers actions did in some way lead to Gray's death, I think to prove a murder charge would have been impossible. If the court had started with lesser charges, there may have been a conviction.

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