Should the Philippines' education system prioritize the English language than our native language?

Asked by: allyzxn
  • English language should be prioritized

    The English language should be prioritized as it is the mostly known language in the world. If armed with knowledge in the said language, communication would be easily done with foreigners. Although the native language is important as it is the primary language of each person, it would be best to focus on a new field of knowledge (such as learning English) rather than studying something which you are born with.

    Yet of course, institutions should also teach its mother tongue to equalize the value of education in the country.

  • It should be prioritized

    In my opinion, any Filipinos are having a hard time speaking in English. I think you can only speak fluent english if you study in a good school (private schools, etc) or if you speak english in your house. I think they should teach english in school more since you can learn Filipino/Tagalog easily because you speak it everyday.

  • English is priority number one!!!

    English is a global language. We should put emphasis on its importance and contribution to the country. You don't have to trade your culture and heritage to learn English. I've been taught English in schools , but doesn't really affect any negative drawbacks it may have...It's a nice language to have. Spanish, French, German, Italian etc... Are all beautiful languages. Just respect it as our own.

  • English does not equate economic development

    If we are to aim for the most spoken language in the world then we should be learning Chinese instead. I believe English should be learned but not prioritized. If we are to look at the world superpowers, say Japan or China, they do not subscribe greatly to languages other than their own. In all their undertakings they prefer their native tongue because it is what they are used to. They see to it that their messages cut through all walks of life in their society. It is important for them that they answer to the needs of their countrymen. We cannot possibly aim for national development if we do not look into ourselves first. We have not yet addressed national concerns and we always look outside to answer the problems we have inside. Capability development for our country must be established first. Most of our problems are specific only to our culture and to look outside is to avoid the problems.

  • I cannot believe someone would suggest something like that.

    As Jose Rizal once said "He who does not love his own language is worse than a smelly fish." So the Filipinos who said voted yes is worse than a smelly fish. Also I think Filipinos should aspire to make Filipino the universal language though nearly impossible due to the fact not much even knows about the Philippines.

  • It will cause culture loss!

    All cultures are based around a language! This would be the equivalent to what Americans did to the Hawaiians, what the French did to the Africans, and there's many other events in history. All of these places have lost a large amount of their culture, which defines them as them. This is what causes languages to become extinct which has been happening lately in recent years.

    Posted by: Wa
  • From an outsider's perspective, no.

    One of these days, when you've English too far, you'll realise how fast the youth in your country are forgetting their native language. Not forgetting how to speak it, of course, but experiencing a general drop in language proficiency because of English. In Hong Kong, the British have left Chinese proficiency in Hong Kong a mess. Westernised sentences are ubiquitous and highly annoying, and most people forget all their Classical Chinese after leaving school. Please don't follow our footsteps - stress the importance of English, but don't put Tagalog behind English.

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