Should the Philippines be allowing civilians to have vigilante powers to fight the war on drugs?

  • Yes, within reason.

    Yes, if the war on drugs is out of control in the Philippines and nothing else has worked thus far, then letting civilians have some control over the problem is probably worth trying. However, they need to stay safe, and they should never break the law. It's important that the war on drugs doesn't turn into the war on neighbors.

  • End the war on drugs!

    It's so crazy to me that this is legitimate question in our world today. More people are harmed BY FAR due to the worldwide war on drugs than actually are harmed by the drugs themselves! There's no question that giving civilians power to help fight the war on drugs in the Philippines will have terrible consequences.

  • No, the Philippines should not allow civilians to have vigilante powers to fight the war on drugs.

    Although drug trafficking can be a major problem, the allowing of vigilante justice is not a good solution. This will likely just create a new problem that needs to be solved, and it will not improve the situation. It is better to make sure that these issues are addressed lawfully rather than by vigilante measures.

  • No, civilians should never be granted vigilante powers.

    No, the Phillipines should not grant any kind of vigilante powers to regular citizens to fight crime. Drug dealers may be the scum of the earth, but any citizen of a civilized country should be allowed a fair trial by the legal system. Otherwise, society is essentially a mob rule where demagogues and local strongmen dictate norms.

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